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100% Unofficial Gold "Power Rankings" - By Guardian Wakka

I would first like to start off with this is my first ever ranking or making any content for any league ever! So be prepared for this to be very incorrect and not the most professional but I will give it my best so that we can have more amazing content in BOL. This ranking is my own thoughts and does not reflect anything else from anyone in the League so please take it with a grain of salt as this will possibly be biased as all player-made content will tend to be. I used some of my knowledge of the players ability and past, mixed in some stat research to see if any of that held up or is true, watching some people on streams or spectating if the series are still on and also going off the word of other players in BOL. Have fun and keep it light hearted <3 love you all!

I don't mean any of this as flame if I could, I would put everyone in an S or A tier but then i'm just listing people which sorta isn't what i want to do. So really if people get put in a tier they dont like it's not meant that you are bad it just makes my “List” look pretty, I could of just put everyone from B and below in the same grouping, only real difference is from S to A and from A to everyone else!


1. Limitless Chaos

This is the best team by far in all of BOL and I don't need to look at stats or records to know this team is just cracked, from top to bottom they are just clearly the best. The true scrim gods don’t think ive ever seen this team drop a series or game in scrims, TheFireOfTheFox1 is like the 4th best player on this team and that says a lot seeing as this player is just built differently with his play styles.

2. Imperial Gaming

Imperial Gaming coming in hot at the number 2 spot, AzurexFire is just outside the top spot since glacial has been nerf and we miss seeing them carry and pop off playing those style champs, HowIMetYouTable is amazing and the best Draven in the league. They all work together so well and just find ways to win

3. KQC

This team is actually one of the if not the best teams in all of BOL, now hear me out. One, they are playing in one of the best divisions in the entire league and that shows heart. Two, just because the team is lower ranked than other teams doesn't mean they are really bad, at least they are not elo sitting. Three, a team doesn't need the best stats or records to be the best team plain and simple. They give it their all and try their best every single week in and week out, and they is why i have them as my number 3

4. Dead Orbit

After a strong showing against one of the strongest teams in their conference, dead orbit is poised to pounce for a high seed into their playoff run. This team has shown inconsistency however each week their roster comes together more than they did the week before, especially with their main carries performing so well in late game situations. The support Moyushii and jungler Eterna1Darkn3s have been playing super freaking well. These guys are playing so well, riot isn't even going to ask for the clash logo back. Follow them over the next couple weeks as they do big things

5. Mad Rawrs

The self crowned villains of the league are back in a big way. After a tumultuous first half of the season, it seemed they have found a roster they can truly compete with as they fight for their lives. While they may have a few more in the loss column than they might like, it is also unlikely they lose another series this season! They currently have one of the strongest bot lanes in the league as well as jungle. Rosalina and dueroxbasting have to be dealing with fatigue the way they put the entire team on their back every week in clutch moments. This team is a semifinals contender as long as they can put the events of the season so far behind them and forge a new path.

6. VBU Plutonium When I think of plutonium I think of togetherness. This is a group coming together like the Spurs did under Popovitch, to play a team game at the highest level. You won't see any of these players top the stat sheets, and that's because this group simply doesn't care. They are a team known for grinding and fighting in any way they have to just to win. That extra grit, that teamwork, that determination they carry with them makes them a team to watch as we find our way into the end of the split.

7. NSG Infinity

In what many people consider to be one of the biggest surprises of the season, these guys are actually good!!! No one knows exactly what is going on to have them surpassing expectations so greatly, but it certainly is exciting to be in the presence of. This team is defined by one man: Jayyster. He himself will express that it isn't just him, and that he is playing with 4 talented players, but don't buy into his humble charm. He is a dog on the rift eating up solo laners for lunch, and sending them out the other end unceremoniously. Karma Divine is also on the roster. Expectations simply keep rising for a team like this one, that can't seem to stop winning.

8. Twin Spirits

Spirits is a team with strong org backing, and an even stronger bot lane. Those guys are killers in every sense of the word. When you play against this team you will quickly notice they play cutthroat in lane and even more brutal with their map movement. You can't ease up for a second against a roster like this. In all reality, losing their mercenary will hurt them in the long run if they can't find the same kind of synergy with his replacement. They have a long way to go before they can feel deserving of that sick logo they have, but they are headed towards that point at mach speeds. Keep an eye on this group as they figure out a way to move up the standing while continuing to dominate their division.

9. Shrimp Fried Rice

Have a tough division to play in and they still bring it every week to possibly take a couple more games off of teams in their division and make playoffs I would love to see Shrimp Fried Rice make a good long run in the league if possible because if i'm being 100% they have the best team name I have ever seen, with Team Nachos (rip) a super close 2nd and I know we all were hoping for the buffet bowl in the championship game.

10. Classic Esports

This team may have had a tough run for the first half but I still think they really deserve this spot up here at the end of the top ten. Every player in every role on this team is top 10 in their perspective role if I remember on my player list before. They also have a great team logo and i really really like it, such a classic (ah get it ) team logo, I love it.

11. Gob Squad

I really don't know why i have this team this low in reality they are a top ten next time i do rankings but hey at least they are still in from of Rangers who they beat and are the only team to do so, so really keep a close eye on this team in the up incoming weeks before playoffs as they may squeak in as the 3rd seed in North

12. CB Rangers

CB Rangers are not really as good as our record shows or what our stats stay. From top to bottom this team has been pretty meh. I miss the days of old FriendZoned with Feathers and Fur, Singularbread, Acme1235 and Mr. Lean. NOW THAT TEAM is a team that would beat rangers 9/10 games. I learned most of my knowledge and macro from Ninja since he started playing league. It really opened my eyes how the game is really supposed to be played. Better luck next time to Rangers if I think they deserve to be higher.

13. Oasis Nails and Day Spa

This team is the reigning champions of the Blue Otter League and they happen to be put in the group of death, CB Rangers, Imperial Gaming, Gob Squad, Final Esports, and KQC. Truly the hardest and most difficult division. This team is able to win some great games against tough teams like Imperial. They would be higher but they seem to not be able to beat rangers so it seems fitting to put them directly below us.

14. CB Royal

The inconsistency on this team is what is hurting this team the most and I don't mean the players. I mean the name changes. From their starting jungler Decelerate or Bosstroll or Jayj or Katerpillar, or Anchor. Also a player on their roster named Fini, or Levi, or SOM, or Luttrell or Eneos, or what they are finally on Meloh. These people have waaaayy too much blue essence like come on man or please tell me none of these were with real money.

15. Mythos Purple

Oh man this team came in clutch taking over a spot that was abandoned and we are so grateful for that no matter what to keep our division equal number. The star on this team Feathers and Fur, boy oh boy the huge turn around this team has made adding this straight up superstar is massive. Then they also have I think the best named players on their team in A Clogged Toilet and Best Plunger I love it.

16. NSG Gold

The second best NSG team in all of BOL made up from team captain TheRunicBlade who is a BOL Champion, back when BOL had a minor league this player popped off and smurfed all over everyone and carried the team and org to a championship.

17.Collective Cosmic

The Collective logo was better before the change. I really like the V sharp edged version more and it makes me really disappointed that they changed it. Also wish this team would have been able to have Dogster and Agony on it but they seem to only have 30 or so games done with ~60% wr in gold 1 so no gold league would let them in to play right??

18. Final Esports

Coming off their finals match in ZGG they may be having a little rougher time in this league. They have come across some big wins in the north division so hopefully if this team can make play offs and reach finals again they don't have to face a team full of plats in the gold league championship!

19.Literal Monkeys

I feel bad for having this team this low on my team rankings but hey it's tough when any team on this list could really be top ten on any given week if the stars align. We have seen some great stuff going out from this team. I would love to see this team that looks to be ‘built to win’ make up some ground in the BOL standings, maybe they should bring over their ZGG Championship roster!

20. VBU Argon

The reason this team happens to fall so low on this list may be too low but I'm going to stick with my gut and put them this low after losing their 2nd best player in Kral Sultan to out ranking on his smurf account. Looks like the possible league MVP and best adc and probably best players in the league Toxin has a lot more work and weight on his shoulders to carry this team to victory!


Even those teams may be low doesn't mean they are bad in the slightest and this is one of those teams. I still believe in and root for the DOLPHINS HYPE that has been going on in the Blue Otter League General chat this team is the real deal and look to make a good run in the playoffs if they don't lose their spot to Dead Orbit or Rawr

22. Silverline

This team comes out every single week to give it their best in this league and it shows. The dedication that this team has put together with their 6am scrims and countless hours grinding solo queue we rerun this league from the start there is a great chance this team comes out to number 1 in the entire league.

23. CB Obsidian

The last CB team lands its spot on this ranking here 2nd to last. I mean can we blame them for being the worst CB team? We love those guys don't get me wrong they are good players but man they just like to talk and talk and and talk while playing goofy picks and having an auto filled mid laner Leblanc one trick play adc like what nice charity work!

24.NSG Amethyst

No matter how far down this list is that someone has to be “at the bottom” (no one is really the bottom, I just ran out of teams).

Ok ok ok, you probably know by this point but this is 100% not some real analyst of every team and every stat in the entire league, the “rankings' ' are meant to be satire but what I say about some of these teams are true. I like and care about every single team on this list and hope and wish them well and hope they enjoy my kinda spoof/spin on a player's rankings. This list was literally made from a wheel spinner website zero of my own thoughts were in the positions of where these people were ranked it was only from the wheel spin LOL so dont take it too hard and to heart, kinda just wanted to make fun of player rankings and meme a little ;P

Psst I will probably have real-ish team rankings coming out before game time on Wednesday if not earlier ! :) Love you all Wakka <3

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