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BOL Gold League Week Three Summary

Demacia Division - Week Three Game Summary

Hyperion Gaming Heretics versus RCG Abyssal Nightmare - Hyperion Gaming Heretics wins 2-1. Another series in Demacia Division that went the distance, RCG Abyssal Nightmare responded well to a Game One loss with a powerful performance in Game Two. peio33170 was a force to be reckoned with in toplane and was able to affect the entire map by the end of it. An utterly dominant performance by JesusJuice and TheFireOfTheFox1 in Game Three was the deciding factor as to be expected. Simply put, if Hyperion’s midlane and jungle are ahead, most teams in the League will be hard pressed to handle them. Hyperion has positioned itself well to take one of the playoff spots in this Division as we cross the halfway point of the season.

Conduit Esports Goblins versus TSF Retribution - Conduit Esports Goblins wins 2-1 - Strong series by two teams who pushed one another to the brink. I think we’ve seen enough to declare that Conduit Esports Goblins has made themselves convincingly a playoff team that is looking for more than that. TSF Retribution taking Game One in 26 minutes also shows that TSF has the ability to take over games quickly and finish the job quickly. That being said, the remaining two games were effective and efficient by the Goblins. Special shoutout to Dxbs who went from Mordekaiser to Ornn in the final two games and was able to handle his opponent on the other side.

TE Genesis versus CB Masquerade - TE Genesis wins 2-0 - A necessary win and series sweep by TE Genesis means that this team has new hope and potential going forward. The roster swaps and repositioning of players made things work in the end. CB Masquerade had admirable performances from ArkzKnight and SG Vesuvius but simply could not end up winning a game. Special shoutout to Aquarat for having a strong series in both games and helping TE Genesis get a deeply necessary series victory.

CB Shield versus Piltover Pokes - CB Shield wins 2-0. By minimizing the impact that Nikolai K was able to have on the map in Game One, CB Shield cruised to an easy Game One victory before eventually handling Piltover Pokes in Game Two to further tighten their control on the top spot in this Division and, perhaps, in the entire League. While Piltover Pokes responded well to adversity in Game One, unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough against the might of CB Shield and they’ll look to rebound this week.

Demacia Division Power Rankings

  1. CB Shield - Still the cream of the crop, winning most games handily.

  2. Conduit Esports Goblins - This team just continues to cruise forward and is among the strongest teams in the Division and should not be forgotten come playoff time.

  3. Hyperion Gaming Heretics - Both them and the Goblins had minor struggles. When their mid and jungle are in sync, however, this team remains a juggernaut.

  4. Piltover Pokes - Could jump substantially here or fall down the ranks, not moving them just yet. Now that they are beyond CB Shield, how they match up elsewhere will be important.

  5. Team ShadowFrost - Took the Goblins to the limit, definitely can upset many teams but they are looking up at a lot of teams now.

  6. RCG Abyssal Nightmare - Hard to currently move this team upwards too much, they were close versus Hyperion but came up a bit short.

  7. TE Genesis - A convincing win positions them in a spot where, if they win this upcoming week, the fight for the last playoff spots gets even more intense.

  8. CB Masquerade - On the edge of elimination, likely need to win out to make playoffs.

Demacia Division Week Four Predictions

CB Shield 2-1 Hyperion Gaming Heretics

Conduit Esports Goblins 2-1 RCG Abyssal Nightmare

Piltover Pokes 2-1 CB Masquerade

TSF Retribution 2-1 TE Genesis

Series to Watch:

TSF Retribution versus TE Genesis - This series is likely one that neither team can afford to lose at this point in the season. With three teams above them largely jostling for position, the final spot will come down to a series just like this one. TSF Retribution has largely been competitive even in their series losses and TE Genesis has gone through several roster changes that helped them achieve a Week Three victory. It should be a good one between both these teams.

Ionia Division - Week Three Game Summary

TE Phantasm versus Degenerates Esports Eternal - TE Phantasm wins 2-0. Every time I see Degenerates, it feels like they are never at their full power and potential which makes me truly feel this team has another gear. They’ve had to eSub, roleswap, and make multiple changes on a weekly basis which has, unfortunately, contributed to a poor record thus far. They did push TE Phantasm substantially in Game One but Game Two did see Technics on Diana and Phantasm’s botlane take control of the game in order to not give Degenerates a chance to go to Game Three. On the side of TE Phantasm, they have continued to impress more and more on a weekly basis - which will be necessary as they face Mythical Esports Hydra this week in a matchup that could almost guarantee them a playoff spot should they win. Special credit to FeatureReplay for playing a strong series in toplane for TE Phantasm and taking advantage of mistakes.

Going Ghost versus TE Eternity - Going Ghost wins 2-0. Going Ghost came out with a vengeance in Game One, dogpiling onto TE Eternity and securing a quick Game One victory with complete effort. They continued their winning ways into Game Two and TE Eternity wasn’t able to respond. TE Eternity made some roster moves after this series in hopes of turning their season around. Hopefully it’ll do the trick as Locus Kaede has been known to be a strong toplaner worthy of respect. Ormand swapping into mid lane could also yield positive results as well. We’ll see. On the side of Going Ghost, we’ve continued to see a team that seems to be only stopped by themselves. Shoutout to Z0RK for the strong and capable Jax play, being a major win condition in Game One.

Mythical Esports Hydra versus Conduit Esports Spark - Mythical Esports Hydra wins 2-0. Two games of iEnders playing Zeri was just what the doctor ordered for Mythical Esports Hydra to defeat Conduit Esports Spark, including Game One with a Yuumi support. That’s a formula for success - at least on the patch this game was played on. That being said, it wasn’t only the iEnders show as players like MollyWhops and Pariis also had strong weeks as well. This team is positioning itself well for a playoff spot. Conduit Esports Spark remains a team that looks good on paper, both in record and on their roster but are prone to the occasional slip up. I expect them to rebound this week. My shoutout goes out to Wranor who was able to get all of the lanes moving in Mythical Esports Hydra’s favor this week.

Literal Monkeys versus Mystic Cats Gold - Literal Monkeys wins 2-0. Perhaps one of the most convincing series in the League this week, Literal Monkeys overwhelmed Mystic Cats Gold, which I’m sure I could make a comment about hierarchy in the animal kingdom if so desired. It was just thorough and complete control by the Monkeys throughout this series as Mystic Cats Gold could not get any traction anywhere to stop the Monkeys from imposing their will. That being said, it was just one week, so moving forward will be important. Literal Monkeys, like other teams in this Division, used the combination of Zeri and Yuumi to great success this series as well. Shoutout to Antion, Literal Monkeys ADC, for not dying the entire series.

Ionia Division Power Rankings

  1. Literal Monkeys - Only undefeated team in the Division now, they have earned the top seed in the Power Rankings through blood, sweat, and tears.

  2. Going Ghost - Points-wise, they are lower than this but I also believe they’ll get some needed points back in future weeks to make up the difference. They could plummet here, though.

  3. TE Phantasm - When they win, they win convincingly which bodes well for this team going forward.

  4. Mythical Esports Hydra - Could they be the #2 team next week? It’s not out of the realm of possibility. They are doing well.

  5. Conduit Esports Spark - Another strong week, could have easily put them higher but the pile of 2-1 teams is hard to sort right now.

  6. Mystic Cats Gold - A difficult week doesn’t spell the end of them but this week remains crucial.

  7. TE Eternity - With so many 2-1 teams, TE Eternity needs to turn around their season immediately or risk elimination.

  8. Degenerate Esports Eternal - You got your wish, Bixus. The time to rise is now.

Ionia Division Week Three Predictions

Going Ghost 2-0 Degenerates Eternal

Literal Monkeys 2-0 TE Eternity

Conduit Esports Spark 2-1 Mystic Cats Gold

TE Phantasm 2-1 Mythical Esports Hydra

Series to Watch:

TE Phantasm versus Mythical Esports Hydra - The battle of the 2-1 teams is likely one of the biggest matches of the week from a playoffs standpoint. Mythical Esports Hydra remains a team that is highly difficult to get a proper read on as they have shown themselves to be a team with multiple win conditions while TE Phantasm ran into Going Ghost last week and took them the distance. My inclinations are that TE Phantasm takes this so, if Mythical Esports Hydra can secure a series victory, this Division will become even more of a convoluted mess than ever.

Noxus Division - Week Three Game Summary

Clown Gaming It versus DZG Arcadia - DZG Arcadia wins 2-0.

Will not discuss any Clown Gaming It series here.

TDS Knights versus TPO Goats - TDS Knights wins 2-0 - While TPO Goats gave it their best in Game One versus TDS Knights and came up a bit short, Game Two was so onesided it created roster changes. There’s hope still for TPO Goats to turn around their season for sure, but time is running out. Meanwhile, TDS Knights just keep on rolling and have continued their winning ways, positioning themselves in the perfect position for playoffs. They have simply taken care of any challenge before them. Special shoutout to LilFenix who brought out two more unorthodox champions in Malphite and Sion and piloted them effectively in this series.

!rawr versus The Epidemic - !rawr wins 2-1. My Series to Watch for this Division during the week lived up to the expectations as it went the distance. Unfortunately, roster turnover after this series came on the side of The Epidemic, who may well return stronger in this upcoming week. The roleswap of Moowy into the jungle versus SingularBread ended up benefitting !rawr as they were able to find advantages while Doki played a tank toplaner. !rawr’s adjustments after losing Game One, including further roleswaps, helped turn the tide. It’s truly remarkable how one merely cannot understand the !rawr plan until it finally comes to fruition. Shoutout to IslamicSamurai who was in two very different and distinct roles this week and performed admirably in both.

TD Embrace versus Slurp Squad - TD Embrace wins 2-1. In a familiar refrain throughout much of this week, we see tangible and measurable gains by teams that are lower in the standings who simply ended up losing due to adjustments by higher ranking teams. Slurp Squad had some bright lights in Game One in Hamill and their botlane of Vehqq and Milky, who were able to match TD Embrace’s botlane in Game One. The other two games, however, were entirely a different story as Spirit1ess and got heem1106 completely dominated Slurp Squad and yielded a series win for TD Embrace. TD Embrace seems confident and among the finest teams in this division. Shoutout to Rendelman as well for another consistent strong series in midlane.

Noxus Division Power Rankings

  1. TDS Knights - Cannot knock them off the top spot for now but there’s little doubt that they will be challenged in future weeks.

  2. DZG Arcadia - This team just continues to be dominant week in and week out. A force to be reckoned with and could easily slip into the top seed this week.

  3. TD Embrace - Strong and confident, they will match up against DZG Arcadia in one of the biggest matches in the League this week.

  4. !rawr - We can never predict what Doki will do, only that he will do it. A strong win against The Epidemic this week.

  5. The Epidemic - A good chance for them to bounce back this week with pride on the line. I’d expect them to seize this opportunity.

  6. Slurp Squad - It’s do or die for Slurp Squad as well as their opponents this week, a fourth loss may doom them

  7. TPO Goats - Can’t move them up just yet, but they could find themselves climbing if they can string together a few wins starting this week.

Noxus Division Week Three Predictions

Will not predict Clown Gaming It versus The Epidemic.

TDS Knights 2-1 !rawr

Slurp Squad 2-1 TPO Goats

DZG Arcadia 2-1 TD Embrace

Series to Watch:

DZG Arcadia versus TD Embrace- This series will have massive playoff implications as both teams will need this series for different reasons - TD Embrace could completely upset the top of the standings in this division with a win while DZG Arcadia could almost book their ticket to playoffs with a win here. Look for massive fireworks in the midlane and for this series to go the distance. There’s little doubt this series will cast massive waves on how this Division shakes out.

Freljord Week Three Summary

Clinical versus CN Craw Daddies - Clinical wins 2-1. This series was, for better or worse, going to be an example of how “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” CN Craw Daddies allowed Clinical to have the same toplane and jungle all three games and it ended up backfiring on them. That being said, given that they won the first game rather handily off of Darknite’s Darius, could they be blamed that much? I don’t think so. Furthermore, Level 1 Rattata also performed respectably in the botlane throughout the series, which bodes well for the Craw Daddies going forward. Full credit to Pharma and Clinical for not changing their strategy and believing in themselves, giving Pharma Mordekaiser all three games. CN Craw Daddies left up Pantheon all three games versus Bunnykiller96 and they made CN Craw Daddies pay appropriately for not respecting them. Special shoutout to them for that.

Nameless Asylum versus Titan Mnemosyne - Nameless Asylum wins 2-0. Well, just when both teams seem to be going in two different directions, the script flips on us. I know I figured that Titan Mnemosyne would eke out a victory in this series but instead, the reliable Faulteh and company win two very close games to get themselves on the board this split. I am Deo’s Cassiopeia was a major deterrent to Titan’s initiates and Faulteh was given some of their preferred ADC picks. Titan Mnemosyne was close in both games but one lane fell behind throughout the course of each game, allowing Nameless to earn the victory. Shoutout to Keysmash3d for playing the necessary pick in both games to enable the team - anyone who pilots Ivern deserves a shoutout.

CB Hydra versus Conduit Esports Ghost - CB Hydra wins 2-0. Game One was undoubtedly a nailbiter as Conduit Esports Ghost showed that they can absolutely hang with the toast of the Division in CB Hydra with a close and competitive match. Black Eyed Peas was an especially bright star given that he drew multiple bans and still did admirably on Bel’Veth. Game Two was typical CB Hydra supremacy as they were able to dismantle Conduit Esports Ghost in a far different game. Both teams showed what they are capable of but CB Hydra demonstrated that they are a cut above right now. Now that Conduit Esports Ghost have seen one of the top teams, they should be well-prepared for their matchup with the other undefeated team presently in this division, TD Bootleg Ibiza, down the road. Another shoutout to Wupong who had another strong series, as per usual, for CB Hydra.

TD Bootleg Ibiza versus Conduit Esports Sussers - TD Bootleg Ibiza wins 2-0. TD Bootleg Ibiza continues to surge forward and was able to sweep aside the Sussers in two straight games. Conduit Esports Sussers always seems close and almost able to take a game or series at any given point. It seems almost wrong that they are 0-3 at this point. Meanwhile, TD Bootleg Ibiza’s win streak moves to three series. This team continually ends up drafting multiple winning lanes and, with every player on their team being a potential win condition, they are seeing the results they rightfully deserve. Special credit to Lucas for two excellent games this series to help guide TD Bootleg Ibiza to victory.

Freljord Power Rankings

  1. CB Hydra - Same old spot at the top of Freljord. Nothing else needs to be said.

  2. TD Bootleg Ibiza - They continue to grow stronger on a weekly basis, other teams may not give them proper respect in playoffs.

  3. Conduit Esports Ghost - Unfortunately drop due to series with CB Hydra, are still a threatening team and among the finest in the division.

  4. Clinical - Clinical just keeps on rising to the various challenges put before them and have set themselves up for a potential playoff run.

  5. Nameless Asylum - Getting themselves on the board and shooting up the Rankings, this team can never be counted out if their primary win conditions are not handled by the opposing team.

  6. Titan Mnemosyne - Rebounding from a problematic first week, this team will be tested further in coming weeks.

  7. Conduit Esports Sussers - While things haven’t quite gone the Sussers way as of late, there’s still hope for them to turn their season around. They surely have the talent to do so.

  8. CN Craw Daddies - The Craw Daddies always seem on the verge of winning a series and their hope could change this week.

Freljord Division Week Four Predictions

TD Bootleg Ibiza 2-0 Nameless Asylum

CB Hydra 2-0 Titan Mnemosyne

Conduit Esports Ghost 2-1 Clinical

Conduit Esports Sussers 2-1 CN Craw Daddies

Series to Watch:

Conduit Esports Sussers versus CN Craw Daddies - Both teams are in the unenviable position of being 0-3 after their first three weeks. They both are likely better than their record indicates with competitive games against the rest of the Division. With both teams under the gun, I think that both teams will come in with a playoffs mentality and give it their all. I expect this series to go the full three games with some spicy picks.

Overall Power Rankings

  1. CB Shield - Another flawless week from CB Shield.

  2. CB Hydra - Continues to be the class of their Division and the vast majority of the League.

  3. TDS Knights - Are undefeated for good reason and have surged into the top five for good reason.

  4. TD Bootleg Ibiza - Incredibly flexible and deep strategies have this team among the finest in the League.

  5. Conduit Esports Goblins - Always find a way to win a series in the end.

  6. Literal Monkeys - Maybe if I keep counting them out, I’ll be proven right eventually. In any case, they are undefeated for good reason and have demonstrated resiliency the entire way through. They deserve respect.

  7. DZG Arcadia - Early roster changes have not stopped this team from being a steamroller in their division.

  8. Going Ghost - Stumble due to circumstances that most players could not control, they are still a potent team from top to bottom. Points may affect them, though.

  9. Conduit Esports Ghost - Undoubtedly one of the best 2-1 teams, could easily shoot back up the rankings.

  10. TD Embrace- Solid gameplay week in and week out. Huge matchup this week versus DZG Arcadia.

Honorable Mention: Clinical - Every time I doubt this team, they prove me wrong. Emerging powerhouse potentially.

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