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BOL Plat Breakdown Week 5

Hey all its CTRL ULT ELITE here once again. Hope everyone has been enjoying the spring time weather that has started. I for one am excited to get in some Skiing before the mountains close and to play a bit of golf as my local course has just opened. As far as league goes many leagues are starting to get closer to playoffs and regular season games really start to matter. Seems like everyone was pissed from my ranking last week as I did not have 80% of each division sitting in A or S tier.

Here are the updated standings heading into week 5. As we can see some teams are very close to clinching a playoff spot already(6 wins is a gurarentee) and some teams are already very close to being out of the playoffs even with the best possible scearios.


Master Mcnasty Vs ShadowZ Plat

Prediction 2-1 for SHZ

Lane to Watch: Top

Both teams are coming into week 5 with an 0-2 loss in their last week. I was surprised to see that SHZ lost their 1st series 0-2. It looks like SHZ are having some roster issues playing with some different players even in between games. The MMN series last week against TE Abyss was also not close; MMN got less than 10 kills and only took 5 towers in between the 2 games. Coming into this week I am going to have to keep SHZ as my favorite in this matchup as so far they have been a much better team this split so far. They also were able to 2-0 TE Abyss the team that just crushed MMN. If SHZ is able to keep their roster together I think they are easily able to take MMN.

Top lane is my lane to watch this series. Yung Rat has shown that they are willing to take counter picks and look for solo carries on things like GP. Skullvezery on the other hand is someone who wants to play frontline picking more scaling tanks. If Yung Rat can get ahead and move his lead onto the map it's a huge boon for SHZ. But if MMN can weather the storm they will win straight 5v5 team fights based off of how these teams normally draft.

New World Esports Orion vs TE Abyss

Prediction 2-0 for NWEO

Lane to Watch: Jungle

NWE Orion still remains on top of Shurmia after beating TAC last week. They are obviously the favorites coming into this series and will be until the regular season is over. TE Abyss are coming into this match on a high; they did win their last series against MMN, a team tied for them in the playoff race. TE Abyss are currently 4th in shurmia. They have relatively easy opennets left. However New world esports Orion that TEA plays tonight should be another level of competition entirely. Just a reminder that everyone on New world East sports Orion other than their top laner currently sitting in the top 20 The teams just that good. I want TEA to treat this as a playoffs preview in some ways. Targon is full of teams that are going to be just as hard to beat as NWEO. You need to show up tonight to prove you will not be a 1st round exit team.

As far as my lane to watch in this series I am going to go with the jungle matchup. Last game series for TE Abyss Yuppi showed off the jungle diff having his best games of the season. He shot up the rankings and is currently rated number 16 in the league. He goes up against Denali the King at rank 3 the best jungler in Shurmia. Denali has insane stats being top 10 in KDA, least deaths per game and KP%. Yuppi is tied with Denali in KP% and I believe the 2 of them will be running the map for their teams.

GE Emerald vs TA Capybara Streamed Game

Prediction 2-0 for TA Capybara

Lane to Watch Mid

Tonight's streamed match is a battle of pride. GEE and TAC are both more or less eliminated from the playoffs. Game series like these can be a ton of fun as teams are looking to pull stuff out to get a win. I would not be surprised to see players playing things completely wild looking to 1v9. I am not expecting much Yummi in this series, more things like Lee Sin stuff that is all about making plays. Both these teams are probably going to play fast and loose. Technically it's possible for GEE to make a playoff run but it would be the miracle run to end all miracles runs. It would be a Disney level sports movie buzzer beater hype moment. They need to win their remaining matches 2-0 and hope the teams at the top of Shurmia also win out. Last week GEE and First Class chose to reschedule their series so I have nothing new to report about GEE. GEE is currently a team looking for their first game win in BOL plat. GEE has some pretty rough stats across the board. TAC are coming into this series just having taken a game off of NWEO. TAC are now out of the playoffs after having had to FF their 1st 2 matches. TAC has a new mid laner slotted into their lineup Taily. Despite having a new mid TAC put complete faith in them and played with the double support bot lanes in games 2 and 3.

Draft wise GEE are a solid team. They do things by the book. Take strong solo junglers early that provide pressure, grab CC setup for early ganks and take counterpick at the appropriate points. On red we can see 2006HondaInsight look to play for themselves and get something like the Darius to get the ball rolling. For TAC draft is odd. If Seraphine Sona is up they will take it. They are the only team in our league playing the duo. I hate this duo to play as or against and I pray to god GEE bans one of the two so these games remain exciting. Sona Seraphine simply is just a ton of non interactive power. Everyone on your team is just slightly faster, doing more damage and can hit targets easier. If GEE leaves the duo up I hope they have some sort of idea to match it. Senna Veigar for infinite scaling on the other side can be quite fun.

As far as lane to watch I am still wanting to see what Taily can do. Playing GEE this week you have a good shot at showing why you were picked up. For shockwave53 and the rest of GEE this is a lane you can look to attack. Taily is going to have to do some heavy lifting and you can focus on them, playing for such a short time together there might be some coordination issues and growing pains so to speak.

Oblivion Esports Ruby vs First Class

Prediction 2-1 for OER

Lane to Watch Bot

So OER after winning vs SHZ are now tied for 2nd in Shurmia looking like they are going to be a firm playoff contender. That match mattered a lot for placement points giving you the cushion you need. Your team is not a lock for playoffs yet. You play 3 teams that are all playoff caliber for the rest of this season. You need somewhere around 4 wins to have a shot at playoffs. 5 wins should be a guarantee for you to get in with your win over SHZ. As OER your stats are improving slowly. Keep up the pace. FC had to reschedule their series vs GEE so they are still sitting right now at 1-2. I have firm belief that they would 2-0 that series so I more or less have them in a 3 way tie for 4th in my head. FC needs this win tonight. Shurmia is a very close group. Lose tonight and you start getting into tiebreaker scenarios and no team ever wants to have to deal with those. FC has decent team stats that are probably getting a spike from playing GEE. 982 cs a game is still crazy, it's higher than Ruby despite having 2 minutes longer in games.

As far as my lane to watch I am going with bot lane. Ravensman as I have talked about previously is the dominant player on OER. This team plays through the bot lane if bot does not carry OER does not win. Look at the match results for this team. Every game that OER plays Ravensman either has less than 4 deaths and they win or he goes even and they lose. I want someone else other that this teams bot lane to step up. Louis in top has been put on tank duty just the once. JSChoatic has been playing things with a ton of pressure Aurelion Sol, Viktor and Ziggs. It's not like you guys are playing Karma mid and Ornn top every game. Dominate a lane and win a game were in plat we all make a lot of mistakes still. Listen as Peace Pipe and peptic just stall the lane out like you normally do and you should win.


Dorado Gaming Nu vs Degenerates Exiles

Prediction 2-1 for Dorado Gaming Nu

Lane to Watch: Jungle

A series with some very heavy playoff implications is here that should be incredibly close. DEGEN, Blaze and NU are currently in a 3 way tie for second in Targon. Some of the members of DEGEN have been very vocal in their interviews and think that I am full of shit for rating them as a team in B tier and think they are 2 full divisions above NU. Team stat wise the 2 teams are very close. They have the same game score sitting at 6-3 both teams, lost 0-2 to Sigma and won their last series 2-1. Not just tied in series score and games these teams are very close to one another in stats. DEGEN is making 1870 gold a minute and Nu are making 1980 gold a minute. Both teams have phenomenal KDA’s. DEGEN takes slightly more dragons, tie NU in barons but are behind in Hearlds,Towers and Inhibs take a game. When we look at players Degens are rated higher on the stat list across the board. Nu has 3 players in the top 25 and Degen has 4. The reason I favor NU is simple. I think out of XGL and Blaze(the teams beaten last week by these 2 teams) XGL are not as good. Blaze has beaten XGL So with everything between these 2 teams so close Nu has just enough things that they do better on average to put them ahead.

My lane to watch for this matchup is also going to be the jungle. Eqq is rated in the top 30 right now and is going up against Shado the number 3 rated jungler in the league. Shado was unable to join Degen for their 2 losses to Sigma. Shado is also a primary carry for DEGEN looking to put himself ahead playing things like Hec, Karthus and Graves. Eqq on the other hand is primarily having success and playing early ganking junglers like Vi, Udyr and Gragas. Its up to Eqq to dictate the temp of this series and get his laners more ahead than Shado is getting ahead of him.

GP’s Oranges vs XG Lightning

Prediction 2-0 for XG Lightning

Lane to Watch: NA

So XGL. You guys are now 2-2. This team has some very high highs but uh playoffs might not come to you. Targon is a stacked division with 5 incredible teams. But it's looking like you might be the 5th best among them. This week you have what should be a free win. GPO are without a game win sitting at 0-8. You need a 2-0 win here not just to prove you should but for playoff points. Blaze and Degen with their wins over you now have the head to head record so you need to pass one of the teams above you in game score to advance and are a game behind. You also have yet to play either Dorado team. As GPO your team is now playing spoiler for playoffs. You play 2 teams in the thick of playoffs and then get to look forward to the epic matchup vs the Mystic Cats in week 7 to prove who truthfully belongs on the bottom of Targon.

Elysium Blaze vs Dorado Gaming Sigma

Prediction 2-0 for Sigma

Lane to Watch: Mid

SIGMA sits alone at the top of Targon and is the only team yet to drop a game in BOL. They have not had the hardest schedule the past 2 weeks picking up wins over GPO and Mystic Cats but beat 2 teams currently tied for second in the 1st 2 weeks. I need to see this team win here to feel confident about my prediction of them winning BOL and being my only S tier team. Blaze are coming into tonight as the underdogs. They have a hard road ahead of them as they already lost 0-2 to a dorado team and are now playing the much better of the sister teams.

As far as my lane to watch its got to be mid lane. Nuffies is ranked 7th an incredible player. This week he plays OPKillswitch who is currently ranked 4th in the league and continues to play his unique champion pool. Ziggs, Nautilus Mid, Ahri are all things not getting picked right now in the league by other players and OPKillswtich has played them all. Nuffies has a very wide champion pool as well playing tons of unique picks. Both the players are insane, both are top 10 in damage per minute, least deaths and KDA across the league.

CB Rangers VS Mystic Cats

Prediction 2-0 for CB Rangers

Lane to Watch

CB Rangers got a win in week 3 2-0 over GPO Congrats guys! Last week they also took a game of Dorado Nu so I expect them to come into this series looking good. CBR has gotten their team KDA up to a 2.65 which is very close to the 3.0 mark which I would consider is the minimum requirement for a playoff level team. Sitting at 1-3 in match score and only playing 1 of the teams that are still in the playoff race I don't believe CBR can make the playoffs. But as a primarily gold team you guys are able to show up and give these plat teams a run for their money which is awesome to see. For Mystic Cats this should be a closer series and I hope you guys are able to have a pop off performance. A win here puts you above GPO and I hope you guys close the rest of the league out in style.

FWESH is state wise the best main roster player right now for the Mystic Cats and Bruh Rock is one of the top 2 players for Cb Rangers so mid lane is where I would focus tonight. BruhRock has shown that they are willing to play various ways going from the lane dimaint Jayce to the CC setup of Lissandra to the teamfight powerhouses of Ori and Viktor. FWESH has been playing much more towards a lot of supportive mids things like Seraphine and Zilean but can bring out the pantheon for lane ganks and early pressure.



So for the trivia style questions I do not have as much data that is easy to filter as so I am probably not going to continue with them. Rakkan is the highest win rate champion among the top 10 most picked in BOL plat currently with a 73% win rate. Other noticeable standouts in win rate are Seraphine at 63% and Camille at 67%/ Sivir is the lowest winrate with just 6 wins out of her 19