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BOL Plat Playoff Analysis Week 9 by Greedee

I am !Rawr’s Jungle. I rank teams. Don’t give hate, or bully me pls. Don’t take anything I say personally. Also don’t be intimidated by word count, I tried to not leave any team out of love of my holy words. For this week, I decided to take a look at each match individually and what it may mean for the teams involved and what playoff implications they may have.

Booyah Exiles Blue vs Oasis Nemesis

Booyah is still theoretically in the playoff race if they can win against Oasis, however they haven’t been able to field a roster for the past two weeks and I have to say it isn’t looking hopeful. Also, even if they do manage a win, they need both Chubby Babies to lose to Glacial Rising Phoenix and Cinco Tacos to lose to Rising Dawn Obsidian, which is also unlikely. In the end, this game will not happen as Booyah forfeits and Oasis takes home the number 1 seed in their conference.

Chubby Babies vs Glacial Rising Phoenix

The Chubby Babies are in a tight wildcard race with Cinco Tacos. Glacial, on the other hand, has already secured their spot in the playoffs and will only get displaced from their #3 seed if they lose 2-0 to the Babies. So, the Babies have a lot more on the line than the Rising Phoenix, and perhaps that will dictate how the games go. Because the Babies lost to both !Rawr and The Epidemic, they have to win this match and hope Cinco Tacos loses, or lose and hope they lose as well. Let’s run through the scenarios: First, if Chubby Babies wins, they’re automatically through. If Cinco Tacos wins 2-0 and Chubby Babies loses, Cinco Tacos is through. Lastly, if Chubby Babies loses 1-2 and Cinco Tacos wins 2-1, both teams are tied in points and Chubby Babies takes the spot because of their previous head-to-head victory against Cinco Tacos. My prediction for this game: Chubby Babies 2-1 victory, sending them to the playoffs.

Imperial Gaming vs The Epidemic

Imperial Gaming vs The Epidemic has no real implications other than pride. The Epidemic actually have forfeited the week and are looking to rebuild and reform. I hope next split both teams will have a stronger performance and will dominate in their respective groups!

!Rawr Lethal vs Literal Monkeys

This game has no real implication for !Rawr Lethal, as they have tightly secured their #2 seed in the division. However, their ADC was a former Literal Monkey so there may be a motive of revenge for them. Literal Monkeys, however, have everything on the line in a close battle with Flash the Disrespect for a wildcard spot. It’s the same situation as Chubby Babies and Cinco Tacos. With Flash’s head-to-head advantage and 2-point lead, they are in the hot-seat to make things happen and if they win at all, they’re through. If they lose and Literal Monkeys win, they’re out unless both winners don’t sweep (ie, 2-1 victories). This one should be interesting to watch, however close it may be. My prediction is !Rawr Lethal 2-0 Literal Monkeys.

EQ Storm vs Flash the Disrespect

EQ Storm is officially out of the playoff race and has no chance at a wildcard spot. That being said, Flash the Disrespect view this matchup as extremely important to their playoff chances and a must-win. Flash could still lose and make playoffs, but then their destiny would be out of their hands. With the differing pressure levels on the teams it could have an impact on how they play. Also, a loss from Literal Monkeys automatically grants Flash the Disrespect playoffs, so I’m sure they’ll keep an eye on the !Rawr Lethal vs Literal Monkeys match. My prediction: Flash the Disrespect 2-1 EQ Storm.

Serenity vs EQ Light

In probably a future semifinals confrontation, Serenity takes on EQ Light for a spot as division leader. If Serenity doesn’t win 2-0, EQ Light wins the division because they’re 4 points ahead and Serenity would win the head-to-head in that scenario. So, there’s still a chance Serenity could become the division leader and net the #1 spot instead of the #3. My prediction: EQ Light 2-1 Serenity.

Crosspoint Southpaw vs $tonk Squad

This is another game that has no implications other than pride and a chance to practice. Stonk Squad, however, has refused this chance and has forfeited their last opportunity to gain a win in the entire season. Crosspoint Southpaw finishes their season with a strong 32 points, not enough for a wildcard spot, but possibly enough for a 2nd in division and enough for them to be proud of their season.

Rising Dawn Obsidian vs Cinco Tacos

Another match with huge implications, Rising Dawn has secured their division but Cinco Tacos haven’t secured their wildcard spot. Cinco Tacos 100% has to win this game to make it through to the playoffs. Unfortunately for them, their fate is out of their hands because they have to rely on the Chubby Babies losing to Glacial Rising Phoenix. Either way, it should be a very interesting match to watch and I hope it will be as entertaining as it is important. My prediction: Rising Dawn Obsidian 2-0 Cinco Tacos.

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