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BOL Platinum Content Delivery! Week 4

BEEP BEEP Here comes the BOL Platinum Content Delivery! I'm your driver, Trux. Standings are finally starting to take shape! Let's discuss the highlights and then analyze our teams' anticipated performances in week 5.

Week Four Results:

  • Agni Kai 2 - 0 First Class Esports - Challenging season for First Class Esports, but a much needed win for Agni Kai.

  • Nameless Gnomes 2 - 1 Conduit UMAD - With an already tough season and now the roster issues UMAD are having, they become easy prey for the Gnomes.

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 Big Duck Entourage - An easy layup against a struggling BDE roster.

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 1 AIE Anguish - SG falter against a roster they should be dominating effortlessly. This should raise concerns for fans, as it significantly diminishes their chances of advancing through the early playoff bracket if they make it at all.

  • Conduit Gremlins 2 - 0 Goon Squad Gaming GVG reassures Finch that his pocket Orianna pick is of little concern as he effortlessly dominates him. Conduit demonstrates that even with their aging BaaMMM returning from retirement for a single game in the series, they can decisively handle GSG with a decisive 2-0 victory.

The following content is not the opinion of BOL staff, but of the content creator.

Team Power Rankings: 

  1. Dynasty Celestials - Strong bot lane with a good foundation for jungle and top. It all depends what mid laner shows up.

  2. Conduit Gremlins - Utterly destroying all low seed teams.

  3. Subatomic Gaming Proton - Did acquiring a new jungler salvage the season?

  4. Agni Kai - Will this team be able to close out the season strong?

  5. Goon Swarm Gaming - Despite a tough season. The end of UMAD spells new hope.

Week 4 Game Prediction Results:

  • Agni Kai 2 - 0 First Class Esports

  • Conduit UMAD 2 - 0 Nameless Gnomes

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 Big Duck Entourage 

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 0 AIE Anguish 

  • Conduit Gremlins 2 - 0 Goon Squad Gaming

Week 5 Game Predictions:

  • Conduit Gremilins 2 - 0 Conduit UMAD - With the loss of Messiah (check Titan Comp rulings), an already struggling UMAD roster has seen its end. This won't be much of a civil war, more like throwing away the CUM rag.

  • Big Duck Entourage 2 - 0 First Class Esports - This match promises an electrifying clash among the lower-seeded teams. While it's anyone's guess, my inclination towards BDE is fueled by rumors of a roster shake-up, potentially bolstering their ranks with a formidable midlaner.

  • Agni Kai 2 - 1 Nameless Gnomes - With both teams grappling with distinct roster challenges, the outcome of this series feels incredibly uncertain. Should Agni Kai bring their top performance to the table, the scales could tip in their favor.

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 AIE Anguish - AIE appears to be ripe for the picking, poised as easy prey for their opponents.

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 1 Goon Squad Gaming - SG consistently boasts a roster with superior dominance and skill, yet they've repeatedly stumbled against teams they're expected to outclass. While I anticipate SG emerging victorious in this series, I also foresee it being a hard-fought battle for them.

Standout Players of Week One:

  • Top:  NotŠoDark (Conduit Gremlins) -This guy can play top too? Stepped up when his team needed him.

  • Jungle: TheGlizzler (Agni Kai) - Had an amazing week on Jungle and Top

  • Mid: gvgnumber1 (Conduit Gremlins) - Put Finch in his place.

  • ADC: Grim Dafyre (Dynasty Celestials) - The man can't be stopped!

  • Support: FoxStroBro (Dynasty Celestials) - Lord Swain himself

Player Rankings








AK Wock Warlock

CG Pinei foi mal

AK Socks To Thighs

DC Grim Dafyre

CG Vidyarthi


SG Chai

DC Batman

DC Níghtmarë

SG Yömi

DC FoxStepBro


CG Jieun

AK TheGlizzler

CG gvgnumber1

CG NotŠoDark

SG Cheongseolmo


DC  Feathers

GS Neck Romancer

SG AlfaiatE

CG NotŠoDark

GS ThatDeckerGuy

Comments on UMAD: 

  • It is with a heavy heart that I extend my deepest condolences to the families of the Conduit UMAD Team. The loss of such talented players is an immeasurable pain that no words can fully soothe. In this time of profound grief, may you find solace in the cherished memories you shared on the rift. Know that you are not alone, and the entire community stands with you in solidarity and support. May you find strength and courage to navigate through this difficult period, and may the fond memories bring you comfort in the days ahead.

Fan Opinion:

  • Will return with next weeks content, sorry guys I was really busy with my playoffs and such. Now that I have lost I can bring more attention back to this!

Stay tuned for another exciting week of Platinum action!

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