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BOL Platinum Content Delivery! Week 8

BEEP BEEP Here comes the BOL Platinum Content Delivery! I'm your driver, Trux. Welcome to the climactic finale of the regular season! With playoff positions secured, the spotlight now shifts to the intense battle for seeding among the formidable contenders: Dynasty, Subatomic, and Agni Kai. The stakes are high as they vie for the advantageous positions of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Let's discuss the highlights of week 8 and then analyze our teams' anticipated performances in week 9.

Week Eight Results:

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 1 First Class Esports - SGP's two wins against FCE were notably decisive and flawlessly executed. However, the unexpected upset in game two by FCE raised eyebrows. As they advance into the playoffs, one hopes that SGP can maintain consistency and avoid stumbles like this against lower-ranked teams.

  • Goon Squad Gaming 2 - 0 Nameless - FF

  • Agni Kai 2 - 0 Big Duck Entourage - Decisive win for Agni Kai. It seems like the efforts to enhance the BDE roster are falling short. While some might debate whether the players' skill levels are sufficient to match those of more adept teams, it's evident that teamwork and synergy are also stumbling blocks for them.

  • Conduit Gremilins 2 - 1 Dynasty Celestials - The series was a seesaw battle with impressive showings from the entire Gremlins roster. However, as he's consistently done against every team this season, NotSoDark truly shone against Dynasty, putting on a masterclass performance. Given his stellar play, I anticipate seeing him in the Emerald leagues next split!

  • AIE Anguish 2 - 0 Conduit UMAD - Team AIE secured an exhilarating victory, marking a remarkable turnaround from their previous struggles. However, the triumph was overshadowed by yet another crushing defeat for the once-promising UMAD lineup, leaving fans disheartened.

The following content is not the opinion of BOL staff, but of the content creator.

Team Power Rankings: 

  1. Conduit Gremlins - Gremlins#1!

  2. Subatomic Gaming Proton - Entering playoffs in either the 2nd or 3rd. A skilled roster with lessons learned this season they are an easy contender for the championship.

  3. Dynasty Celestials - O' how the mighty have fallen! Can they turn it around in playoffs?

  4. Agni Kai - Can they close out the season strong?

  5. Big Duck Entourage - This team hasn't been performing too well after the upgrades. They will have an uphill battle in playoffs, but could cause some upsets?

  6. Goon Swarm Gaming - Squeezed in to make playoffs, but how will they do round one and who will they face?

Week 8 Game Prediction Results:

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 1 First Class Esports

  • Goon Squad Gaming 2 - 0 Nameless Gnomes FF

  • Agni Kai 2 - 0 Big Duck Entourage

  • Conduit Gremilins 2 - 1 Dynasty Celestials 

  • AIE Anguish 2 - 0 Conduit UMAD

Standout Players of the Week:

  • Top:  Jieun (Conduit Gremlins) - Big part of the win vs DC 17 / 8 / 16 over the series

  • Jungle: XIL69 (Subatomic Gaming Proton) - Mercenary Jungler, comes in and gets it done for SGP when they need it most.

  • Mid: Swedish Pancakes (First Class Esports) - Playing notably well despite his teams back being against the wall,

  • ADC: NotSoDark (Conduit Gremlins) - 30 / 8 /29 massive performance vs DC

  • Support: Cheongseolmo (Subatomic Gaming Proton) - Played very well for his team vs FCE

Week 9 Game Predictions:

  • Dynasty Celestials 2 - 0 First Class Esports - Despite Dynasty's recent struggles, I expect them to rediscover their form and secure a clean 2-0 victory against FCE.

  • Subatomic Gaming Proton 2 - 0 Nameless Gnomes - FF

  • Agni Kai 2 - 0 AIE Anguish - Agni Kai has the opportunity to finish the season on a high note. They're aiming for a decisive 2-0 victory to remain in contention for a top playoff seeding.

  • Conduit Gremilins 2 - 0 Big Duck Entourage - With their strong undefeated record, the Gremlins should swiftly handle the rebuilding and uncoordinated BDE roster.

  • Goon Squad Gaming 2 - 0 Conduit UMAD - Unfortunately, it seems like UMAD is heading towards another crushing defeat. One can only hope that GSG puts them out of their misery swiftly.

Standings Predictions:

If the season unfolds according to expectations and playoff seeding adheres to conventional norms, here's a preview of what the postseason might entail (though, of course, surprises are always possible):

  1. Conduit Gremlins vs. Big Duck Entourage: A Rivalry Reignited: Prepare for a thrilling rematch as the Conduit Gremlins collide head-on with the formidable Big Duck Entourage. Fresh from their season-ending games, both teams would be primed with knowledge of the prior series which could make these games very interesting.

  2. Dynasty Celestials vs. Goon Squad Gaming: A Test of Grit and Determination: In what is sure to be a grueling contest, the Dynasty Celestials go toe-to-toe with the resilient Goon Squad Gaming. The outcome hangs in the balance, with GSG facing a daunting challenge contingent upon the form and fitness of the Celestials come game day.

  3. SG Proton vs. Agni Kai: The Battle for Supremacy: Brace yourselves for an epic showdown as SG Proton squares off against the fierce Agni Kai. With anticipation running high for a match of intense competition and razor-thin margins, fans eagerly await what promises to be a nail-biting encounter worthy of the season's climax.

"SUS" Player Rankings








AK Wock Warlock

CG Pinei foi mal

CG gvgnumber1

CG NotŠoDark

CG Vidyarthi


CG Jieun

SG SingularBread

AK Socks To Thighs

SG Yömi

SG Cheongseolmo


SG Chai

AK SOL Reaver

SG AlfaiatE

DC Grim Dafyre

DC FoxStepBro


DC Feathers

GS Neck Romancer

DC Níghtmarë

FCE king vivi

GS ThatDeckerGuy

Fan Opinion

  • Revamped BDE is looking solid, last 2 weeks will be a good test for this roster to see if they can be a dark horse to win it all

  • Dynasty is almost underrated at this point - They've dropped games against strong teams but they're still #2 in standings and have beaten everyone else along the way.

  • Chulo bringing in the SittersUnited and turning the season around for BDE is both equally impressive and alarming

  • AGK- maybe not the 4th best team in the league with BDE rising up. Dynasty - definitely not the 2nd best team in the league. Apparently they can't win if bot lane is neutralized.

  • Dynasty is solidly sitting at number 4 best team - better than most of the average teams, worse than the top tier.

  • BDE are actually the number 3 team in the league, we will have to see how they do against Agni Kai but if they beat them im pretty confident this iteration of BDE are better than Dynasty.

  • Gremlins could choke in the first round of playoffs, I think if playoff seeding goes how I imagine it will, that 4/5th matchup will very possibly have a good chance at winning the whole thing.

  • Positive Mental Alf is the best mid in BOL

  • The ADC pool became very competitive with TDK & vivi being brought it. They're both excellent adcs that can hang with the best of them

  • Feathers being ranked 4th is criminal. Ormand Sole and Vendetta all clear him easily.

  • Nightmare is such an overrated player. Man gets solo killed by Alf and then dies to every gank and still yaps in general chat like he didnt just get fisted for 40 minutes straight

  • If only UMAD had this roster iteration at the beginning of the split than now. Nasian/Manveer bot lane looks a lot better.... which says more about the guys they kicked

  • Alf - 3rd best mid laner in the league despite being Gold 1. Maybe 2 by the time this is posted.

  • Feathers - has no impact to the result of the game negative or positive if he's not on illaoi or urgot

  • Fini - just stay as adc man. Or learn more supports than seraphine.

Stay tuned for another exciting week of Platinum action!

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