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Broken Hopes and Keyboards

Eazy's Content Inc.

I apologize as the quality of MY work for this week is lower than the work I put out in the past. Shewasnice did the write ups for ADC and support though and smurfed. Not much has changed in the grand scope of things in regards to who is performing well and isn't. The rather static results have made it tough to have fresh views on rankings etc. I think that if I continue to do player rankings etc for the next split whenever that may be I will make it bi weekly. With this being said I will be taking a brief hiatus from making plat content as well. Please look forward to better quality work to be released following the conclusion of the regular season. The release date that I have in mind atm for the final piece of plat content pertaining to this split is Sunday June 7th. Thank you.

Week 8 Contender Talk/Player Rankings

First things first. Can someone pull out their phone and use the timer function so we don't go over 30 seconds for our picks and bans? This is something that was suggested to us. Thank god for prodraft. I’m going to keep it simple this week, just player rankings with write ups. The goal is to try and have a lax and fun approach to write ups this week while making sure people understand why someone is ranked higher or lower than someone else. Disclaimer since Booyah Exiles Blue forfeit both games last week I will be omitting their names from this week's player rankings. With the boring information out of the way let’s start to have some fun. Oh also shout out to Shewasnice (ADC for Serenity) for helping me out this week in ranking Adcs and Supports.

Last week we saw some REALLY questionable outcomes to games so I’m going to just give my opinion and probably roast a few teams. I need everyone to remember I don’t know most of you and that this is for fun. I also need everyone to remember I’m an asshole so for the sake of enjoying these rankings let's not take this too seriously. I low MOST of you.

Contender Talk

This is going to be a new addition to Eazy’s Content Inc where I review some of the teams involved in marquee matchups and discuss what impact they have on the playoffs race. This might also include upsets or some other random stuff depending on who played in a week. Since I’m a selfish person I’ll start with Serenity.


I can talk about Serenity games in more depth since I play for them and can recall game events so I apologize that this section will have more depth to it than others. Serenity had a rocky start to the game vs Chubby Babies with Polaroids (Mid for Serenity) burning flash early. Sadly for the former smurf it didn't get any better from there. Lets just say he was 0/4 by what feels like 10 minutes. It wasn't enough for him to just get solo killed by Jesus (Mid for the Chubby Babies) he had to share the love and run it into Shadowballs000 too. Luckily for him solid play from the other members of Serenity let him get back into the game and actually end with a 7/4/6 scoreline on Corki. Šùmmòner 1 continues to have consistent performances on a variety of champions and excels at getting picks throughout the game. Blam1ng the top laner remains a rock in the top lane playing tanks and engaging for Serenity. While their bot lane, composed of Shewasnice (adc) and Lazerbite (support), farm safely while denying exp and minions to the opposition and take over teamfights. Solid 2-0 week overall and they have all but guaranteed their playoff spot.

Chubby Babies

Tough week for the Babies as they dropped both games last week having to face Serenity and EQ Light. Since I am basically a Chubby Babies player I want to say some encouraging words as they are the homies. Fuck Bubrock, Fuck Accel, and fuck the Babies. Yall suck. Even after dropping two important games vs other top contending teams the Babies remain in a solid position to secure a playoff spot especially since Booyah Exiles Blue forfeit both games and Glacial dropped a game as well to Serenity.

The babies work well as a team. They might not have the biggest names but it feels like everyone knows their role and what they have to do. This allows them to always give top teams a hard time. They took Oasis Nemesis, a top 2 team, to game 3. They also beat Booyah 2-1 in their bo3. Although I did mention they don't have the biggest names they do have a standout player being Punchypanic who plays ADC for them. Punchypanic has done a good job taking the resources he is given and translating them into wins for this team. Punchypanic is this team's superstar but he wouldn't shine nearly as bright without the other 4 players.

Glacial Rising Phoenix

I’ll keep this short and sweet even with Glacial dropping a game to Serenity this week they are also aided by Booyah forfeiting and thus are in a much better spot to make playoffs. Even if Booyah can come up with a roster they are now tied in points and would have a chance to beat the Chubby Babies week 9 when they play a Bo3 for one of the last playoff spots. They did well beating EQ Storm to keep themselves in it.

!Rawr Lethal

Aigoo! Not like this. !Rawr had a disastrous week dropping a game to Crosspoint Southpaw. Shortly after the game we learnt Bladegod (Mid for !Rawr) had a broken keyboard where the inputs were not registering correctly. Rookie move not having a backup keyboard as this led to him speed running the game. Now I feel stupid because I compared Bladegod to Batman and he doesnt even have a spare keyboard. Robin Aka LatexMonkeyNuts (!Rawr JG) did his best to carry but fell short and Alfred (Iwagakure !Rawr Support) is like 90 he isn’t carrying anything. The problem remains clear they need more out of players not named Bladegod. They also need Bladegod to drop some $$ on a new keyboard.

Top Lane

  1. Jace from EQ Light

  2. Blam1ng from Serenity

  3. Peachbuzz Fizzle from Oasis Nemesis

  4. Joey Desu from Glacial Rising Phoenix

  5. Dannyphantòm from RDO

Honorable Mention - Shadowballs000 from CB

Copy pasting top from last week. Jokes aside the only change in the top lane rankings is with Peachbuzz Fizzle from Oasis Nemesis swapping spots with Joey Desu from Glacial Rising Phoenix. Why? Joey Desu had a favourable match up versus Serenity into Blam1ng and as someone who played in the game I didn’t feel any pressure from the topside. Was he up cs? Sure. Was it anything impressive? Not at all. If Glacial Rising Phoenix wants to make any noise in the playoffs and contend with Oasis Nemesis, EQ Light, and Serenity they need to get this dude coaching. Might still not be enough. Jace is still the undisputed king. Only Blam1ng has a chance to take the top spot depending on how he plays versus EQ Light week 9. Everything falls to the last couple games of the spilt with a lot of good bo3’s being saved for week 9. Peachbuzz Fizzle albeit versus poor competition did have 2 good games on Gangplank which showed he can play a lot of different champs when taken into account with the previous weeks. How many of those can he play well is something I think we’ll see once playoffs roll around. He might even be able to over take Blam1ng in the rankings as all Blam1ng has showed us as of late is that he is good at playing tanks. Dannyphantom continues to hold onto the fifth spot, just barely holding off Shadowballs000. I mentioned this before but Shadowballs000 and the Chubby Babies faced 2 top 3 teams last week, losing both, had they managed to steal a game Shadowballs000 would likely be fifth.

Before I move on I just have to say I think the top lane has the shallowest pool of players. The quality of top laners falls off HARD after the first few players listed above. Got me thinking I'm looking at the stock exchange.


  1. Hot Russian Girl (MinuteMilitia) from EQ Light (Eazy's Note I low you)

  2. Šùmmòner 1 from Serenity

  3. LatexMonkeyNuts from Rawr!

  4. Èndless from Glacial Rising Phoenix

  5. Avocadossuck from RDO

Honorable Mention - I Morgana I from Cinco Tacos

As mentioned before due to Booyah forfeiting both games last week, players that were previously playing under the org are being omitted this week due to lack of clarity. If Booyah players who were previously ranked on the list return to the org and play this coming week based on performances I’ll look to re enter them into the rankings pool. Kicking things off we have Hot Russian Girl who is aided by a ff win courtesy of Booyah but he did also have a solid performance pulling out a champion that I personally haven't seen a lot of, Skarner, vs the Chubby Babies. It remains to be seen if he can continue to hold onto the top spot though as Šùmmòner 1 from Serenity hasn’t had a poor performance since rejoining the team earlier in the split. Overall I think the gap in overall skill between these two players is fairly slim and both have different strengths and play styles. I know I’ve probably already mentioned this about five times but I’m really excited for the Serenity vs EQ Light Bo3. The only other truly elite jungler in the league would be LatexMonkeyNuts from Rawr!. Although they dropped a game due to technical issues, I'm willing to chalk it up to poor luck. The track record remains. I'm really sad that back when Serenity played !Rawr LatexMonkeyNuts was playing as the top laner because it would have been interesting to see how he would size up versus Šùmmòner 1. Èndless from Glacial Rising Phoenix and Avocadossuck from RDO both move up 1 spot from the previous week due to Falln from Booyah being removed from the list for the time being. Èndless edging out Avocadossuck in the rankings can be credited to team success. I’m not by any means counting out RDO as I know they have recently made a few changes in the hopes of taking their team to the next level and I look forward to watching this pan out.

Mid Lane

  1. Årch from Oasis Nemesis

  2. GreatScruff from EQ Light

  3. Polaroids from Serenity

  4. BladeGod from !Rawr Lethal

  5. Skìzz from Glacial Rising Phoenix

Honorable Mention - Bmie from RDO

Hehe xD copy pasting last week's work for the top ranked Mid laner which remains Årch from Oasis Nemesis he's going to hold onto this spot for the rest of the season next time I’ll just skip straight to number two. Ah shit number two is still GreatScruff from EQ Light and for the sixth time I’ll now mention that Serenity plays them week 9 in a Bo3 so if GreatScruff falls in the rankings it’ll probably be after those games are played. Polaroids had a really good week versus other top tier teams (Chubby Babies and Glacial Rising Phoenix) but his overall team has had less success than his counterparts. Even though I’m Polaroids and these are my player rankings I can’t comfortably put myself in second right now. I know I mentioned that Bladegod had some trouble with his hardware so it might seem unfair that he is now at fourth. Regardless of any hardware problems after the performance Polaroids put on last week versus some of the better teams in the leagues I had to slide Bladegod who wasn't able to compete in both games down a spot. I played Skizz this week so I have to admit I may have a bit of recency bias but he played alright. He played well enough to hold down the fifth spot in the rankings that being said, Bmie and the people over at RDO I see you putting in work. Had the homies at RDO not lost to Imperial I may have slid Bmie into fifth. You have to do some homework though as I'm being told Sibel who popped off is a known Aatrox one trick. Can’t be underestimating the teams this late into the season.


  1. Shewasnice from Serenity

  2. Punchypanic from Chubby Babies

  3. Hypnotic Viper from EQ Light

  4. Yoshıko from Oasis Nemesis

  5. d7 Fake from RDO

Honorable Mention - Mkrty from Glacial Rising Phoenix

The rankings changed slightly for the young marksmen players who battle it out to see who can truly right click faster and more effectively. Battling for perfect positioning to click that a(or x) button as many times as they possibly can before they meet their impending doom to a mage spell. Will the buffs really matter when you still have the capability to be one shot and supports are roaming like crazy, idk ask the balance team.

Shewasnice is number one in my heart and number one on the rift. I low him. He could int on Kalista and I would still low him. No bullshit Shewasnice is the clearcut top adc in the league and I don't think he has any competition. Hopefully adc players come to life in the playoffs or this kids gonna have a massive ego like Eazy. Jokes aside, the number 2 spot is being held down by punchy panic due to his superb lane phase alongside his support. It was clear in their game vs eq light that it wasn't really a bot diff as the duo managed to 2v2 kill eq lights bot lane but were unfortunately faced with scaling disadvantages. Viper slots in at third as he continues to play scaling champs that pop off at the 2-3 item spikes and has had a lot of success with those picks. Yoshiko remains consistent for oasis nemesis and d7 fake is a newcomer this season who demonstrated some good stat lines slotting him at the last spot for now.


  1. GreatHomie from EQ Light

  2. Lazerbite from Serenity

  3. Bangbusdriver from Oasis Nemesis

  4. Yauma from Glacial Rising

  5. Iwagakure from !Rawr Lethal

Honorable Mention - Hook and Fisted from the Chubby Babies

The support role that used to be plagued with wussy champions that couldn't function on their own, to absolute chad goliaths who will decimate any champ and have a huge impact on the early game. For BOL homie remains on top with his diverse champ pool(braum, karma, lulu) giving his team a lot of early pressure and immaculate vision. However, right behind him or arguably ahead, is serenity's recent acquisition of lazerbite. Who also contains a champion ocean(legit just morgana and thresh like not even kidding) has demonstrated his team fighting prowess with sick support engages that completely turn around fights. Bang bus driver moves down to number 3 simply due to lazerbite’s hot streak, but is still an elite support. As my god if you're an aspiring plat support player who wants to learn how to play a diverse set of champs this is your man to take notes from(WILL PICK BRAUM 100% IF LEFT OPEN). Yauma has proven his worth against formidable bot lanes with his hook supports and has moved up in the ranks as a result. While iwagakure slots in at 5 with consistent performances.

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