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Captain's Chat: AstruL (Oasis Octane)

Ahead of the game of the week, we chatted with AstruL, the Oasis Octane captain. Here at BOL we wish both teams the best of luck tonight and the rest of the season.

ayngenetics: We are here with Astral, Captain of Oasis Octane; Astral how's it going man?

AstruL: It’s going well. I’m excited for the new season to start. I also got zgg playoffs soon so there’s just a lot of hype league to be played

ayngenetics: Absolutely, and alot of those results in ZGG, have been noticed as your team comes into this season as Division 3s favorite team, does that suprise you at all?

AstruL: Not really. My support (SharpOtter6) and I are coming off of an undefeated season in zgg and Lovecraft, XIL and I ended last BOL season in second place in minors and finished in majors with a 14-4 record, so it makes sense to me that we are the team to beat in our division this season. There are a lot of new or unknown teams in our division so it’ll be interesting to see how they shake out against a team as veteran as my own

ayngenetics: I'm sure all the teams in the division have you circled on their schedule. Any advice to the other teams when playing against your team?

AstruL: Hmmm, that is a tough one. It’s hard to say what a team should do to prepare to play us. I will say one thing though, ban Annie and Aphelios, check zgg match results for how that turned out for some other teams who came in unprepared.

ayngenetics: Understandable. Looking at your group it is considered to be one of the weaker groups. Would you have been happy in a different group or are you satitisfied with the group you got?

AstruL: I think that we would do well no matter what group we got in. If our group is the weakest? That’s yet to be determined, there’s a lot of new faces and new teams, so there’s not really a good way to tell yet. I also don’t usually concern myself with how good or bad the teams we play are, im here for the championship and we will have to beat the best to get that, so I’ll let our results do the talking.

ayngenetics: That's a good mindset to have. Let's shift to the organization for a second. You are flying under the Oasis banner again and both your team and Oasis NADS are favorited in their groups. Can you tell everyone a little bit about the organization?

AstruL: Oasis has been around for a little under a year. It’s the combination of two of two of the most successful Focus Esport orgs of their time, Dead Vision and The Penguin Mafia. We have a winning tradition and excellent coaching staff here in Oasis and I think our results can back that up. We admittedly have been a little cursed in playoffs, but can I really complain with consistent top finishes in the regular season and some playoff runs going all the way to finals. For anyone who is new to the scene, if you see an Oasis team, expect them to be one of the top teams, that’s all I’ll say.

ayngenetics: Yeah every Oasis team seems to be strong thats for sure. Shifting back to the league, you find yourselves up against newcomer team Primal Gaming. Any initial thoughts of their team?

AstruL: opens OP.GG

The only player that I immediately recognize from Primal is Ayngenetics. In past seasons you have usually made a solid roster, but they can struggle in the start of a season so im interested in seeing how well they do. I have heard that they’re on the come up, but with a bot gap as big as it’s about to be I’m not really worried about them. Lovecraft and SharpOtter are gonna run train on your bot lane that’s for damn sure xD

*crabrave* B O T D I F F *crabrave*

ayngenetics: Epic. Well im sure they will have their hands full. Shifting to the division itself, are there any other teams that you see doing well or that you are excited facing?

AstruL: There are two teams that I look forward to facing. FTD Blue, I mean Chubby Babies cinder? Is a team that I know my support looks forward to putting in their place and I get a chance to play my boy Brenden in the mid lane, so that should be a fun series.

I’m also looking forward to playing against FREEOU for the first time in my career, after two focus seasons of them choking in playoffs (while I was playing) I finally get to meet them in the regular season and as a bonus get to put old man Velos in his grave :P

ayngenetics: Definently, should be a good time. Last thing, shifting focus to the other divisions or teams. Is there any other team or division you are excited to see?

AstruL: I think that Division 4 will be a banger all season long. There’s a lot of good teams in that group and it should be a race for who finishes top of that group. There are some other teams in Division 1 and 2 that I think have a chance to prove themselves, like Pod of dolphins or any of the 12 chubby babies teams. Should be a fun season though. I look forward to it and wish everyone good luck!

Also @Accelerate, where’s my contract?

ayngenetics: Thank you for your time and good luck to you and your team as well.

AstruL: For sure man. Thanks for having me on. Good luck to you guys in our week 1 match up :P

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