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Competitive Ruling - Entrõpy, Sõlus, monoutron, SG Classic

CONTEXT In BOL IBS Season 8 and 9, monoutron was requested as a roster addition by 2 separate teams. In both occasions, BOL staff denied the roster change as we saw enough red flags to deny the player. During this season, monoutron was added to an Aegis Squire League (ASL) team in which they performed quite well. ASL Admin, Kurido, requested assistance on his investigation of monoutron as he felt like they were hiding accounts and/or smurfing. After a long season, monoutron's team, Subatomic Gaming Antimatter (SG), was eliminated from ASL in semifinals. At that time, the investigation went cold since the player was eliminated. After the season, a SG admin opened up a ticket after they were concerned about new information they acquired. The SG Admin found out that monoutron "bought" an account to reset their MMR. The "bought" account was named "dotenark" until it was name changed to "SG Classic". This event reopened the investigation and that's when the fun started. THE INVESTIGATION SG provided information about the account purchase which was found to be fabricated by the admins of Aegis, BOL, and Risen. After knowing they were being investigated, monoutron went full ghost mode which increased the suspicion that they were hiding something. During the investigation, the collective TOs added Sõlus to the potential suspects because of multiple links. Sõlus has played in multiple leagues, including Blue Otter League and was a finalist in season 8. Using information that cannot be disclosed, it was concluded that Sõlus was the same person as a player named Entrõpy. Entrõpy was not a listed alternate account for Sõlus and therefore was considered to be smurfing in BOL Gold Season 8. After more personal information was found, Sõlus/Entrõpy was found to be known as dotenark which was the original name of the "bought" account. All the information that was found from the various accounts was identical and we can conclude that Entrõpy, Sõlus, the "original" dotenark owner, and monoutron are all the same person. There is no evidence that any team that monoutron or Sõlus played on had knowledge of the smurfing. EVIDENCE Due to evidence including very sensitive information, we cannot provide any screenshots or links that will help the community come to the conclusion themselves. However, the necessary information was shared with a few other Tournament Organizers that came to the conclusion that the evidence was beyond a reasonable doubt.

ACCOUNTS,%20SG%20Classic,%20S%C3%B5lus,%20Entr%C3%B5py Classic#6702 (670151441293508618) zepho#7851 (794343563756175361) Dotenark#9089(182872577180434433) entropy#5248 (844046695553302539) RELEVANT RULES Disciplinary Actions 4. Smurfing 11. All alternate accounts level 30+ must be disclosed. Failure to disclose an account will result in a suspension or possibly being denied from participating in BOL. If a player’s undisclosed account is found in between seasons, the suspension will carry over to the next season. RULING - The player will be banned from BOL - TD Solar will not be crowned the BOL Season 8 Gold champions due to the Kaiten Competitive ruling. No team will be crowned the champion of Season 8 Gold.

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