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Competitive Ruling - Pipp & KadeKadeKadeKade


On 3/14/2023, Flay from Classic Championship Series started a solo investigation on a player named “the bug catcher” after a recent looking for team post in CCS. After looking around for a few minutes, he noticed a multi posted from the discord named “droo”. The multi included the names templeton, bushwuk, swiftranger, and clubjacky (see evidence 1). After reverse looking up the names of these accounts, it was found that “Bush Wuk” was a previous name of a player currently known as Pipp (see evidence 3). This player also went by Eyepatch Mickey and Noble Attempt in the past. Swift Ranger is currently known as “the bug catcher” (see evidence 2). After Flay contacted BOL about the evidence, The Bully looked through a few discords and found that droo (the bug catcher) told someone to “add pipp” when asked if they wanted to play ARAM (see evidence 4). The bug catcher would have been an ineligible account for BOL Platinum last year and therefore is considered smurfing. KadeKadeKadeKade was a player on the CB Rush team that had games with both accounts and is good friends with the bug catcher. Therefore, Kade had full knowledge of Pipp’s higher rank account.


  1. “Add Pipp”:


The bug catcher - Pipp -


Disciplinary Actions

4. Smurfing (Pipp) - Banned from the league.

5. Knowledge of Smurfing (KadeKadeKadeKade) - First offense is an indefinite ban.


-CB Rush will be stripped of their Season 7 and Season 8 BOL Platinum Championships. The Championship will be given to the other finalists in those respective seasons.

-droo#0481 and Eyepatch Mickey#8484 (same person) will be banned for smurfing

-Titan#4706 will be banned for knowledge of smurfing

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1 Comment

I'm sure all of the other CB Rush players had NO idea and DEFINITELY were not guilty of smurfing. 🤣

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