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Gold League Week 4 Division 4 Power Rankings

1. 3-0 Esports - Match score:(2-0), Game score:(4-0)

3-0 made a statement this last week with another 2-0 over VBU Argon. Although game 1 was close and either team could of won, game 2 was all 3-0 all day. Coming into this week, they play undefeated CB Frost, and if they can continue the level of play they have in previous weeks, it should be another sweep on the week.

Player to watch: Big Natsu

Big Natsu showed that again that he can control a game from the mid lane. I’m interested to see if he plays a whips something new out vs CB Frost, or continues

to play the control mages the league is use to.


2. VBU Argon - Match score:(2-1), Game score:(4-2)

VBU slipped up last week, dropping the series to 3-0, 2 games to none. They did have some positive play however and it they will continue to improve as the season goes on. They have another tough week vs Scarlet Miracles this week, so the win should take the second spot. For now, they will remain at 2.

Player to watch: Lord Sema

Sema had a tough go at it last week, however, he was on perma tank duty. This week I would like to see this player get the chance to play something other than Ornn,

even if it is a different tank.


3. Scarlet Miracles - Match score: (1-1), Game Score:(2-2)

Coming off the bye week, Scarlet Miracles finds themselves still in the third spot. This week they can to knock another top seed in the division down a peg. Only time will tell if they are up for the task.

Player to watch: howimetyourtable

Table had a rough week the last time out but he has had some time to rebound and hopefully improve. This week, he has a much easier match up and I expect to see tank v tank matchup, so it should come down to who can make a bigger impact with the tp’s and the team fights.


4. Chubby Babies - Frost - Match score:(3-0), Game score:(6-0)

Chubby Babies Frost hold down the 4th spot again. Last week they had another convincing series vs Titan Esports, but unfortunately, they find themselves vs 3-0. Can they continue their undefeated streak, or are they going 90 MPH about to run into a brick wall? We will find out on game day.

Player to watch: Fresh53

Fresh53 had a great series vs Titan and will need to replicate that level of gameplay if he wants his team to be successful against 3-0. If they can do it, it may be the upset of the season.


5. Titan Esports Match Score:(0-3), Game Score:(0-6)

Titan Comes finds themselves at 5th in the division again after another tough loss, this time at the hands of CB Frost. This week, they may be able to get on the board, as they go against fellow bottom dweller Hyperion.

Player to watch: TES Major

Major had a strong Heimer game, and I would like to see TES draft more interesting comps to define their play style. If they do, they my find themselves beating Hyperion this week.


6. Hyperion - Match score:(1-1), Game score:(2-3)

There are positives and negatives to take away from the Hyperion win last week. The positive, it is a win and gets them headed in the correct direction. The negative, they dropped a game against the bottom team. This week though, they have the chance to turn it around and challenge for the 5th spot, as they take on titan. Hyperion will need to play with a since of urgency, if they want to make it out of the group.

Player to Watch: Anyone

Unfortunately, Hyperion has not had a player who is performing consistently,

and I would like to see some strong games

out of literally any player.


7. NSG Amethyst - Match score:(0-3), Game score:(1-6)

Coming up just short last week v Hyperion, this team gets a bye week, and it couldn’t of come at a better time. This team needs to refocus or rebuild quickly, because it is already going to be difficult for them to climb out of the hole they find themselves in.

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