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Gold Preseason Power Rankings - Division 2

by Trav (ayngenetics)

Creator’s note: A lot of these teams are new teams or are new together, so I will be reliant on solo/duo rank if I am unfamiliar with the team.

1) Mad Rawrs

The Mad Rawrs are my favorite for this group, but it comes with a caveat. If the team remains together and continues to grow, I think they are favored to win the group, if roster changes plague the team, they will be middle of the pack at best. The current line up has Dilly UWU and Lil Natz, both players know for winning lane with champions that cause nightmares for their respective lane opponents. If they continue to adept to the meta and abuse it, the sky’s the limit for this team.

Player to Watch: Kral Sultan

Jungler Kral Sultan has a real 1v9 champ pool. I believe this player will draw a lot of bans, make his lanes get comfort. If he does not get bans thrown at him, I expect it to be a big jungle difference.

2) NSG Gold

NSG Gold comes into the new season with no roster changes, a rarity in these leagues. With all 5 players returning, the team hopes to have a much steadier season. NSG Gold have a great jungle mid synergy that causes headaches for their opponents. If all goes correctly for this team, they will be near or at the top of the group.

Player to Watch: Karma Divine

Karma Divine showed a great mid ability to roam with his jungle to get them ahead. I expect this play to influence the map and to help his team roam to the finish line.

3) Imperial Gaming

This was a tough team to place. I can see a world where they end up top of the group. I can also see a world where they come near the bottom. For now, they will get my third spot. The team is returning with 3 of its members from the previous BOL season, in which they did failed to make major playoffs after being in majors all season. They hope to rewrite that narrative and challenge for top of the group.

Player to Watch: Muddey

One look at this players League of Graphs page and I am excited to see what he does. He seems like a player who can find his damage and it will be interesting to see how he matches up against other ads in the group.

4) Chubby Babies Shock

CB Shock get my 4th spot in my power rankings. A quick look at their team, you can tell there is a lot of talent in this group. I feel like their early game champ pools will be oppressive to other teams in the group and I can see them winning games in the first 15 minutes of the game.

Player to watch: CANMaple

Potentially the most versatile player in the group, he has been in the scene playing every role under the sun. With BuhRockObama moving on to the plat league, a lot more of the pressure will be on Maple to bring his team to the finish line.

5) Twin Miracles Academy

Twin Miracles Academy comes with a lot of potential, they are a newer team and I feel like that will show in this group. If the team has favorable match up early to build some chemistry and confidence, they could be a thorn in the top team’s side. Roster changes really late into the offseason losing LatinBuddah 2 days before game day definitely raises some concerns, but we'll just have to see how they can manage to build synergy with the new support in time for their series on Wednesday.

Player to Watch: Eagle Coach

A relatively new player to the gold competitive scene, Eagle Coach is putting in the time to try to prove himself. If he gets a champion he is seasoned on, kiss all your objectives goodbye.

6) The Collective Esports

The Collective Esports enter the season as one of the least likely teams to challenge for the group and will need to show a lot to change that narrative. They will need to continue to grow their champ pools while practicing as a group. By no means impossible, just highly unlikely.

Player to Watch: whathead

A lot of teams scouting this team are questioning his role on this team and I am no different. I want to see him show everyone that rank is nothing more than a number. I will be interesting to see what he has in store for us.

7) Poro Snaccers

Finally, we have the Poro Snaccers. In a group with stout top and bot lanes, on paper this team looks like they have weaker side lanes than most. Hopefully, I’m wrong but ops don’ t lie.

Player to Watch: mkiny BRO

Mkiny BRO will need to show his carry jungle pool in order to find early success with the team. His contribution will be a major if this team finds success.

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