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Gold Preseason Power Rankings - Division 3

by Trav (ayngenetics)

1) Oasis Octane

Oasis Octane returns as the favorite of Division 3. Many of their players are currently playing in ZGG having great seasons. They also have a deep bench, full of talent. I warn the starters that if they are not performing well, a great player is waiting to take their place. If they maintain focus and composure throughout the season, they should be the top team of the division.

Player to Watch: AD Lovecraft

If you are familiar with this player at all, you know he can solo carry games, and on a team like oasis, they like to give him the opportunity to shine. If a game goes late, and gold is even, be ready to see something special.

2) Primal Gaming

A relatively new team, a lot of people overlooked them as they entered Scarlet league, however, they took the favorited team to an epic 3 game series, missing out on the win in a 50+ minute game. If this team can stay calm in close games and not press the issue, they should finish at or near the top.

Player to Watch: ImVeryUpsetNow

ImVeryUpsetNow is putting in a ton of work in solo que and it is showing in scrims. He has recently been working on his ability to communicate effectively and it is pay dividends. Him staying calm and focused on the game will heavily impact his team play. I see him hard carrying some games.

3) Arcanists

Aracanists have a solid lineup in terms of and I have high expectations for this team. Strong side lanes should allow their jungle to play as aggressive as he would like. If all goes according to plan, this team will finish at least top 3 of this group.

Player to Watch: Otherkin

A player who has been around the gold amateur for quite some time and there is a reason. This player is absolutely dominate on in the top lane. If he gets comfort or a favorable match up, it will be hard for him not to snowball a game.

4) NSG Black

NSG Black is the newest team to the NSG brand. They have a solid core of players, and I believe if they figure out the additional players, they could absolutely challenge for the top of the group. Unfortunately, I do have some insider info and know they are going through some roster changes. If they quickly iron those out and start building chemistry, they could be dominate in this division.

Player to Watch: Warning Shots

Warning shots has been looking for a forever team for quite some time and he honestly may have found it. After speaking with these players, they all have similar personalities and could really start gelling. All ads in the division better watch out because he is no longer firing warning shots. Zing.

5) Chubby Babies Cinder

Chubby Babies Cinder is unfortunately a team that I am not familiar with. I know they currently play in ZGG under a different org banner, and they are having a middle of the pack season. They can absolutely challenge for the top of the division if they start clicking, but I personally do not see it.

Player to Watch: TinyT73

The team will look for TinyT73 to get them rolling early and often in their games. He plays an aggressive jungle pool and I expect him to affect some lanes.

6) Crimson Dolphins

The Crimson Dolphins are one of the longer standing teams I recognize; they currently participate in scarlet league were they just had a dominating win as the underdogs. I am really interested to see if they can start clicking, if they do, I will absolutely be spamming #DolphinsWin

Player to Watch: ExStarZ

ExStarZ had great games recently in other leagues and I’m excited to see if he can build upon this. If he does, his team can absolutely contend for games.

7) Eyes On Us Midnight

Bringing up the rear is Eyes On Us Midnight. Looking at this team, I am not sure who is going to emerge as the strongest player. Due to lack of info, they go at the bottom of my list.

Player to Watch: HungJustForMe

HungJustForMe has quite a good champ pool to counter the heavy control mage player division he is in. If he executes, he could dominate the other mids in the league.

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