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Mad Rawrs vs Primal Gaming

Mad Rawrs come in as the first seed from Division 2 and Primal Gaming come in as the fourth seed from Division 3.

How Mad Rawrs got here:

Mad Rawrs are on a tear this season, only dropping one series and finishing first in their group. This team has amazing talent from the top lane all the way down to support and it’s very difficult to pick who I want to talk about. The one player I want to talk about for this team is from the top lane and it’s the one and only Natz. This guy is an absolute monster with stats almost identical to diete. He has an average of a 2622 XP lead at 10 minutes in the top lane, which is insane. He also consists of an average of 24% of the teams gold in any given game, which is pretty nuts. The only problem is the fact that I see he averages ~9 CS/M but only has a 22.3% damage share on his team. It could be the fact that maybe he doesn’t know how to abuse a lead, or the fact he’s playing tanks and just that good at getting ahead. We’ll have to see.

How Primal Gaming got here:

Primal Gaming have had a rollercoaster of a season to say. This team started off not looking so hot after having multiple roster implosions, but it seems they’ve finally got something to stick. This team has squeaked into the playoffs as the fourth seed, but they’re against tournament favorites Mad Rawrs. It’s very hard to talk about stats since this team has swapped rosters multiple times and I just think they don’t really have a chance against Mad Rawrs. We’ll see though because like I said, miracles can happen.

Prediction: Mad Rawrs 3-0 Primal Gaming

I honestly think this is going to be an easy series for the Mad Rawrs in the fact that Primal Gaming has swapped players and rosters so many times that they haven’t been able to form synergy between the players. Also, Mad Rawrs are extremely good and I just don’t see any way Primal can beat them, let alone take a game.

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