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Greedee's Week 2 Plat Power Rankings

Platinum Week 2 Power Rankings

These rankings are done by yours truly, Greedee, which shall be a trend for future rankings. Please don’t roast my rankings in the trash talk channel, unless you’re being respectful. I would appreciate a DM instead, telling me what I could do better. After only one week of play, it’s still difficult to tell which teams are actually better than others, however I definitely have more information than before. Enough chat let’s get into the rankings! (Side Note: These rankings were made without knowledge of the beast of a man Rutledge joining GSE. They would’ve totally been #1 :D)

1) Chubby Babies Black 6

Week one Chubby Babies Black dominated a couple of top teams, securing them my #1 spot for this week. This team is really strong on paper, however, they do have a few weaknesses including their mental fortitude, and reliance on a couple of star players. Almawt and polaroids absolutely popped off last week, with Almawt even securing the #1 spot on the player stats. With those two huge win conditions, this team will look to destroy their competition as easily as they did this past week.

2) VBU Radon 3

With a couple of massive victories week 1 against a couple of great teams in Omega Gaming Fire and Chubby Babies White, this team is definitely one of the better ones in the league. I know their games were both relatively close, and their drafting leaves a lot to be desired, but they’ve shown they can win against good teams and that’s what matters in the end. That’s why I put them all the way at number two. Their jungler and mid were fairly dominant, and both of them netted very high spots in IER. In addition, they are the top team in the league in terms of week 1 stats.

3) Omega Gaming Fire 2

On the stats sheet, this team performed especially well, despite them being a 1-1 team. They took a tough 50-minute loss to another great team, so I’m not too harsh on their record. Their drafting was optimal, with great synergy to match. However, their individual play wasn’t the best, but playing for your win cons makes up for that. This coming week gives them a couple of interesting matches, which will give them the opportunity to pass Predictive Gaming for the top spot in the division, and the opportunity to redeem their week 1 record.

4) Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon 4

A couple of wins from Goon Squad nets them this high spot, and I couldn’t put them any higher purely because of their game times. If they would’ve ended the games more decisively, and closed out their games quickly, it would be a different story. They could only beat CB White in 50 minutes, which isn’t the best of times. However, they did dominate their laning phases and since the results are important, I rewarded them for gaining two wins. Their high rank average is certainly coming into effect for this team.

5) Glacial Rising Phoenix 1

With one of the toughest week 1s, Glacial played a couple of the better teams in division 1 and made it out with a win over !Rawr Lethal in a close-ish game. They played early and mid-game well and allowed their lanes to scale while still managing to invade and make teamfighting close. Their biggest potential issue is if their jungler and support cannot get a lead for the team because of their mid and top’s tendencies to pick more scaling champions. Overall, this team is very decent and their teamplay is pretty spot-on, so I’m giving them this high position.

6) !Rawr Lethal 2

I have to say, for the critics, that giving !Rawr this spot is a bit generous, however I believe our performance against Glacial was not our full potential. Against DarkSpark, we blew through early and mid game and eventually ended the game, but only after 50 minutes, and it was hardly decisive. Against Glacial, their jungler invaded and won an early topside skirmish, allowing this team to gain a great early advantage despite their lack of mid-game teamfight potential and lack of early damage on the topside of the map. We played “un-smartly” according to our top. However, this week we will look to bounce back with a couple of tough matches against two highly-rated teams.

7) Predictive Gaming Chronos 3

Pred G had a couple of very strong wins against a couple of teams on the bottom half of the league last week, and I have yet to see how the fare against some of the top contenders of the league. However, this week they will get their chance, with matches against CB Black and !Rawr Lethal. If they can get out of this week with a win, they will be sitting pretty for a spot as the division leader, also depending on how well Omega Gaming does. Their drafting is interesting, with them drafting picks that are semi-unorthodox, but obviously they can pull them off to a surprising degree. Look for more of those picks in these upcoming matches.

8) Flash the Disrespect 3

This team is looking good, with a couple of decent victories against low-seeded teams, proving that they are at least an above average team. I would like to see more for this team, however, and this week’s matches should definitely dictate how good this team actually is. If they can upset GSE and beat Soulbound, they are definitely on track for a spot in the playoffs as a division leader. At least they’re not in a group of death for this season.

9) SE God Squad =

I view this team as relatively inconsistent, with a 1-1 start to the season. They have shown they have the potential to upset top teams, but also lose to lower-ranked teams. If they can gain some consistency, and an actual roster, maybe they can go far despite having a strong division. Their jungler and botlane are both strong, so if they can play around those lanes correctly they can definitely win against some of the best teams. Their drafts do, however, need to be improved before they can say they are a playoff team.

10) Team Dark Spark 2

One of the potential dark horses of the league, Team Dark Spark had a very decent week 1, with a strong showing against Rawr, and a victory against a weak-ish team. They have a strong botlane that they should definitely play through frequently, and with an Olaf top main anything is possible I guess. Their drafts are one of their strong suits in my opinion, with their players having pools that suit the meta. They just need a bit more synergy, and to not throw early game.

11) Soulbound Tempest 2

I didn’t really gain much information on this team from week one, as they beat a team they were expected to beat and lost to a team they were expected to lose to. However, I did decipher that they like unorthodox, comfort picks instead of the traditional meta champions. It also seems that they like to play through their mid/adc and that is a good trait of a playoff team. They seem to be playing well, and I would like to put them higher, I just don’t quite have enough evidence yet to do so.

12) Crosspoint Origin 8

Seeing the biggest fall of any team, I had high hopes for Crosspoint that were all but shattered after week 1. Despite an arguably stronger ADC than in ZGG, their performance left a lot to be desired and even though they played a couple of teams in the top half, they just dropped the ball. Against SE, they put all their cards into the Sir Envyy-on-Yone basket, but in my opinion the carry should’ve been the ADC. Game 2 against CB Black was good because they did play for Keorra, but the rest of the map fell because of the difference in solo laners. This week I expect them to bounce back, with a 1-1 or even a 2-0 week against the other Crosspoint team and Soulbound Tempest.

13) Chubby Babies White 7

Chubby Babies are another team that I had high hopes for, that were a bit broken after the first week. Their losses were long and tough, and they didn’t really play poorly in either. Their drafting was pretty decent so I don’t think that was the issue, I think they just got the short end of the stick in both of their games. They played against two of the tougher teams in the league. I think they will come back this week, however, and I hope to see them play through bot and mid. Anarchy and SE should prove a challenge, but I think they’ve got what it takes to 2-0 this week.

14) Crosspoint Southpaw =

Crosspoint Southpaw is looking like pretty much the same team from last season. Bottom-middle of the pack, with not that many standout players. Their jungler had a good first game on evelynn and their mid laner had a decent game on sylas, but it looks like they might have to find some new picks top and bot. Their drafting isn’t the best, but it looks like they value comfort over comp, which I guess is important. However, it looks to be another tough week for them, as Glacial and Origin should both be coming in as the favorites. Maybe they can get a couple upsets, but it’s looking unlikely.

15) Anarchy Amber =

Anarchy did about as well as I expected in week 1. Losing to a couple of middle-of-the-pack teams, but not just showing their bellies and submitting. Their comps aren’t quite in the meta, but are viable, however it just looks like they’re getting out-ranked and out-microed. It seems they play the traditional go-button comps, and funnelling the respect AP and AD carries. We’ll see if they can pull out an upset against CB White or even Omega Gaming in the coming week.

16) Hide on Team =

Hide on Team didn’t perform as well as they would’ve liked to in the first week, starting out 0-2. They took a couple of losses to two good teams, but it seems they like to play through their jungler. Psychopath Laner could be their light in the dark, and he seems to be their best player on paper. However, I would like to see more from the team as a whole if they want to pick up the pace heading into future weeks.

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