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The Bickle Breakdown: IBS Preseason Overview

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the inaugural Bickle Breakdown, where over this coming IBS split, I’ll be diving into different topics, such as Team Power Rankings, Positional Power Rankings, Game Predictions, Meta Reviews, and Team Interviews. First off, let me introduce myself, as you’ll be hearing quite a bit from me this IBS Split. My name is Bickle, and I’ve been privileged enough to play in the IBS scene over the past year or so, all with the team known as Coachless Tyranny (Formerly TFF Solar Flare), where I played with and against quite a few of you and was fortunate enough to win some titles before ending as the runner-up in the first IBS Worlds.

With the team document just now dropping, I figure what better time to make power rankings and show how little I know about all the teams than right now, before any games are played, so that everyone can flame me when all my rankings fall apart after week 1. What could possibly go wrong? As a note, I know more about some teams than others, so this will be my best guess at the moment, but there will be quite a bit of movement as I get to learn more about each team. To keep it simple, I’ll be ranking teams in their own divisions for now, with a league wide ranking coming later. For anyone living under a rock that hasn’t seen the groups, they are as follows:


Now with that out of the way, let’s start things off with the Piltover Division!

Rank 1: Revolution X

Top: Raining Wolves

Jungle: Rocky/Trizzy

Mid: Just Fritz

ADC: Amazing Spice

Support: Reximus

Coming out the gate, Revolution X is my favorite to top Piltover. With veterans to the scene in every position, Rev X should be able to remain calm and collected no matter what is thrown their way, a trait that is invaluable in the IBS scene. This team is headed up by dual solo lane threats, with Raining Wolves and JustFritz being some of the best in their position in the league. Add in a great supportive cast with a jungler who can do it all in Rocky, a support who loves vision more than kills in Reximus, and an ADC that isn’t afraid to share the spotlight, and you have a deadly combination that every team should fear.

Player to Watch: Raining Wolves

Raining Wolves is what we call a veteran of the IBS scene, playing across multiple teams and orgs, bringing success and a stable top side to wherever he goes. If you called him the best top in this league, even if someone disagreed, they could understand where you were coming from. From Tahm Kench duty to his legendary Urgot, Raining Wolves can do it all, so watch out for him in Week One as Rev X takes on SNC Sunset Ravens.

Rank 2: GSG Iota

Top: Terriermon

Jungle: Timik

Mid: OnlyMagicalGirls

ADC: 1Hand

Support: Squad Fam

Right on Rev X’s tail is GSG Iota. This team retains the core of the Iota squad that won the ZGG IBS title last year and also took Top 4 in RA Freshman. While Timik and OMG are back exactly where they were, 1Hand decided to pack up his Bruisers and Tanks top and trade them in for some Range, as he’s now starting at ADC. Joining this core, we first have Terriermon, a jack of all trades who will be setting his roots down in the top lane this split. Along with him, GSG has promoted Squad Fam from the bench to start supporting their newly swapped ADC. This GSG squad has shown how deadly they can be in the past, and are looking to be title contenders again this split.

Player to Watch: Timik

In a world of strong Junglers, Timik tends to get overlooked unfortunately. However, his consistency makes any team he is on more dangerous, and makes sure that anyone overlooking him doesn’t make that mistake a second time. Expect him to be a central point around which GSG thrives as they take on Hyperion Galaxy in Week One.

Rank 3: Revolution Anarchy

Top: Spencmat

Jungle: Witless Heretic

Mid: LeperKoopa

ADC: TitanBrawler

Support: TheYesParade

Coming into the season ranked third, we have the second Rev team on our list, Revolution Anarchy. While so far we’ve talked about strong solo lanes, Anarchy goes for the tried and true method of playing around their star ADC, TitanBrawler, who some may argue is the best ADC in the league. His partner in the bot lane, TheYesParade, is willing to pull out all the stops and play anything, no matter how off-meta, to get his ADC a lead. In mid, we have the one true veteran of IBS, the man, the myth, the Koopa, Leper, who has decided to bring his stable farming top lane to the center of the map. Rounding out the team, we have Spencmat and Heretic who are both more than willing to be the front line to the Titan show, but can pull out their own carries when called on.

Player to Watch: TitanBrawler

TitanBrawler is the main carry of Anarchy, and is one of the biggest threats on ADC in the league. He’s strong on all ADC styles, be they lane dominant Samiras, late game scaling Vaynes, or even the occasional weak side Ezreal when the team decides to play other parts of the map. Though we will need to wait a little to see him in action, as Anarchy are given the Bye Week 1.

Rank 4: Hyperion Galaxy

Top: Baron Zeppeli

Jungle: Khaizuo

Mid: Hortensia

ADC: Whaels

Support: GingerGuardian

As we continue through the middle of the pack, we come upon Hyperion Galaxy, an Org known by many, but one that is running a team with a lot of new faces. The base of the team starts around the pairing of Baron Zeppeli Top and Khaizuo Jungle, brothers who are looking to make a splash this season, and who are willing to pick whatever it takes to get a favorable matchup. Holding down the fort mid is Hortensia, the one returning member of the Hyperion Squad. Round them out bot side is the duo of Whaels, an ADC who’s perfectly fine scaling for late, and Ginger Guardian, a shot-calling support who sees the whole map as his lane, not just bot lane.

Player to Watch: Hortensia

As the veteran presence on the team, expect Hortensia to be the stable rock for this team, focusing mainly on mids that can make a big impact in fights and pump out damage, but is more than willing to take those picks and roam. He’s got a big challenge ahead of him, as he and Hyperion take on OnlyMagicalGirls and GSG Iota Week One.

Rank 5: Wooper Academy

Top: thelaviathan

Jungle: Merkilles

Mid: LostHavok

ADC: AznSoulSlayer

Support: HailieVictoria

Next up, as we enter the teams and players I’m less familiar with, we have Wooper Academy, the team with the best name and logo in IBS according to me. According to coach IshaN, this team was made with the expectation to win, and they’re looking forward to making a Giga-Impact as they make a Splash in the league. ADC AznSoulSlayer and Support HailieVictoria function as the veterans of the team, and when given resources, they can Slam a game, or when left on a weak side to let the likes of LostHavok and thelaviathan show off, they’re able to Endure whatever is thrown their way. Along with Merkilles, who looks to enjoy being a damage threat of their own, Wooper Academy possesses all the keys to be a contender.

Player to Watch: AznSoulSlayer

Likely the primary carry for his team, AznSoulSlayer is yet another in what looks to be a strong set of ADCs in Piltover. Expect them to play for lane as they look to suffocate the other ADC out of the game, as they’re willing to pull strong lane bullies like the Kalista and Samira. However, even on late game carries like Jinx, his lane pressure shouldn’t be overlooked. Look for AznSoulSlayer to be the focus of both teams when Wooper Academy plays Iconic Week 1.

Rank 6: Iconic