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Week 6 Gold Power Rankings Division 1

1. Oasis Nails and Day Spa

Not surprising at this point, but Oasis NADS continues to hold the #1 spot this week. However, this week will be the toughest matchup for them of the entire regular season as they’re about to face off against Literal Monkeys. Not using PhishTak0 didn’t seem to hurt them, as they still remain undefeated and looked like they were at a similar strength level without him.

Player to Watch - diete

One of the few top laners in this league that you can put on a carry and have it not be a massive troll. Pretty much flame horizon’d his

top laner 2 games in a row, and is a really strong

carry threat for this team.


2. Literal Monkeys

A series against a team without a series win means Funky is off tank duty and actually got to play the Camille both games this week. LTMK proved this week that they can play through any lane and still pull out a victory. Overall just another great performance by this squad and I’m extremely excited to watch the Oasis NADS series this week to see how they stack up.

Player to Watch - Wunderworld

He’s basically been smurfing this entire regular season. While most of the bot lanes in Division 1 are on the weaker side, the KDAs

he’s been putting up are no joke, and he’s probably

one of the best ADCs in this league so far.


3. Dawnbreak Gaming

Another win for DBG makes it all the more certain for me that they’ll be the 3rd seed for Division 1 heading into playoffs. They had another great series vs Quake this week and this looks like another squad that really is able to play through any one of their lanes and likely come out with a victory.

Player to Watch - Therealtoombsb

They have shown that they are capable of playing enchanters as well as engage/peeling tanks effectively for his team and he’s a very important piece of the DBG puzzle when it comes to securing wins.


4. Pod of Dolphins

The Dolphins are sticking with the same roster, and I think that while we dont have much information to go off of based on them having a bye, individually I think they’ve proven they deserve the spot above VitaminX. If they can figure out how to fix their coinflip nature I think they can secure the 4th seed going into playoffs.

Player to Watch - sonicabs

Going into this week, this team really needs to secure the 6pts from a 2-0 and sonicabs will need to play a lot better this week if they’re going to get those 6pts.


5. Vitamin X

With 2 weeks remaining and 2 relatively strong teams remaining for them to face, the chance at the remaining the 4th seed going into playoffs is looking like it’s falling out of their grasp. While losing to NADS is expected here, I feel like they are still showing the same issues and they’ll continue to get exploited if they aren’t trying to fix them going into Week 6 and 7.

Player To Watch - iStretchMoms

Didn’t do all that bad last week considering the games looked pretty stompy. His support had a very rough week, and still the ADC for

VitaminX looked like he was the least of their issues.



6. Quake

The roleswapping unfortunately doesn’t look like it helped this team at all last week as they lost to the 3rd place Dawnbreak Gaming. A positive to take away from last week, was that it doesn’t look like drafting is the weak point of this team as they drafted 2 fairly strong and good comps. With playoffs out of the picture, the hope for this team is able to continue to try and improve and maybe upset POD and ruin their chances at the 4th playoff spot.

Player to Watch - Neosword

He had a pretty good game on the Olaf this week,

and if his team is able to play around him and

enable him to carry, they may have a path to

victory this week.


7. VBU Krypton

Krypton has a bye this week and faces NADS in week 7. The good news here is that they will get more points for this week than they’ve had in any single week this season. I hope to see them go out there in week 7 and try to have some fun and maybe try to cheese out a game win over NADS, but overall the season looks pretty done for this team.

Player to Watch - CCG iHF

This team’s chance at winning games heavily depends on how hard the mid lane loses. It did look a little more promising when she was on the Morgana, so I’d like to

see more supportive mid laners and just try

to play around other lanes.

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