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Week 6 Platinum Power Rankings - By TripleCute

Hey everyone, I’m Triple and this is my first time doing the power rankings so stick with me. I know it won’t be completely unbiased, but I will try my best and hopefully most of the information is correct. Good luck this week and get some dubs.


1. VBU Monster Mash: (=)

VBU Monster Mash was placed at the top of their division last week and for good reason. With their 2-0 stomp of what was the second best team in the East (Limitless Bad Bunnies), they’re out to prove they are the best team in their division but maybe even the league. It also is worth noting that they beat a strong Limitless team using an autofill, one trick gold jungle. With this roster at full strength, they will be looking to fight CB Rush for the best team in the BOL. I believe VBU is looking at two fairly easy 2-0 series in their next two weeks to secure a bye-week for the playoff run.

Player to watch: Fireman123. They had a really strong showing last week against LX’s strong top laner, MartialArtsforY. This could be the person that makes or breaks this team come play-off time.

2. Omega Gaming Unknown (+1)

OGU moved up a spot in my rankings as they had a very clean 2-0 over Predictive Gaming. In my opinion, their series came out to be a complete gap in the Top Lane. Eyepatch Mickey was absolutely insane this series with a ton of presence and, quite honestly, just demolishing his lane opponent. This was definitely a tricky choice for number 2, however, as the team hasn’t had a super tough schedule thus far this season. However, because they were able to take a game off VBU in their 1-2 series, I believe this team still has earned the number 2 spot this week. While this team doesn’t have a bunch of insane stat-based players, they are scrappy enough and work well together to be a solid contender in their division.

Player to watch: King Civil. I think they are the player-to-watch because OGU needs a strong showing from their bot-lane if they want to beat LXBB’s bot-lane next week. If they can, they have a strong chance at winning the series.

3. Hypnotic Gaming (+1)

This was the toughest decision from this division. Let me explain. LXBB and HG both have identical records going into week 6 and have had the exact same schedule, however, HG’s victories total up to a shorter amount of gametime than LXBB. With that said, HG has their toughest series coming up this week against VBU. This is another team that has a great group of players to show off, however, they haven’t seen the best team in their division yet which could dramatically skew results for next week.

Player to watch: Dictator Scruff. I believe this game comes down to the top lane. Against a very strong VBU top laner, Scruff will have his work cut out for him. I think if he can draw the pressure top, his team can look to make plays happen elsewhere and they could possibly see a victory.

4. Limitless Bad Bunnies (-2)

This is where I have to not be biased. It won’t be unbiased, but I’ll try my best. LXBB has been a frontrunner in their division for a few weeks until the last two where they were beaten in the first round of the MST and took an 0-2 to VBU. To be honest, it seemed to be an eye-opener for this LX team. It looked as though LX really struggled with getting the same amount of pressure in their respective lanes as KUUMA was providing to VBU. As they have some of the best players in the league in their respective roles, this team really needs to come together next week to beat a strong Omega Gaming Unknown team.

Player to watch: Snowlife. With an impending role change, this Limitless roster is looking to a new jungler in Snowlife to hopefully finish off this season and make a good run at playoffs. If this team wants any hope of competing against OGU this week, Snowlife will need to bring it.

5. Team Ambition Tempest (+1)

This is where things are starting to get a little dire. This team has been struggling this season and managed to swipe a 2-0 FF against Cosa Kittens which does help their standings. There is still a bit of hope for this team though as they play against a fairly weak Predictive Gaming team next week. If they can pull out a win, they will slowly move up as some of the higher seeded teams have tough schedules and, by default, a few of which will start moving down.

Player to watch: Atlas. Atlas seems to be the strongest player on this roster and with how influential Jungle seems to be in this league, they will need to have a good series over PDC if this Tempest Team wants to make a run at playoffs.

6. Predictive Gaming Chronos (-1)

Honestly, I don’t know really what to say for this team as it looks like we’re closing off a not-great season. In a quick 0-2 defeat to OGU, this team really struggled on the Top side of the map and had some all around issues in their second game. I think this team can end their season strong, however. What I would like to see is PDC putting Charizard on some more carry-type junglers. This looks like it could be their win-condition going into this Tempest team.

Player to watch: Whole Grain Man. While I do believe the win-condition of this team is through their jungle, I think Whole Grain has a good control/support based champ pool in order to get his jungler ahead. If they can play their lane assignment well, this could be a clean series for this team.

7. Cosa Kittens (=)

Uhhh yikes. This team has struggled all season and it appears they will get their first win of the season via Bye week as Stealers Gaming has forfeit the league. Losing their previous series in an FF-vote, I’d be surprised if this team sticks it out until week 7 to play the VBU powerhouse team. If that is the case, I truly hope they get in a lot of practice and show us a fun upset.

8. Stealers Gaming (?)

Pour one out for our fallen team. You may or may not be missed.


1. CB Rush (=)

I mean, this isn’t really a surprise is it? Not only did CBR win their mid-season tournament while having an undefeated series record in their own division, they came out this week and had another clean and quick 2-0 against a top 3 team in their league all while Frosty5 swapped to mid as they used a sub ADC who came out and had a good series. They should have an easier match-up this week as they look to stay ahead of Gob Squad and possibly secure their Bye into the playoffs.

Player to watch: Coach Pizza. Why? I don’t know. I haven’t listed any support and given that my insiders tell me Nelson is on a training arc in the South American rain-forest (or playing WoW), I have no one else to pick. Going into a fairly easy week, lets see what this bot-lane can do.

2. AOE Gob Squad (+1)

Gob Squad took a 2-0 series off of a very strong GSG team. Unfortunately, the first game was an FF-vote which obviously, with all these top 4 teams being so close in their standings, you don’t want to see happen. With that said, Manatsu had an absolute tear of a game 2 showing they can really be a front-runner for MVP in this mid-lane spot. Playing into a strong Mystic Cats team, we’ll see if they truly deserve this second place spot or if this whole division is just a CB Rush diff.

Player to watch: Ezedris. Going into next week, I think this bot-lane will need to really show off and hold their own against a strong Mystic Cats bot-lane duo. I think this team can come away with a win if they funnel the proper resources into this lane.

3. The Mystic Cats (-1)

Unfortunately, Mystic Cats saw a tough series against the best team in BOL Plat at the moment. Don’t fret though, I still believe this team has a chance at being at least number two in their division and making a solid playoff run. This upcoming week, they play into a strong AOE Gob Squad team looking to solidify their spot at number two in the standings. However, if Mystic Cats can pull away with a series win here, they have a really strong chance at a number 2 seed as Gob Squad looks at CB Rush as their final game before the Wildcard.

Player to watch: CornStar. Making an MVP run, I think CornStar has a real opportunity this week to shine against another MVP front-runner.

4. Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon(-1)

Taking an FF-vote to start your series is never a great way to start the series and it looks like it may have gotten to this GSG team as they saw a pretty nasty defeat in their second game. Unfortunately, no one on this GSG team was able to get much of a lead, the largest of which being on KOBEMN but it really didn’t amount to much. Their roster also seems to be fluctuating a bit as their bot-lane has been rotating out a few different faces. If they hope to make a run at playoffs, they’ll need to solidify their roster and come out heavy these next two weeks.

Player to watch: 874 aka Tunnel. I’m biased, once again. Tunnel is my boy and I want to see him pop off. They have a fairly easy matchup going into this week, hopefully Tunnel can abuse some weaker lane opponents and get his fellow laners ahead.

5. Literal Monkeys (+1)

Literal Monkeys was competing against MG Precision for the 5th spot in their division and they came out swinging. This team collected 75 kills over 2 games and are trying to do whatever they can to finish this season off strong while hopefully going for a playoff berth. Not to mention they did all of this with a Wunderworld off-role esub. Maybe ya’ll consider some permanent roster changes? Anyways, I think this team can pull off something if they can collect themselves, relax with all the rotating of players, and come together as one team.

Player to watch: Puppet. Honestly, Puppet is the player to watch because, not only did they pop off in their series against MG Precision, but because they are also one of the only two players that aren’t being rotated out weekly.

6. MG Precision (-1)

MG Precision was looking to hold their spot above Literal Monkeys, but ultimately failed as they got the quick 0-2. Unfortunately, MGP is also looking to play against CB Rush this week which can almost solidify their playoff chances. If they want any hope of making the wildcard round, they’ll not only need Literal Monkeys to lose their series, they’ll need to beat a really strong team in order to even have hope.

Player to watch: leCACK. I think leCACK has an opportunity to be put on some meta carries and come out with a solid performance. They play into a really good bot-lane this week, but there is still hope.

7. Radiant Storm Guardians (+1)

Even with a 2-1 victory over The Revolution this week, it doesn’t look as though RSG has much hope at the postseason. At this point, they’re probably looking at influencing the bracket in a way such that one of the 2-4 seeded teams get moved around.

8. The Revolution (-1)

Well, this is a sad day. Unfortunately, Revolution doesn’t have any hope of making a playoff spot and will hopefully just look to finish out their season in a strong fashion. But hey, maybe they can start a ‘Revolution’ and find some roster changes to take a stab at the next split.

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