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BOL Masters Week 1 Review - by Glorsnax

Hello everyone, my name is Glorsnax and welcome to ICYMT (In case you missed it) where we do a brief summary of the previous week of Masters B.O.L. We started a new season of B.O.L officially last Monday so let’s catch you up on whatcha missed shall we?

Goofy Goobers vs The Fraud Team (2-0)

We started the new season off with a series that lasted not even a full hour as Goofy Goobers showed the Fraud team how much they were, Both games finished sub 30 as Fraud let Goofy get smolder who just needed to scale until about 20 mins, from that point forward it was difficult for their comp to really get on top of him with a Braum protecting him as well. The draft really told the tale as it seemed Fraud needed to push tempo early game to have a chance, but playing safe is the most OP strategy.

Game 2 was a lot more bloody on the side of Goofy with a kill a minute as they drafted early tempo comp and suffocated Caitlyn and Karma, so with a lack of priority and a deathless series performance of RandomCapitals, (shout out to the Croc). This game just seemed like Fraud had to give to go for a desperate play but it was too late, hopefully they can bounce back and regain their composure for the next week against ID Eclipse. The Fraud Team really showed up for this series and will seem like a great favorite going into the season. DZG Styx will be next for them to face. (Screenshots in the #masters-match-history)

Death Cards vs USAE Academy (2-0)

Our second fastest series this week started it off with the Army taking on Death Cards, The first game was a quick sweep of the rug where Death Cards was able to punish the topside of USAE and Bard roams turning fights and pushing the game forward and never keeping off the gas despite the efforts Ins1d10us Senna, a roughish draft for USAE but you can see it work if the early game goes another way.

Game 2 was more of a back and forth fist fight where Death Cards had to fight much harder and the fights became close between them, Eventually USAE ran out of gas at the end due a relatively poor performance of UMT Replay who ended the game down 150 cs to his opponent Shayden, The Orianna-Sejuani combo seemed to help in the later stages as fights become more disorganized with Ezreal able to play further back and poke to help. A 2-0 is a 2-0 in standings but it’s a bit deceiving for this second game, Good things to base off if they can fix a few problems for USAE but a great job for Death Cards as they face off next week against Nameless Tritium (making their debut) while USAE has a chance to redemption against Leash The Dog

Omega Akuma Pairing Knives vs KHHHHHAAAANN Esports (2-0) 

Game 1 of this series was a slow cool calm collected game where OAPK just played the scaling game using Smolder to become the late game hyper carry and Kindred to help support him in case he ever did get fully caught with the Lamb’s respite to save him, though with a Rell a more likely scenario is that Rell wombo combo with his ult and it was easy pickins as the game timer went further and the stacks got higher. Really a way to tell is that the gold of the teams at the finale seems like Hwei was able to stay afloat as the rest of the team struggled.

Game 2 was a much, much closer game as we went 41 mins into a complete banger where the game was on an edge for what it seemed. Both teams with hypercarries trying to protect them while both top laners can split or teamfight if needed, Rell vs Rakan on who can get the better engage for their team, unfortunately for Khan, it seems the King Koney gang was able to get the best way to keep Smolder alive and using his execute to carry fights in the end and finish the series bruised and battered but still victorious. OAPK takes the series 2-0 but could have easily been game 3 territory, They face Dorado Gaming Beta next week, while Khan faces the toughest opponent of the entire league. BYE whatever that team is.

Lane Zero Maelstorm vs Leash the Dog (2-0) 

Game 1 makes it seem like it was a close game but a glance at the match history screenshot shows the Bondy was able to just stay alive constantly and was able to use a 2024 champion to their full advantage and call his mom down to set the dog on fire (what the dog doin?) Tallhandsometop (weird he’s the midlaner) tried his hardest to push his team forward but eventually lost to the dragon.

Game 2 was really just a stomp where it seems that LTD just got tilted from the first game and suffered because of it and just tried to draft a comp for a wombo combo but just fell behind completely and couldn’t recover at all, sometimes it happens to the best of us. LZM will go on to face Bing Chillers next week while LTD faces off against USAE as both teams search for their first win.

Dorado Gaming Gamma vs Bing Chillers TBD (2-1)

Our first 3 game series that didn’t get streamed (check out blue otter on twitch so you can see that recap). Game 1 was interesting looking at the comps, I like Bing Chillers comp more if it was stable going into the later stages due to Neeko being Neeko, but it seems like they were able to put the Neeko behind and give Taliyah free priorty to roam and make plays across the map also putting Aatrox ahead in tempo and pushing the envelope forward to secure a game 1 victory and put DOGG in the driver seat for the series

Game 2 was a better response to the draft for Bing Chillers as they countered the Nautilus and shut down the bot lane while Joker was put on a more fighting tempo pick of Xin and was able to help his top laner not fall behind in the Ornn vs Gwen matchup. While Dorado didn’t roll over and die, they made the game competitive with ways to come back into, unfortunately it just takes one Syndra R and Akali has a hard time surviving without putting herself into a bad spot coming out of Zhonya’s. Younglin’s Varus was a better performer this game as Bing Chillers forced a game 3. The real question is what will our first game 3 of the season lead too?

Game 3 was nothing really to write about unfortunately. Bing Chillers just got hard early gamed by Kindred and Ahri seemingly invading Maokai constantly and getting away with it. Bing Chillers just lost the game and got little to show for it as it was our biggest kill lead stomp, ending the game down 14K at 24 minutes is really demoralizing to a team, I hope they can bounce back next week against Lane Zero Maelstrom as Dorado face the toughest team, The Byes. 

DZG Styx vs Dorado Gaming Beta (2-1) Streamed Game of the Week

If you really want an in-depth analysis instead of a quick summary of the games, I suggest watching this vod on the Blue Otter League twitch channel, here. I even got you with a link: now with that disclaimer out of the way, welcome to the first streamed match of the week in the new season. Let’s get into this properly.

Game 1 was just Shima main show as he hard carried on the Akali and was able to just punish the DZG for picking the tank Azir, Dorado just played the game to their comp, Really it was Shima roaming and helping out the map taking kills to advance himself. GGS.

Game 2 was a different story where Cuuz just lead the early game and allowed his team to stabilize and keep moving forward with his team and really show that when ahead DZG can perform with leads and close them out despite the effort of Shima, but he wasn’t alone with Noatak trying his hardest to do as much as he can before the walls collapsed around him. GGS to DZG

Game 3 was a close neck in neck battle until it just completely blew open and DZG went for the kill. Noatak really performed well for his team (shoutout to Shima again) but in the end, it didn’t matter as he watched his nexus explode after a really clean fight from DZG, the topside of Dorado fell behind with the midgame swing and Raging Alcoholic died at the very end ruining the perfect KDA, but well played to both teams, had it gone further then this game would have been back and forth, but kudos to DZG for realizing they can end so it wouldn’t become a problem. GGS! Tune in next week as DZG takes on the Goobers while Dorado Gaming Beta takes on OAPK.

And that was week 1 in the books, have something you want to talk about? DM Glorsnax so we can talk about it, but I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! And remember! Don’t lose!

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