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BOL Masters Week 5 Power Rankings

S Tier

[S-] Tempest (8-0)

Another week, another 2-0 for Tempest. We still decided to not move them to a higher “S” tier because of some of their early game play. This is a definite lock for the top spot and right now I am not sure there is any team that can take on this team, but I look forward to the Casting Couch vs. Tempest game. Once we see this team make better early game decisions this team will definitely be an “S” or “S+” tier team.

X-Factor: Top Lane

Top lane may be the lane that some teams might want to look to exploit on this Tempest roster. Sesso’s stat lines haven’t been the best against some of the bottom tier teams. Not picking up any kills on Kled is a pretty worrisome. This is a player that many thought would be the best top laner in the league and right now it doesn’t look like it. He needs to step up his game play like we know he can if we want to see them continue their undefeated run.

A Tier

[A+] Casting Couch (7-1)

Everyone was curious to see if Casting Couch’s level of play would drop with the departure of Athena and arrival of OGCush, and they absolutely exceeded expectations. That being said, they did not face the strongest of opponents in FZ and Atlas, but convincing wins nonetheless. They are without a doubt the number two team in the league. Their focus now will be setting their sights on tempest to try and take the top spot with a little cleaner mid game play. Good job boys.

X-Factor: Pick ban

I do feel bad for other teams when they face casting couch, drafting vs them has become a nightmare. Casting couch boasts quite a few picks that their players WILL pick if those picks are left up. Opposing teams have to pick their poison in a way during first rotation bans, and atlas learned the hard way this week that losing bans vs them is not an option; it's a guaranteed loss. I would like to see some more diversity from them in the regular season before playoffs, but I guess if it aint broke don't fix it.

[A-] Illumination (5-3)

After a solid 2-0 versus Chubby and Atlas, Illumination joins Casting Couch in A-tier. Consistently winning like they should versus bottom teams is a good sign. Some concerns were in place about Luke not being there but the team held on just fine with Sibel and Awoo showing up big, and Azure tagged out of jungle after game one. Zmagz appears a massive improvement in the jungle and will help this team tremendously if they could maintain that roster. Especially after winning versus a resurging Chubby Babies, I don't expect this team to drop a game except versus the top 2.

X-Factor: Better Jungle Wins

Already touched on above, but with Zmagz, this team is on another level. If they could have Zmagz back in the jungle next week, with last splits mvp luke playing adc and azure support this team would be even scarier. But I hope to see more of Zmagz in the future for Illumination.

B Tier

[B-] Chubby Babies (2-6)

Don’t let the record fool you, Chubby is about to run it back. A close loss to Illumination is nothing to feel bad about. After a 1-1 week this team went up a whole tier. There is a lot of promise with this team especially with Buhrock getting a new pc and Lazerbite continuing to be the backbone of this team. I think this will be an easy top 4 team and can possibly look to challenge Illumination for that number 3 spot if they clean up their play in the coming weeks.

X-Factor: Lazerbite

The ADC all star race is in full force for BOL this season, and I believe you could make a case for Lazerbite to get that spot. He has even shown that he isn’t afraid to pull out Sona for the Sona/Taric bot lane. If Chubby Babies wants to continue their success they should look to play through bot. Especially considering that their solo lanes are pretty self reliant.

C Tier

[C] Literal Monkeys (4-4)

Literal Monkeys are the only one of the middle pack teams to hold strong at their “C” rating. With an as expected 1-1 week going against SPK and Tempest, LTMK is going to have to prove themselves in this upcoming week against CC and an upsurging GG team. With a big week to prove themselves coming up and one of YRU Running’s biggest weeks last week I expect them to play through him again if they wish to succeed. In my opinion a below average botlane without Zupho will struggle against CC and GG this week. The big question mark in the top lane is also concerning, but I guess we will have to see who they get to fill in the legacy QuestForIons left behind.

X-Factor: Supp Difference

Literal Monkeys seem to be a strong team, despite a struggling bot lane with no clear support starter on their team. Zupho has been absent the last 2 weeks and Jibs n bits has attempted to fill his shoes. It was a large task to ask and he hasn’t done the greatest job. The only time they have definitely won bot lane was against the even weaker SPK bot lane, (with DeathMango on Volibear.) If Zupho can show up this week and give Literal Monkeys a support they can count on, you can expect to see a much better shot at LTMK winning at least a game this week.

D Tier

[D] Gamma Guardians (3-5)

The mad men, they actually did it. After three weeks Gamma has finally started to master the art of the fiesta. They only moved up to D tier and not higher because even though they did 2-0, Gamma was down in kills each game. At least during these fiestas they kept the end goal in sight of hitting the enemy nexus, but they will need to shape up their early and mid game play because that game plan is not going to hold up versus better teams.

X-Factor: Mid Lane Play

Last week pete came in and had a bad showing, and the team couldn’t seem to find anything. This week Dalot came in and played well, and the team won. I'm starting to see a trend here, midlane priority really helps the rest of the map. Whoever plays this upcoming week, we need another solid performance to help the Guardians keep this momentum going.

[D] Friend Zoned (3-5)

After a disappointing 0-2 week, FZ has went from a “C” tier team all the way down to a “D” tier team to meet up with GG and Atlas. FZ was blown out of the water in game 1 this week by Gamma Guardians which no one could see coming other than Sphx. Following the loss to GG I am sure FZ was tilted and was easily dismantled by CC in the 2nd game of the week. With consistent strong performances from Shlidd even through the losses expect big things from him.

X-Factor Shlidd/Support Play

Every week you can expect solid play from Shlidd, and with the upgrade to a support main instead of a top filled support player, I think that FZ could come out as a top 6 team still. Playing through bot lane could be huge for FZ once a real support is added. Acme needs to shove mid in and synergize some ganks to bot lane with SingularBread to enable FZ to succeed. I haven't lost faith in them, but have they lost faith in themselves?

[D] Atlas Gaming (3-5)

Atlas is lucky to not find itself at F-tier after the poor showing they had this week. With homie and bliss gone for good, they struggled hard this week. Losing bans versus Casting Couch did them no favors, and it appeared that their jungler left after game one and did not reappear for game two. I'm not sure if he just couldn't make game two or if he mental boomed, but shifti is in need of someone else to step up and help him carry games. If Atlas doesn't shape up soon, they will find themselves farther and farther out of playoff contention.

X-Factor: Roster Stability

Atlas is an org that is no stranger to e-subs, but it's becoming too much of a habit now. I know the loss of two members does not help their cause, but Thresh has to start finding subs before the deadline to help his team have a better shot at victory. In a league full of teams with one tricks, every ban counts, and losing 1-3 bans a week is doing his team no favors. As a captain, he needs to make this a higher priority to give his team at least a level playing field because at this point they are starting at a disadvantage before the game even starts. Let's hope he can find a solid roster, and some reliable backups.

F Tier

[F] SPK White (3-5)

Just as many of the middle tier teams from last week did SPK White takes a move for the worse downwards into the “F” tier to join Ozon3 at the bottom. SPK is coming off an 0-2 week where they lost to Literal Monkeys and Chubby Babies. SPK continued to play Volibear support and their bot lane continued to struggle in both games this week. Even Jesus3114 couldn’t make up for the struggles created through the bot lane. SPK White is in a bad place right now sitting at 3-5 and not looking to be heading in the right direction.

X-Factor Better bot wins

SPK has been plagued on the wrong end of the better bot wins meta. Forcing the Volibear into a flex pick has not been effective when flexed into the support role. If the SPK bot lane duo can not learn to play safer in lane and let Jesus3114 carry them to victory this will be a long split in this meta for them. With an upcoming week against Tempest and Atlas I expect to see this team continue to dwell at the bottom of the power rankings.

[F] Ozon3 Aztecs (2-6)

Last week we mentioned the amount of roster changes that this team makes. So far this week we haven’t seen any, but maybe we should have. I am not sure this team will be able to find the success they are looking for with this current roster. They couldn’t even find a win when they were ahead by 9 kills against Gamma Guardians. Inheratance continued his dominance in mid lane, and this team still couldn’t find wins. I wish there were only a few things this team had to change in order to succeed, however I believe that this team has to drastically change what they are doing in order to start winning.

X-Factor: Game Knowledge

I am not sure if there is a single person on this team who understands how to play League of Legends. They are losing games while ahead in kills, not understanding win conditions, and making mistakes that I would expect to see in an IBS league. They need someone on their team to step up and take the leadership role and make the proper calls if they want to improve.

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