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Competitive Ruling - Absolute Esports


-Multiple players on Absolute Esports have been found guilty of smurfing -Absolute Esports will be removed from Blue Otter League Platinum division without the possibility of appealing the ruling -Applause#2326 (128193504525418496) is Cant Boil Water#2627 (388555882637688833) -Urason#6642 (331256795920203776) is Arts and Crafts#5809 (771201201395204107) -Glitch#9768 (130145349640781824) is Peaceful Player#3031 (668442427467759637)


Absolute Esports has been competing in multiple leagues including Unified, Victoris Esports, and Blue Otter League. They have most recently won both UJL and Victoris Esports by a large margin. Other leagues/TOs have been looking into Absolute Esports, but no conclusive evidence was found which allowed Absolute Esports to continue playing in both Victoris and UJL. After Absolute Esports was accepted into Blue Otter League, we received smurfing allegations against “RoseOfShi”. Blue Otter staff decided to look into the team further and found damning evidence against multiple players on Absolute Esports.


The Blue Otter staff team looked into the players individually starting with the bottom lane players, “Cant Boil Water” and “Arts and Craft”. Both of these players were among the players who showed skill much higher than an average platinum player. While looking at the account history of “Cant Boil Water”, it was apparent that that account changed hands almost 2 years ago. The account was originally called “BAR Stitch” which was part of an organization called BAR Esports who played in a few leagues including XLNC Esports. After some digging, we found a few recruitment posts for BAR Esports as well as their discord server. Upon entering the server, multiple players were investigated including the player who posted the recruitment post (Applause). Applauses’s active and summoner spells were completely spot on to “Cant boil water”. They have a habit of having boots in the first slot, support warding item in the second slot, and primary active item in the 6th slot. Not only that, the player barely plays on the Applause account anymore which would explain the uptick of games on the “Cant Boil Water” account. While in the BAR Esport discord, we came across a video which would link “BAR Stitch” to another player. Additionally, we contacted multiple members in the discord for any additional information. Another member disclosed that Applause was in a relationship with the original owner of the account a long time ago and that Applause currently plays on the “Cant Boil Water” account. Additionally, more members revealed that “Arts and Crafts” is a player named “Urason” (See evidence 3) which we suspected since Applause and Urason duoed a lot previously. After receiving confirmation that these two players were indeed smurfing, we had enough evidence to ban Absolute Esports. Both Mercyhawk and Coltonn have games with Applause. Applause was also a player/member of Dare and Wildcard in which Colton was a team manager for. There is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that these players had knowledge of smurfing. Blue Otter staff researched players that played with Applause in the past and we stumbled upon a player named “WintersElo” who is now known as “Glitch”. The player had a very similar champion pool and build path as “Peaceful Player”. After further research, we found out that both accounts had the name “Deku” with a different accent over the “e” at some point in time. Furthermore, Glitch’s personal discord server was found with a total of 11 members in the server. Among those members, Applause and Urason were included. As it stands, we had enough evidence to prove that this team was acting with malicious intent. We have evidence against RoseOfGold but the investigation is still ongoing for them and Angry Cookie. For transparency, we have left out evidence out of this competitive ruling because it would disclose our smurf hunting tactics and it would breach the privacy of some of our informants. Any trustworthy TO will be briefed on the full scope of the investigation including the additional evidence that we have if they request it.

EVIDENCE 1) Applause BAR Esports post - 2) Applause vs Cant Boil Water Sums/Actives - (Applause) and (Cant Boil Water)

3) Arts and Craft is Urason 4) Glitch’s discord server -


Applause (Cant Boil Water) -

Urason (Arts and Crafts) -

Glitch (Peaceful Player) -


Disciplinary Actions 4. Smurfing - Banned from the league.

5. Knowledge of Smurfing - First offense is an indefinite ban.


-Absolute Esports will be removed from Blue Otter League Platinum and will be permanently banned from the league -Mercy#8470 (485943716469800962) is banned for knowledge of smurfing

-Colton#0009 (143175772356608000) is banned for knowledge of smurfing

-Applause#2326 (128193504525418496)/Cant Boil Water#2627 (388555882637688833) is banned for smurfing

-Urason#6642 (331256795920203776)/Arts and Crafts#5809 (771201201395204107) is banned for smurfing

-Glitch#9768 (130145349640781824)/Peaceful Player#3031 (668442427467759637) is banned for smurfing

-Angry Cookie#6077 (635292676605870100) will be indefinitely banned as we continue our investigation

-RoseOfGold#1930 (582672610525970438) will be indefinitely banned as we continue our investigation

-All wins for Absolute Esports will be changed to a 0-2. The team will be replaced by another team for the rest of the season.

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