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Competitive Ruling - Dorado Gaming Kappa

Dorado Gaming Kappa has been found guilty of ringing and knowledge of account sharing in Blue Otter League. The team's mid laner, Clockwork Angel, is being played on by a previously denied player named Lökì#NA1. After Lökì#NA1 was previously denied from BOL, they created another discord account (clockwork0315) and used the Clockwork Angel#NA1 account to participate in BOL and other leagues. The main discord for Clockwork Angel was found and is named "cellann". It's obvious that the team did not want to participate in leagues without Loki on their team so they decided to have him play on an eligible account wherever he was deemed ineligible. ACCOUNTS


  • Account Sharing/Ringing

  • Knowledge of Account Sharing


  • Dorado Gaming Kappa will be removed from Blue Otter Emerald

  • All wins for Dorado Gaming Kappa will be overturned

  • Dorado Gaming Kappa players will be indefinitely suspended from Blue Otter League

  • A new team will replace DOG Kappa in Blue Otter Emerald and will start with a 0-2 record

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