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Competitive Ruling - Jamesyanka

CONTEXT On September 19th at 8:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, an investigation was opened as there was concern about a player named "Jamesyanka". The player in question had a spiking win rate over the last few weeks and the game play seemed a little too high to be a "fringe" diamond ranked player. Additionally, an undisclosed alternate account, JamesxYanka, was found which can indicate that the player was hiding additional accounts. At 9:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time, an account by the name of MattyG was found which had a strong connection to the Jamesyanka account. The MattyG account had a very similar champ pool and has pretty much been abandoned for the most part of Season 13-2. The MattyG account ended Master in Season 13-1 which would make the player ineligible for BOL Platinum. In order to collect more evidence, Blue Otter staff did a deep dive into Jamesyanka while the BOL Platinum week 3 matches were being played. Jamesyanka's discord account was previously named matty_g and had left the Blue Otter discord on 07/22/2023 at 11:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time. The discord rejoined Blue Otter League on 07/29/2023 at 5:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time with a new name in an attempt to try cover their tracks (Evidence 1). Additionally, Jamesyanka and MattyG had a previous name of MattxGala and MattGalaV9 respectively (Evidence 2 & 3). When Jamesyanka originally joined Blue Otter League discord in June, the discord account name was mattgala. After Blue Otter staff had all of the evidence needed, the captain of Elysium Shield was contacted at 9:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time and was notified that their jungler was guilty of smurfing. The match between Elysium Shield and CB Heist was terminated during game 2 as there was no need to complete it. EVIDENCE 1: Discord join/leave - 2: Jamesyanka name change history - 3: MattyG name change history - 4: First time user joined BOL discord -

ACCOUNTS Jamesyanka -

MattyG - ta JamesxYanka - RELEVANT RULES Disciplinary Actions 4. Smurfing 11. All alternate accounts level 30+ must be disclosed. Failure to disclose an account will result in a suspension or possibly being denied from participating in BOL. If a player’s undisclosed account is found in between seasons, the suspension will carry over to the next season. RULING - Jamesyanka (478749537452949504) will be banned from Blue Otter League - Elysium Shield's week 1 win be overturned to a 0-2 loss and week 3 will be counted as a 0-2 loss

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