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Manatsu’s Magazine: Platinum Week 4

Hi! Manatsu here, power ranking and predicting who will win their matches this week. If you don’t know me, I’ve played in a variety of leagues including two seasons in the Blue Otter Platinum League. With my return to playing in the league, I’ll be churning out this magazine once again. During the first few weeks of play, expect drastic shifts in power rankings as there were many ties last week and ELO is still figuring stuff out. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Power Rankings

----------West Division----------

1st CB Rush (3-0, 6-0) =

Week 3 Results: 2-0

2nd Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon (3-0, 6-1) =

Week 3 Results: 2-1

3rd The Mystic Cats (2-1, 5-2) =

Week 3 Results: 1-2

4th AOE God Squad (2-1, 5-3) =

Week 3 Results: 2-0

5th MG Precision (2-1, 4-4) =

Week 3 Results: 2-1

6th Radiant Storm Guardians (0-3, 2-6) ▲1

Week 3 Results: 1-2

7th Literal Monkeys (0-3, 0-6) ▼1

Week 3 Results: 0-2

8th The Revolution (0-2, 0-6) =

Week 3 Results: 0-2

----------East Division----------

1st VBU Monster Mash (3-0, 6-1) ▲2

Week 3 Results: 2-0

2nd Limitless Bad Bunnies (3-0, 6-1) ▼1

Week 3 Results: 2-1

3rd Omega Gaming Unknown (3-0, 6-1) =

Week 3 Results: 2-0

4th Hypnotic Gaming (2-1, 4-3) =

Week 3 Results: 2-1

5th Team Ambition Tempest (1-2, 3-4) =

Week 3 Results: 1-2

6th Predictive Gaming Chronos (0-3, 2-6) =

Week 3 Results: 1-2

7th Stealers Gaming (0-3, 1-6) =

Week 3 Results: 0-2

8th Cosa Kittens (0-3, 0-6) =

Week 3 Results: 0-2

----------Overall Rankings----------

1st CB Rush =

2nd Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon =

3rd VBU Monster Mash ▲2

4th Limitless Bad Bunnies ▼2

5th Omega Gaming Unknown ▲1

6th The Mystic Cats ▼2

7th Hypnotic Gaming =

8th AOE God Squad ▲1

9th Team Ambition Tempest ▼1

10th MG Precision ▲1

11th Predictive Gaming Chronos ▼1

12th Radiant Storm Guardians ▲1

13th Literal Monkeys ▼1

14th Stealers Gaming =

15th The Revolution =

16th Cosa Kittens =


Week 3 Results

ELO Record: 8-0, 100%

Manatsu Record: 6-2, 75%

Overall Results

ELO Record: 19-5, 79.2%

Manatsu Record: 18-6, 75%

----------Week 4----------

Cosa Kittens vs Predictive Gaming Chronos

ELO Prediction: Predictive Gaming Chronos at 58.1%

Manatsu Prediction: Predictive Gaming Chronos 2-0

Limitless Bad Bunnies vs Stealers Gaming

ELO Prediction: Limitless Bad Bunnies at 69.0%

Manatsu Prediction: Limitless Bad Bunnies 2-0

VBU Monster Mash vs Omega Gaming Unknown

ELO Prediction: VBU Monster Mash at 51.7%

Manatsu Prediction: VBU Monster Mash 2-0

Hypnotic Gaming vs Team Ambition Tempest

ELO Prediction: Hypnotic Gaming at 55.2%

Manatsu Prediction: Team Ambition Tempest 2-1

The Mystic Cats vs MG Precision

ELO Prediction: The Mystic Cats at 57.6%

Manatsu Prediction: The Mystic Cats 2-1

CB Rush vs Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

ELO Prediction: CB Rush at 52.7%

Manatsu Prediction: CB Rush 2-1

Radiant Storm Guardians vs Literal Monkeys

ELO Prediction: Radiant Storm Guardians at 50.7%

Manatsu Prediction: Radiant Storm Guardians 2-1

AOE God Squad vs The Revolution

ELO Prediction: AOE God Squad at 65.5%

Manatsu Prediction: AOE God Squad 2-0

Players of the Week

The Challenger Team

Top: Panzora, VBU Monster Mash

Jungle: CBR Acid, CB Rush

Mid: Vrang, VBU Monster Mash

Bot: DaBay, AOE God Squad

Sup: IslamicSamurai, VBU Monster Mash

The Grandmaster Team

Top: Dictator Scruff, Hypnotic Gaming

Jungle: Eqq, AOE God Squad

Mid: Manatsu, AOE God Squad

Bot: Vetrano, Omega Gaming Unknown

Sup: CoachPizza, CB Rush

The Master Team

Top: englishmuffin67, Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

Jungle: Denali the King, Hypnotic Gaming

Mid: Eazy, Hypnotic Gaming

Bot: Archêr, VBU Monster Mash

Sup: Oreo Murderer, Omega Gaming Unknown

Current MVP Race


1st: Dictator Scruff, Hypnotic Gaming, 5pts

1st: Panzora, VBU Monster Mash, 5pts

3rd: CornStar, The Mystic Cats, 3pts

3rd: Skìzz, The Mystic Cats, 3pts


1st: 874, Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon, 5pts

2nd: Atlaś, Team Ambition Tempest, 3pts

2nd: CBR Acid, CB Rush, 3pts


1st: fonso, Limitless Bad Bunnies, 6pts

2nd: Manatsu, AOE God Squad, 3pts

2nd: Vrang, VBU Monster Mash, 3pts


1st: King Civil, Omega Gaming Unknown, 4pts

2nd: Buff Art, Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon, 3pts

2nd: DaBay, AOE God Squad, 3pts