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Unofficial Week 2 Platinum Power Rankings - By Denali

As a disclaimer before we get into the power rankings the ideas portrayed in this article are my own and do not reflect those of the Blue Otter League. I am only active within the BOL community so any other leagues or tournaments will have no impact on these power rankings. At most I get to watch one series of my choosing and the series streamed on the BOL twitch channel, so for most of these games I can only go off the post game screenshot and stats.


We now have one week under our belt and I can now see which teams I may have under or over estimated. Things still look a little clouded towards the middle and bottom of this division but that should clear up as we head into the next few weeks.

1. Meme City Esports Rush (2-0) =

Last week I made the bold prediction that MCE would not drop a single series this split. I understand that we are only one week into the split but this team is looking really, really good. Rutledge is having a ton of impact on the map which is a good sign if you are a MCE fan. Everyone else on this team is also performing very well and they finished their series in under an hour. Their average game time was about 24 minutes so this team is gonna remain at the top of this division and be the team to beat as I still believe everyone else is gonna have a very hard time facing them.

Player to watch: MCE Rutledge

2. Collective Equinox (2-0) 🔺

This was one prediction that I really missed the mark on last week. I underestimated Collective while ranking NSG Crystal too high. This team had a very impressive series and by the looks of it their mid and jungle synergy is looking very good. I look forward to finally getting the chance to watch this team play and believe they may be able to give Meme City Esports a run for their money.

Player to watch: FillyBerto

3. The Mystic Cats (2-0) =

The Mystic Cats managed to take down VBU Airport Speedrun and they are going to remain as my third place team this week. Going off of the post game screenshots the first game was very one sided where game two was a win while they were down in kills. This week they have to face MCE so they are going to have their work cut out for them, but if they perform to the best of their ability we could see them taking a game or even a series.

Player to watch: CornStar

4. MG Black (2-1) 🔺

This team managed to take down Crosspoint Southpaw last week, but it did take them the full three games. This team has also made some roster changes this past week so I am excited to see how the new roster shapes up. They are going to have to face a very strong Collective team and I think they are going to struggle. If they do however pull off a win this team will definitely be moved up next week.

Player to watch: MG Gregoreo

5. Crosspoint Southpaw (1-2) 🔺

As the only other team to get a win in this division Crosspoint Southpaw is gonna be put in the 5th spot. I can see this team managing to take down the bottom tier teams in this division and maybe take a few games off of the top 4. I mentioned last week that this team has had a lot of experience playing together, and I still believe that it is going to help this team a lot. This week they take on No Quarter Gaming and I think we can definitely see this team pick up a win.

Player to watch: warhead852

6. VBU Airport Speedrun (0-2) 🔺

I moved this team up because I really thought they were the better of the 0-2 teams, but that was before Duero got banned. I am still going to put this team at sixth assuming they can find a mid laner to fill the spot, but if they drop the ball this week against a very weak NSG Crystal be prepared to find them in the 7th or 8th spot next week.

Player to watch: Truz

7. NSG Crystal (0-2) 🔻

I placed NSG Crystal way too high last week. They got absolutely destroyed by Collective Equinox and really struggled to do anything in the games. They got a chance to collect themselves this week and pick up a win. If they struggle against VBU this week I think this team has to look towards making some roster moves.

Player to watch: AłiAkali

8. No Quarter Gaming (0-2) 🔻

This team had a very hard week one opponent, but they still struggled to even put up a fight. I think if we want to see this team start performing well it has to start with the mid and jungle synergy. This week they have a very beatable opponent and if we see Lopi and NovemberOne step it up this team can definitely win the series. If they play like they did last week I think next week we will be having the same discussion. Things are going to look very grim for this team if we don’t see anything change for this team.

Player to watch: Lopi



Now onto the South. This division sees a lot less movement as I believe this division is a lot more clear where the teams matchup against each other. We saw VBU and EQ have a really good series on stream with both teams using subs in some games. I feel I may be a little more knowledgeable with this division as I also streamed the Scum Gang Mexico vs. Twin Miracles series so with that said let’s get into the South power rankings.

1. Team Harmony (2-0) 🔺

This team handled Literal Monkeys with ease last week and they are going to find themselves in first place this week. Loukaloco is looking really good and I think could even be in the running for MVP. They do have their work cut out of them this week taking on an impressive Scum Gang roster, but if both teams play like they did last week I think Team Harmony takes the series. The highlight of the series is gonna be on the bot lane and I believe that whichever bot comes out ahead is gonna be the deciding factor.

Player to watch: Loukaloco

2. VBU Monster Mash (2-1) =

VBU vs. EQ went the distance and we found ourselves in a game three in the streamed series last week. VBU Monster Mash managed to get the win so they are going to stay in second place. I liked what I saw out of this team and I believe they have one of the strongest bot lanes in the league. This week they are playing a weaker Literal Monkeys team and they should get a fairly easy 2-0.

Player to watch: Archer

3. Scum Gang Mexico (2-0) 🔻

This was a team I was very excited to see this split and to cut right to it, they under performed. They did get the 2-0, but the games were sloppy. Eazy and Router performed very well but against better teams they are going to need a better performance out of everyone. As you will see later in my predictions I have this team losing this week. If they play like they did last week I think that is very plausible, but if they improve their gameplay I think they will not have a problem winning this week and will find themselves ranked at the top of the division next week.

Player to watch: Just a homie

4. EQ Storm (1-2) 🔻

This team lost the series against VBU and although it was only 1-2, game three was a blowout. This team was using a sub, but I am just not sure if that was the problem. I think this team will still easily be a playoff team and may even be able to take down some of the other top tier teams. This week hopefully we get to see the full roster and them playing to their full potential. They are facing G&E ISU Academy this week and I think they should 2-0.

Player to watch: EQ Jewels Sama

5. Literal Monkeys (0-2) =

This team is gonna stay in the fifth place spot this week as I believe they are better than the other three teams. They got 2-0’d in a pretty dominating fashion by Team Harmony last week which is pretty worrisome. I hope this team manages to put up a fight against VBU this week otherwise I think roster changes have to be considered. One player who I think needs to step up their game is PacaPaul. We have seen Paca in the past perform very well but looking at the screenshots he seems to be struggling. If he steps it up and begins performing well I think we can see this team start winning.

Player to watch: Literal Monkeys

6 G&E ISU Academy (2-1) 🔺

Between this team and Jensen and His Wards I am not really sure where these teams belong. This team managed to come out with a 2-1 last week but game three looks like it was a struggle. G&E ISU managed to get the win down in kills and it looks like Jensen and His Wards struggled closing the game out. This is a team that I think is still going to struggle and I believe they are going to get 2-0’d this week by EQ.

Player to watch: SharpOtter6

7. Jensen and His Wards (1-2) 🔻

I really thought this team was better than G&E but they lost the series so they are going to be moved down to seventh place. Not sure the story behind game three but it looks like they struggled to close it out. This week they play Twin Miracles and if they don’t win that series I think I am going to have serious doubts about this team.

Player to watch: ThickLatinasOnly

8. Twin Miracles (0-2) =

I know 0-2 looks like this team struggled but after getting the chance to watch the games I enjoyed what I saw. They were winning during certain parts of both games and I even thought they were gonna pull off the upset game one. I think if this team wants to start winning we need to see Poobin play more carry oriented champs. I enjoyed the Evelynn pick but I think maybe Karthus would’ve been better. I would like to see him pull out some Hecarim or Graves if he can pull it off and I know he has played Kindred in the past too so if he pulled that out I think we could see Twin Miracles pull off some upsets and maybe even fight for that 5th place spot.

Player to watch: Poobin

Week 2 Predictions


(2-0) Meme City Esports Rush vs. The Mystic Cats

NSG Crystal vs. VBU Airport Speedrun (2-1)

(2-1) Crosspoint Southpaw vs. No Quarter Gaming

(2-0) Collective Equinox vs. MG Black


Literal Monkeys vs. VBU Monster Mash (2-0)

(2-1) Jensen and His Wards vs. Twin Miracles

Scum Gang vs. Team Harmony (2-1)

GE ISU Academy vs. EQ Storm (2-0)

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