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Week 5 Gold Power Rankings Division 4

Division 4 is probably what everybody considers the strongest division and it’s easy to see why. There’s like 5 legitimately strong teams all stuck in one division while other divisions have like 2-3 max. This week I will include for every team a toxic quote from ParadigmShift and an encouraging one from Electricfiehouse.

1. 3-0 Esports

In my opinion, there’s 3 legitimate contenders for BOL as a whole and 3-0 is one of them. Unlike the other contenders, however, 3-0 has a significant weakness in their top laner. However, they more than make up for it with their strengths in almost every other position. Mid Laner “Big Natsu” has resoundingly made a case for the best mid in the league with dominant performances week in and week out. Meanwhile, despite star adc ParadigmShift’s admin-enforced exile from the team, 3-0 has quickly picked up another strong adc in Minute. Some people might question the admins since Minute is just as good if not better than Paradigm at adc anyways but 3-0 is just shillin since they’ll be fine no matter what happens. 70% of gold teams won’t have a top laner good enough to punish lean in a meaningful way and the mid/bot/jgl will gap 90% of their competition in the league. There’s a legitimate discussion to be raised on 3-0 vs the field right now for the championship.

Player to watch: Big Natsu

He has shown he can vary in his skill level from week to week because his performance despite the dominant team win vs Chubby Babies was kind of suspect. On the other hand he’s smurfed like every other game so maybe he was just having an off-night.

“Bruh even I’m a better top than Lean.” - ParadigmShift.

“One of the scariest teams in the entire league. They have some of the best players in a gold league you can find” - Zel


2. VBU Argon

A kind of significant dropoff after the top 1 in the division, but VBU should not be overlooked by anybody else in this division. Mid Laner BestSupportMain has proved that he’s a top 3 mid in pretty much any gold league. In terms of the rest of the team, on the other hand, it’s kind of looking rough. None of BestSupportMain’s other teammates really match up to the ZGG team that just lost in the finals. On the other hand, none of his Astro teammates have a BOL team at the moment, so it would be interesting to see if this roster decides to make some additions right before playoffs. If that happens, VBU could become a very scary team very quickly. If it doesn’t, VBU is still a strong playoff team, but probably not a contender for the title overall.

Player to watch: BestSupportMain

)f course you have to watch this guy. I’d probably recommend every team that’s facing VBU to triple ban mid. His top 3 champions in Ziggs/Veigar/Ryze are all disgusting.

“VBU? You mean clutch and 4 wards?” - ParadigmShift

“Clutch teams are usually top 4 in every league and I dont think this team will be much different.” - Zel


3. Scarlet Miracles

I’m kind of getting Epidemic-vibes from this team. Their roster changes are really starting to add up. Maybe if they lose to VBU in their rescheduled match they might mental boom again and replace everyone. On the other hand, this team has a lot of extremely strong players with champion pedigree in BOL. They’ve been slumping recently so I’ve had to slot them in third, but I honestly think they’ll be able to be the second best team in this division without problems by the end of the split.

Player to Watch: Poobin

Often described as a “coinflip player,” Poobin is part of the Scarlet Foxes roster that won the last split. While Healthy Ego is the best player on the roster, Poobin is the one that varies the most from game to game.

“They got tilted after week 2 when I smashed them. Understandable.” - ParadigmShift

“Well a similar roster won last split so I’m sure they’ll be fine despite the roster struggles this split” - Zel


4. Chubby Babies Frost

Chubby Babies have not really been tested so far this split. They have taken care of the weaker teams in the standings and they have collected their scheduled loss vs 3-0 last week. The real test of whether this team is a contender or a pretender will be in their upcoming matches vs Scarlet and VBU. If they can pull off some victories you can expect them to move up in the rankings

Player to watch: CandleKing

He didn’t int as hard as the rest of his team against 3-0 so he’s probably their best player. They haven’t had any matches vs a team close in skill level so it’s hard to say at the moment.

“I have no idea who any of these randos are. Can’t be that good lol” - Paradigm Shift

“They’ve looked promising so far. The win vs Hyperion is promising, even if they were running subs. Could potentially play spoiler in the playoffs against an unsuspecting team” - Zel


5. Hyperion Gaming

Newly minted ZGG Royal Champions Hyperion are looking to keep their momentum from a successful season. Unfortunately, unlike in ZGG, they drew the hardest group in the league and it’s hard to put them above 5th atm. However, this team isn’t a stranger to being the underdogs.

Player to watch: Dobs

Dobs has really stepped up and played extremely well recently.

“Atilla sucks” - ParadigmShift

“Atilla is a smurf” - Zel


6. NSG Amethyst

Look, NSG is already pretty doomed in this division. Starting 0-3 pretty much means you’re gonna miss playoffs because it’s only a 7 week season. They took a game off of subbed in Hyperion, so I guess it’s not all doom and gloom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like NSG has enough talent in their organization to field 3 competitive teams.

“I only acknowledge teams that can actually win series” - ParadigmShift

“Well they gave Hyperion a challenge and they’re a decent team, maybe they can improve and make a late season run.” - Zel


7. Titan Esports

Ok, you’re gonna have to win at least one game to have something positive being said about you right? You could honestly copy paste NSG Amethyst’s blurb here except without the upside of taking a game off of Hyperion… they got 2-0’d We’ll see who can int more effectively in this week’s battle of the bottom-feeders when Titan vs NSG play each other this week.

“Didn’t you hear me? Not even worth my time to come up with real flame”


“Uhhhh….” - Zel

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