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League Rules

Player Removals

Player Removal Clauses

1.   Players that have won two of the three previous splits in Blue Otter League will not be eligible to participate in the league in which they won for the next year.

1.a   Players that start on a team in next split after their championship in a division higher than what they won may have their time reduced. This depends heavily on their performance that season and game counts.

2.   Blue Otter staff will use feedback and their own due diligence for players that have a history of success in Blue Otter League and other leagues. Players that are deemed "too good" for a league will be ineligible for that division.


League Rosters

1.   All BOL rosters are all limited to a ten man roster & 2 coaches.

1.a   Each team is limited to two roster changes per week up to the Playoff Roster Lock. 

1.b   BOL staff will either approve, deny, or ask for more information about a player within 48 hours after submitting a roster change.​

1.c   Roster changes may be suspended as staff looks into the player in question. It is important that the captain always has a back up plan in the event that a player is denied or their roster change is suspended. The vetting team will take all necessary steps to ensure that roster changes are not suspended and players are cleared or denied as fast as possible.

1.d   Any roster change denial is considered final.

2.   All roster changes must be submitted by a team captain which includes emergency subs.  If a captain is unavailable, another player may request permission to make their team’s roster changes with admin approval.

2.a  A team captain should ping the player they are adding to their roster when making the roster change.

2.b  Players are required to complete their player registration form in order for their roster change to be considered. The roster change will be denied if the player registration form is missing at the roster lock. 

3.   Teams are only allowed the 5 starting players in their voice communications while in game. Teams are required to be in their respective Discord voice channels during official BOL matches. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

4.   Diamond League rosters lock on Tuesday 11:59 pm ET

     Platinum League rosters lock on Monday 11:59 pm ET

     Gold League rosters lock on Tuesday 11:59 pm ET

     Emerald League rosters lock on Sunday 11:59 pm ET

5.   Any player submitted after roster lock is considered an emergency sub. 

6.a  Emergency subs will not be added to the team's roster.  If the team wishes to add the player for the future, they will need to wait until the roster change channel is unlocked after the conclusion of the current week of matches.   

6.   Players and/or Captains must submit player name changes in the name change channel prior to roster lock in any given week.  Failure to do so will result in 1 ban loss per player.

6.a   As a captain, it is your responsibility to make sure your team is ready for the week.

6.b   The ban loss can be waived by the opposing team.

6.c   Each team will get one freebie where the ban loss will be waived by BOL staff.

7.   Playoff rosters will be locked 1 week prior to the conclusion of the regular season. 

7.a   If a player ranks out after the playoff roster lock, the team will be allowed to add (1) additional player.  This player cannot be listed on a roster by any team, which includes eliminated ones.

8.   Players who play in an official BOL game with one team will have a one week lock out period before they are eligible to play on another team. 

8.a   Players, individually, have 3 total roster additions in their bank during each season. Every time they are added to a roster, they lose one of their roster additions.  After they hit 0, they are ineligible to be added to a new roster.  However, they can e-sub for a team if they maintain the eligibility requirements.

8.b   Starters/subs may not e-sub for other rosters unless a starter/sub is on an a roster for one division and wants to play on a roster in a different division.

9.   Players may drop themselves from a roster at any point by opening a ticket in #ticket-help-desk. If a player is dropped or drops themselves from a team without playing in the previous week, they would be eligible to join a team immediately.


9.a   Players on cooldown will not be eligible to be added to a roster until their cooldown is over. Cooldowns are for each league. Cooldowns are only for the week of matches.  For example, if a player played in week 3 and was dropped on that Sunday, they would be eligible to be added after the week 4 games are completed.


1.   Each team is allowed two captains on their roster at a time. One captain needs to be a starting player. The other captain can be a coach or another player.

2.   Captains are responsible for team management, roster changes as well as communication with other team captains and tournament organizers.

3.   Captains are required to uphold tournament rules to the best of their ability. 


​1.   Each team is allowed two coaches on their roster at a time and the team captain must add them via roster change before the weekly roster lock.

2.   Coaches may be in team communication for pick/ban phase but must leave after.

3.   Coaches may rejoin voice communications in between games but must leave when the game starts.

4.   If a coach has gone AFK in team communications, open a ticket to have them removed from the voice channel.


4.a   If a team fails to remove their coach in any circumstance during the game, the first offense will result in a warning. If a second infraction occurs the coach will no longer be eligible to join the team call as well as a ban loss in their next game.

5.   Any coach not listed on a roster that grabs their team role and or joins the team call will result in a 2 ban loss for the next available game. Any additional infractions will result in the individual being barred from team calls.


​1.   Each team is allowed a maximum of two esubs per game. After that their team will forfeit their games.

1.a   Teams are limited to one esub during playoffs.

1.b   Teams are allotted a maximum of 6 esubs per season. Once the maximum number of esubs has been reached any further attempt for esubs will be denied. 

2.   One esub used will be a 2 ban loss penalty in the first ban rotation. Two esubs used will be a 4 ban loss penalty (3 in the first phase and 1 in the second phase) each game that they are used. Three or more e-subs is considered a forfeit.


2.a   Teams that use an esub during playoffs will lose three bans in the first ban rotation each game that they are used.

3.   Team Captains must clear their esubs through the esub clearance channel in the BOL discord in order for a player to be an esub. Players should ping roster staff for approval within 30 minutes of game time so staff can look at the potential player immediately.

4.   For sportsmanship reasons, if your team is using an esub, let the opposing team know as soon as you can.

5.   Players may only esub for one team per week for each league. Failure to follow this will result in a forfeit. Multiple offenses will result in a 3 week suspension for the e-sub and the inability to e-sub for teams indefinitely. 

6.   Esubs are subject to all BOL player eligibility rules and regulations with the exception of the 10 games in 21 days rule. BOL staff may require esubs to fill out a player registration form if their eligibility is in question.

7.   Esubs will be heavily scrutinized to ensure competitive integrity. There will be no leniency towards teams who have waited until the last second to submit an esub. 

Lobby & In Game


1.   Both teams must use the tournament code provided to them for each match by Blue Otter League.

2.   Banter and trash talk should not be present in a game lobby or in game.

3.   Each team is expected to follow BOL Discord Rules while in the lobby and in game.

4.   Lobbies are not required to be checked by a mod or admin. However, if a team has a problem with a lobby, they may open a ticket and join helpdesk immediately for more assistance.

5.   Any form of ban loss will occur in the first round of the ban phase.  If a team loses more than 3 bans, any extra ban losses will carry over to the 2nd ban phase.  A team may only receive a maximum of 5 ban losses per game.

6.   Both teams must be in game lobby on the hour. Bans will occur 5 minutes after the game should start and in increments of 5 up until 3 bans are lost where a team will FF after that. You are required to screenshot the lobby and open a ticket to contact admins/mods before a team loses bans so that it may be verified by staff.

6.a   A team will start to lose bans at 8:05 ET and forfeit the series at 8:20 ET.​

6.b   There are no excuses for running late. Patch ahead of time or get a sub to take your spot.

7.   Prodraft/Draftlol is required. You are required to send the spectator link to the opposing team. Streamed matches on the BOL twitch channel require the use of Draftlol.

8.   Client bugs, or mispicks must be disclosed immediately and before the other team selects their pick. Otherwise the Prodraft/Draftlol will have to be remade up until the mispick occurred.​

8.a   Every team has the right to have one player with smite.

8.b   This must be done before the game is loaded in.

8.c   BOL Staff is not responsible for any misclicked summoner spells or masteries.

9.   If any client/server issues regarding to game playability occurs, teams should pause the game and open a ticket ASAP so that BOL staff can intervene, if necessary.  If a significant number of games are affected because of the same issue, any rulings made will only be directed to the games affected and reported.  Please do not pause the game or notify staff if the issues are caused by personal internet problems.

10.   If Blue Otter Tournament Organizers disables a champion and a team plays it, it is an automatic forfeit for that game.

11.   Teams must line up in LCS order. The only allowed role swaps that are allowed after lining up in LCS order is top and mid.

12.   Bot lanes that are currently allowed in BOL.  As this season progresses, this rule will be amended to reflect current meta strategies.

12.a   Current strategies: Sona Taric, Fasting Senna (full or 1/3rd), Double enchanter

Either Bot laner may play either of these champions

12.b   AP Carry (lined up in the ADC spot) and Support

12.c   Kill lanes are allowed. However, if we see a team abusing this rule by creating loopholes, they will be punished.

13.   Teams are required to make their final champion changes before the timer countdown hits 20 seconds heading into the loading screen


     13.a   If a team believes that their opponent traded champions after there was less than 20 seconds left. The team can join help desk and request the lobby be remade. 

14.   Players are required to play on their main account listed with Blue Otter League via the Player Registration form and eligible in terms of game requirements. This means that if you receive a 14 day suspension or a permanent ban you will be ineligible to play. 


     14.a   If a player has maintained eligibility with their main account listed with Blue Otter League and Blue Otter League Staff can verify the eligibility, a player may request to play on an alternative account. 

Fearless Draft Rules

Will be updated once the final application deadline has concluded.

In Game

​1.   No excessive BMing. If a player feels that another team is BMing excessively they need to record or screenshot the examples and send them to the admin team. Punishment will result on the next played series for the team if the admin team feels that the team is being excessive.  

2.   We highly advise that you avoid any form of communication other than GG or explaining a pause while in game

3.   Players that wish to stream BOL official matches must have a three minute delay on their stream.

4.   Players must be in their team voice call during an official BOL game.

4.a   If a player intentionally leaves their voice call and/or the game in the middle of a game, they will be suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks. The only exception is if their internet/client/discord crashes, or if they are moving to help desk for assistance.

5.   Breaks should be limited to 10 minutes in-between games. After 10 minutes has expired, the regular ban loss process starts. Open a ticket or contact a tournament organizer in #help-desk for assistance if needed.


​1.   Pauses are limited to 10 minutes per game and can only pause up to 3 times per game. After that, teams must play out the game regardless of issues unless the opposing team agrees to wait longer.

1a   If a team is still paused after 10 minutes in a game or if they paused more than 3 times in a game, please open a ticket for staff assistance. 

1.b   Pauses should only be used for technical difficulties and emergencies.  Abuse of the pause rule will be punished via ban loss in the next series. In severe cases the team can be removed from the league.

1.c   Both teams are required to ready up in chat before a team unpauses. If this rule is broken, a team should immediately pause, open a ticket or find a tournament organizer in #help-desk and ask for assistance. 

2.   Pause Sharking - If a player or team notices a disconnect on the enemy team and they immediately engage in an attempt to gain an advantage before the impacted team can pause, please contact help desk immediately. Staff will make a ruling on if they believe the actions were malicious. 


1.   Remakes are only allowed under severe server / client issues.

2.   Teams must seek admin approval for a remake. It is important to pause as soon as possible and make a ticket for staff approval. 

Post Game

1.   After each game is completed teams are allowed a maximum break time of 10 minutes. 

2.   After the break has completed teams should be in the next game lobby preparing for pick and ban.

3.   If an opposing team takes longer than 10 minutes, open a ticket. If this happens multiple times in a season, the team will be penalized depending on how late they are.

Match Reporting

​1.   After a match has completed the winning team's captain is required to post their match results in the designated channel. This needs to be completed the same day the match is played. Failure to follow this rule will result in ban losses for repeated offenses. 

1.a   Below is how a captain should report the matches. Examples will be further provided in the designated channel.

Pick Ban: <prodraft/draftlol link>

Match Result: <screenshot of post game lobby>

League Information


1.   Platinum League plays a Bo3 each Wednesday at 8pm ET during a BOL season.

     Emerald League plays a Bo3 each Tuesday at 8pm ET during a BOL season.

     Gold League plays a Bo3 each Thursday at 8pm ET during a BOL season.

     Diamond League plays a Bo3 each Thursday at 8pm ET during a BOL season.


​1.   Season standings will be based off of series score.

2.   Standings will be decided by Series Score > Points > Head-to-head > Tied teams head-to-head score.

2.a   Should any tiebreaker games be required it will be played the week after the conclusion of the regular season.

2.b Below is an example of how a three way tie would be decided.

Team A vs Team B : 2-0

Team B vs Team C: 2-1

Team C vs Team A: 2-0

Team C would be 1 seed

3. Point Breakdown:

2-0 Win - 6 points

2-1 Win - 5 points

1-2 Loss - 3 points 

0-2 Loss - 2 points

0-2 Loss with 1 FF - 1 point

Forfeit - 0 points

Side Selection

1.   For Bo3s, the team on the left side of the schedule will have blue side for games 1 and 3 while the team on the right will have blue side for game 2.

2.   For Bo5s (aka playoffs), The higher seed in the matchup will be given side selection for Game 1.  Side selection for Games 2, 3 ,4 and 5 will be given to the team that lost the previous game.  For example, if Team B loses game 1, they get side selection in game 2.  If Team B loses game 2, they will get side selection game 3.  If two teams have the same seed, there will be a coinflip for game 1 side selection and then will proceed with the above procedure. (TL;DR: Loser gets side selection after game 1)

Captain Chat

1.   Blue Otter League has implemented a Captain Chat. This is to help better reach our players and get feedback from them about rulings / rules and overall help to improve the player experience in the league.


1.   Currently, we are requiring a $15 deposit. These deposits are “in good faith” and will be returned as long as each team completes these 4 requirements:

1.a   Finish out the season. If your team forfeits in the last week, you will lose your deposit.

1.b   If your team forfeits 2 games or 1 match, you will lose $5 from your deposit .

1.c   If your team forfeits more than 2 games (not matches), you will lose the entire forfeit deposit.

1.d   Did not get punished for smurfing or any other major rule violations.

Buy ins

1.   There is a $35 entry fee for the Gold League.

2.   There is a $55 entry fee for the Platinum League.

3.   There is a $65 entry fee for the Emerald League.

4.   There is a $105 entry fee for the Diamond League

5.   There is a $115 entry fee for the Masters League

Team Branding

​1.   Team names and player names must be within Twitch and Riot TOS and within Blue Otter League Rules.  BOL can require a player to change their name if necessary.

2.   Teams are limited to one Name/Brand/Logo change per season due to the amount of resources that it takes to edit.  These changes must be approved by BOL Tournament Organizers.

Prize Pool

Gold Prize Pool

1st - 5 Mystery Skins 

All Other Prize Pools

1st - 50% 

2nd - 20%

Operations - 30%

Content - $5 from from the top

Champion Bans

​1.   Upon the release of a new champion, that champion will be banned from BOL matches for two weeks. If the ban rolls into playoffs the champion in question will be banned for the entirety of playoffs. If the champion's first week of eligibility would be in playoffs, the champion will be banned for the entirety of playoffs.


1.a   Should there be a game breaking bug on any champion BOL reserves the right to remove that champion from BOL Matches indefinitely 


2.   Reworked champions will be disabled for 2 week.

3.   Mid-scope updates will be on a case-by-case basis. BOL reserves the right to remove any champion from BOL matches pending information.

Stream Information

1.   BOL will release the stream schedule for the upcoming week every Saturday night


2.   BOL will reserve the right to stream any match that they choose. 


3.   Any organization that participates in Blue Otter League will agree to a non-competing stream clause. (They are not allowed to stream a match that BOL is also streaming)


4.   Players are allowed to stream their own POV but they must stream with a 3 minute delay.

4.a   BOL is not responsible for any stream sniping that occurs or any information that is found in this manner.

5.   Players and Organizations that stream BOL matches should make an attempt to hide the game screen in the event of a pause.  This is to prevent any intentional or unintentional ghosting.


6.   Depending on the number of streams hosted by BOL each week, we will prioritize streaming as many teams as we can during the regular season while trying to pick the most competitive matches as well.

Discord Etiquette

1.   In discord there is no tolerance for racism, hate speech or NSFW content.

2.   Any death threats or telling someone “Kill yourself”, “kys”, or any variation will result in a suspension/mute depending on the severity

3.   Instigation will result in a server mute and repeated offenses will result in suspensions and/or removal from the league. 

4.   Trash talk is an opt-in channel for those wishing to participate in the shenanigans.

4.a   Even though trash talk is an opt-in channel there are boundaries. Rule 1, 2, 7, and 8 in Discord Etiquette is still applicable in the trash talk channel.

5.   In extreme cases of harassment / extreme toxicity outside of the Blue Otter League Discord, admins may remove you from the League.

6.   Failure to follow the discord rules will result in mutes, suspensions or bans.

7.   Do not bring up political views into any discussion. This is a place to play league of legends and not a political debate. We understand that some of you have a very solid understanding of politics and can debate without getting personal but every debate would get out of hand.

7.a   1st offense - Formal warning

2nd offense - Muted for 1 week

3rd offense - Muted indefinitely

8.   Do not post screenshots of players saying racist, sexist, or any other statements that would be against BOL discord rules in any channel. Make sure you contact admins directly regarding players breaking BOL Discord rules via DMs. 

Disciplinary Actions

1.    Intentionally Account Sharing - If a player is intentionally account sharing on their main account, they will be suspended for at least 1 season of BOL. Second offense is a permanent ban from the league.   ​

1.a   Knowledge of Account Sharing - First offense will result in a league suspension for the season. Second offense will result in a permanent league ban.


1.b   Players should not be account sharing any of their alternate accounts during the BOL season.  This will result in a 1 week suspension for first time offenses. Players should be upfront with Blue Otter League Staff if they have ever account shared in the past. 

2.   Hate Speech / Racism - First offense is a ban.

3.   NSFW Content - Punishment will vary depending on severity.

4.   Smurfing - Banned from the league.

4.a   There will be no remakes for teams that are found to have a smurf on them or account sharing. All wins will result as a loss and standings will be adjusted accordingly.

5.   Knowledge of Smurfing - First offense is an indefinite ban.

6.   Excessive Lobby & In game BM - Depending on the severity of the case. First offense is a ban loss for your team upon the next series. If these actions continue it will be up to admin discretion for future punishments and possible removal from the league depending on severity. 

6.a   Lobby and in game penalties are enforced on the next series after a proper investigation can be completed.

7.   Win Trading - Any form of win trading that has proof without a reasonable doubt will result in the removal of either one or both teams depending on the situation.


8.   Streaming without 3 min delay- Players that wish to stream BOL official matches must have a three minute delay on their stream.  The first offense will result in a warning.  Any future offenses will result in ban losses for the next series. If it is determined that you have received outside assistance while streaming, the game will count as a forfeit. 

9.   Severe Cases - Any severe cases not listed under Disciplinary Actions, punishment will be up to Admin discretion based on the severity of the case.

10.   Pause Abuse - Ban losses upon next series.

Rules are subject to amendment(s) based off of Admin / Player Feedback

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