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Blue Otter Emerald The Storm Watch Week 3 Predictions

Hello again, everyone; my name is Storm or CTRL ULT ELITE. I am an Emerald Tank enjoyer who has played League for far too many years. Welcome to another edition of the Storm Watch. I will be the primary writer for the Blue Otter League Emerald Division this split. I am also joining you guys in the league as the top laner for Mint Spark. I have been creating written content for the past few seasons. I have written for The Nameless, CCS, Aegis and BOL. In the past, I also wrote articles about Yugioh and Fantasy Hockey. I'm eager for feedback; feel free to DM me.

This week, I was planning to do a breakdown of all the teams in Zaun, but with the removal of Dorado Gaming Kappa (details on their removal can be found here), and with the very little time I had to look at the Monkeys Emerald roster I do not think that article would not be of sufficient quality. Instead, I will write a standard article this week, reviewing my predictions for each game. Next week the Zuan deep dive will be ready. 

This is just a reminder that BOL uses the point system as the primary way of ranking teams. So every game you play matters, and getting those 2-0 wins against “weaker” teams can be the difference between qualifying for the playoffs and getting eliminated.

Storm’s Player Picks From Last Week

Interview with Wren Former ADC of Horizon Gaming 

So, how long have you been involved in the amateur league scene? Do you have a moment that got you hooked on competition?

I've been in the amateur scene for about 6 years on and off here and there. Started in Silver leagues of Runeterra when that was a league. After playing in the first RA split i got hooked and just went with it and been around ever since.

What do you think is the easiest thing to work on to make yourself a better teammate? The hardest?

One of the easiest things to be a better teammate is to have an open mind to trying new things and not tilting in game muting all

Hardest thing is also not tilting and malding in game. I myself have been on constant teams where either I or someone else on the team just full tilt in game and just full mute say nothing in game. Its super easy to just give in and tilt, but its just as easy to just let it go and try to look at the situation from an improvement standpoint and try to learn why a play went wrong or what events can you control to make the situation favor you.

Have you looked at any of the teams in BOL do you feel there is a favourite to win this season? Omega Wooper received the most votes in week 1. 

I gotta rep my boy Mordstreich and Ishan and Omega Wooper, Personally they're my favorites to win the Season. Funnily enough me and Mordstreich were coworkers last year. Saw he was in the league and instantly texted him smack talk. Hopefully someone picks me up so i can play that guy and prove hes low.

After week 2, this is the list of the most banned champions in the league. Are you surprised to see any of these picks? Do you think a champion should be in the top 10 but is not?

Not really surprised that the bans are the way that they are, personally think Nocturne is just not very good, think maybe Xin or Vi would be my picks for being top 10 but what do I know im just a disgusting ADC player.

Why do you torture yourself playing ADC? Do you enjoy getting 1v1d by supports?

I play ADC because I was playing on a team as a midlaner previously, under a few names(Kanye, Jakuna,Decay) but i was in a scrim had gotten 4 manned mid and lost my mind. Team boomed and I took a break from Comp play, when i decided to come back I chose to roleswap to ADC to prove a point that i Could hit plat when emerald wasnt a thing.

Had more fun than playing mid and decided to stay with it and keep learning the role more and more and so here I am. The Weakside King

If you were on a road trip and handed the AUX cord(or control of the Spotify playlist), what banger are you putting on?

Road trip im playing all the sing along bangers like Life is a highway and idk some Katy Perry playlist

You have offended a witch and she has cast a spell on you turning you into an inanimate, non-electronic object for a year in a walmart. To be changed back into human form before the year is up, you need to be able to get at least a hundred people to touch you. What inanimate non electric object would you choose to be? 

If i was transformed into an inanimate object i would say one of the Sports balls, probably a basketball them kids at walmart throw the footballs and shoot the basketballs all the time ill be scotch free within a week.

Any Final words?

Someone Pick me up. 

This was really fun I appreciate it!

Upcoming Predictions Piltover

Lotus Crypt Vs The I in Team 2-0 For The I in Team

Chris Jungler of Conduit Esports Jiji Prediction: 2-1 for The I in Team

IshaN mid laner of Omega Whooper Prediction: 2-0 for The I in Team 

As the Blue Otter Emearld League of Legends season unfolds, one team has defied expectations and captured attention with their remarkable performance: The I in Team. Pre-season predictions placed them at a modest 4th in Piltover, but their journey thus far has been anything but ordinary. Despite initial skepticism surrounding their roster, The I in Team has swiftly silenced doubters by securing two significant series wins against formidable opponents, namely the Shadow Cows and DZG Arcadia.

At the heart of The I in Team's success lies their formidable bot lane duo, comprised of Raijin and Arytone. Statistically speaking, they currently reign as the most formidable bot duo in the Blue Otter League of Legends scene. Raijin, in particular, stands out as a force to be reckoned with, leading the league in CS per minute, gold generation per minute, and ranking within the top 10 for damage dealt per minute. Meanwhile, Arytone's prowess in the support role is equally impressive, dominating in vision score with a significant lead over competitors and securing the second-highest average assists per game.

However, amidst their triumphs, concerns loom regarding potential roster changes for The I in Team in the upcoming series. While Lotus Crypt, their opponents, exhibit commendable team cohesion, they falter in the laning phase, consistently finding themselves at significant gold deficits by the 15-minute mark. This vulnerability plays directly into The I in Team's strategy, which revolves around capitalizing on early advantages to snowball towards victory.

The impending clash between these two teams places a spotlight firmly on the bot lane. Should Lotus Crypt seek to turn the tides in their favor, their hopes may rest on the shoulders of Rebootz, a late-game hyper carry. However, facing off against the formidable duo of Raijin and Arytone, the odds seem stacked against them. The dominance of The I in Team's bot lane suggests a decisive advantage that could very well tip the scales in their favor, paving the way for a series victory.

In essence, as the battle unfolds on the rift, all eyes will be on The I in Team's bot lane as they seek to solidify their reign as the undisputed champions of the Blue Otter League of Legends. With their unparalleled skill and synergy, Raijin and Arytone stand poised to dictate the course of the series, leaving little room for doubt regarding their capabilities and potential for success.

Blue Pearl Spire Vs. Clown Gaming Forklift Certified 2-1 For Clown Gaming 

Chris Jungler of Conduit Esports Jiji Prediction: 2-1 For Clown Gaming

IshaN mid laner of Omega Whooper Prediction: 2-1 For Clown Gaming

The Blue Otter League of Legends scene is set ablaze as two juggernauts, Blue Pearl Spire and Clown Gaming Certified, prepare to clash in what promises to be an epic showdown. Both teams have enjoyed remarkable success thus far in the league, but their meeting on the rift tonight marks their first true test of strength.

Clown Gaming Certified, widely regarded as a top contender in the league, enters the series with an unblemished record. However, doubts linger regarding the strength of their victories, as they have faced opponents perceived to be on the lower end of the spectrum. Despite their dominance, Clown Gaming has yet to produce a player within the top 10 statistical rankings, with their support player, AFK Boulder, emerging as their standout performer—an unexpected turn of events for a team leading the leaderboard. Meanwhile, Veycaution, holding the fort in the top lane, has displayed versatility by adeptly maneuvering between tanky frontliners and split-pushing threats.

On the other hand, Blue Pearl Spire boasts a more balanced journey to the top, having triumphed over formidable opponents such as DZG with convincing displays of skill. Their prowess in dragon control sets them apart, with Islamic Samurai anchoring the team and ensuring strategic objectives are secured. Additionally, Blue Pearl Spire's bot lane stands out as a force to be reckoned with, showcasing versatility and demanding respect bans from their adversaries. However, the burden falls on Endo in the top lane to contain Veycaution's potential impact, ensuring that powerful split-pushers like Gwen or Fiora do not spiral out of control.

The upcoming series is expected to be a closely contested affair, with Clown Gaming Certified holding the edge, particularly in game tempo control with their red side advantage in games 1 and 3. Anticipation runs high as both teams are poised to engage in intense 5v5 skirmishes, ripe with opportunities for outplays. In such a high-stakes environment, strategic positioning around neutral objectives will be paramount, potentially dictating the outcome of pivotal team fights.

DZG Arcadia Vs. The Shadow Cows 2-1 For DZG Arcadia

Chris Jungler of Conduit Esports Jiji Prediction: Shadow Cows Win 2-1

IshaN mid laner of Omega Whooper Prediction: DZG Wins 2-1

The stakes have never been higher as DZG enters a crucial matchup against Shadow Cows, with their playoff hopes hanging in the balance. After a turbulent start to the season, DZG finds themselves perilously close to missing out on postseason contention. However, amidst the adversity, there lies an opportunity for redemption—a chance for DZG to rewrite their narrative and reclaim their spot among the league's elite.

Despite their struggles, there are glimmers of hope within the DZG camp. While their early-season performances have left much to be desired, there are signs of individual brilliance that cannot be ignored. Andicus, in particular, has emerged as a standout player, boasting impressive CS numbers and delivering standout performances, such as his stellar showing on Syndra. However, for DZG to turn their fortunes around, a cohesive draft strategy is imperative. Whether opting for scaling compositions or early-game aggression, clarity in their game plan is essential. Additionally, Castro's needs to step it up as his ability to stay alive and contribute meaningful damage could be the key to unlocking DZG's potential.

Conversely, Shadow Cows find themselves in a position of strength, poised to solidify their claim as a top contender within the Piltover division. With victories over formidable opponents yet to be secured, a win against DZG could catapult them into the upper echelon of the standings. Their penchant for drafting burst and pick-oriented compositions has proven effective, offering them the opportunity to dictate the pace of the game and secure crucial objectives. By capitalizing on their strengths and avoiding full-scale team fights against DZG, Shadow Cows can position themselves for success in the series.

Amidst the battleground, the mid lane emerges as the focal point of the action. With Manh representing Shadow Cows and Andicus leading the charge for DZG, both mid laners hold the key to their team's success. Renowned for their individual prowess and penchant for outplays, the possibility of seeing high-octane assassin picks, such as Fizz or Akali, looms large as the series unfolds.

In essence, as DZG and Shadow Cows prepare to lock horns with playoff implications on the line, every move, every draft pick, and every skirmish carries weighty consequences. For DZG, it's a chance at redemption—a shot at salvaging their season and proving their doubters wrong. For Shadow Cows, it's an opportunity to solidify their dominance and stake their claim as one of the league's premier contenders. As the battle unfolds, one thing is certain: in the Blue Otter League of Legends, anything can happen, and the journey to greatness is fraught with peril and promise alike.

Omega Gaming Soda Shakers Vs. Bloom Abyss 2-0 For Bloom Abyss

Chris Jungler of Conduit Esports Jiji Prediction: 2-0 for Bloom Abyss

IshaN mid laner of Omega Whooper Prediction: 2-0 for Bloom Abyss

The Blue Otter Emerald League of Legends landscape sees the Soda Shakers grappling with the harsh realities of competition, as doubts loom over their ability to secure victories in the league. With Solo Queue performance faltering and roster depth lacking, the road ahead appears daunting for this determined yet beleaguered team. Despite the occasional standout performance from Kurido, the team's lackluster statistics paint a grim picture, with no player ranking above the top 50 and a collective KDA below 2.0. Furthermore, the dependency on BIG NEWS's proficiency on Miss Fortune leaves the team vulnerable to targeted bans, adding another layer of complexity to their uphill battle.

In contrast, Bloom Abyss finds themselves in a more favorable position, currently occupying the coveted 4th spot in the Piltover division. However, the journey ahead is fraught with challenges, as they face off against the division's top three teams in the ensuing matches. To maintain their standing, Loveless, their top laner, must assert his carry potential consistently, leveraging counterpick advantages to secure victories. While experimentation with new compositions is tempting, the tight playoff race with the Shadow Cows necessitates a focused approach, with every point crucial in securing their postseason aspirations. A 2-0 victory against the Soda Shakers is imperative, as anything less would place Bloom Abyss in the precarious position of needing to upset higher-seeded opponents to stay in contention.

As the stage is set for the clash between Soda Shakers and Bloom Abyss, the spotlight shines on the strategic decisions and individual performances that will shape the outcome of the series. For Soda Shakers, it's a test of resilience—a chance to defy the odds and prove their detractors wrong. Meanwhile, Bloom Abyss seeks to solidify their position in the standings, navigating the treacherous waters of the Piltover division with precision and determination. In the unpredictable realm of Blue Otter Emerald League of Legends, only time will tell which team will emerge victorious, but one thing remains certain: the battle for supremacy rages on, with each match bringing new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Upcoming Predictions Zaun

Mint OTS Vs. Horizon Gaming 2-0 For Mint OTS

Chris Jungler of Conduit Esports Jiji Prediction: Horizon 2-1 

IshaN mid laner of Omega Whooper Prediction: Horizon 2-0 

Week 3 of the Blue Otter Emerald League of Legends season brings with it a whirlwind of change as Horizon Gaming undergoes a dramatic overhaul following their recent 0-2 defeat at the hands of Mint Spark. Stung by their lackluster performance, Horizon has opted to dismantle their bot lane entirely, leaving a void that they are still scrambling to fill with a new support player. The decision to part ways with Wren, widely regarded as the standout performer on the team, has left many puzzled and apprehensive about the team's prospects moving forward. With mid-season roster tumult threatening to destabilize team cohesion, Horizon finds themselves at a critical juncture, desperately needing to find their footing and forge a new path to success.

Amidst the chaos, all eyes turn to Exotic in the mid lane, who now shoulders the burden of leadership and carries the hopes of his team on his shoulders. As one of the few remaining players with the potential to match the caliber of top Emerald talents, Exotic must rise to the occasion and rally his teammates in the face of adversity. With the fate of Horizon's season hanging in the balance, Exotic's ability to inspire and lead by example will be crucial in guiding his team through the turbulent waters ahead.

On the opposing side of the rift, Mint OTS enters the fray emboldened by their recent 2-1 series victory, achieved through a calculated strategy of drafting scaling champions and patiently biding their time until late-game team fights swung in their favor. With Horizon reeling from internal strife and the loss of their captain, Mint sees an opportunity to exploit their opponents' vulnerability and capitalize on their own strengths. Expect Mint to once again prioritize scaling compositions, confident in their ability to outscale and outmaneuver a Horizon squad in flux.

Despite the potential for a swift 2-0 series outcome, the matchup is poised to be a drawn-out affair, characterized by tense skirmishes and pivotal late-game team fights. With Mint holding the advantage in terms of stability and strategic cohesion, Horizon must summon all their resolve and rally behind their new roster if they are to stand any chance of mounting a comeback. As the battle unfolds, expect Mint to emerge victorious, leveraging their late-game prowess to secure crucial objectives and clinch victory in the face of adversity.

Paradox Vs. Mint Spark 2-0 For Mint Spark

Chris Jungler of Conduit Esports Jiji Prediction: Mint Spark 2-0

IshaN mid laner of Omega Whooper Prediction:  Mint Spark 2-0

Again I am the top laner for Mint Spark I do not want talk about the team I am playing on very much as it feels pretentious. I am confident in our team taking a 2-0 this week as Paradox I feel is probably the weakest team in Zaun.

Week 3 of the Blue Otter Emerald League of Legends season heralds a clash between Paradox and Mint Spark, with both teams eyeing a crucial victory to bolster their standings. While Mint Spark harbors confidence in their ability to secure a decisive 2-0 triumph, questions linger over Paradox's ability to rise to the occasion, despite a recent stroke of fortune.

For Paradox, the journey thus far has been fraught with challenges and setbacks. Despite a recent reversal of fortune, turning a 1-2 loss into a 2-0 victory, doubts persist regarding the team's overall strength and cohesion. A resounding defeat at the hands of Horizon Gaming, who Mint Spark decisively beat, underscores the uphill battle that Paradox faces. Statistical analyses reveal concerning trends within the Paradox roster, with four players languishing in the bottom ten performers of the league. The performance of La Bete, the team's ADC, is particularly troubling, who finds themselves outclassed in damage output and struggling to make an impact compared to their counterpart KTL on Mint Spark.

As Paradox braces for the challenge ahead, they must confront these deficiencies head-on and rally together to overcome adversity. With Mint Spark looming as formidable opponents, Paradox cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Instead, they must harness the motivation and momentum derived from their recent victory and channel it into a cohesive and disciplined performance on the rift.

Final Boss Esports Vs. Conduit Jiji 2-1 For Conduit Jiji

Chris Jungler of Conduit Esports Jiji Prediction: 2-1 For Conduit Jiji

IshaN mid laner of Omega Whooper Prediction: 2-1 for Conduit Jiji

In the tumultuous landscape of the Blue Otter Emerald League of Legends, Final Boss Esports emerges as a team on a mission, fueled by the opportunity to prove their mettle following a recent 2-0 victory bestowed upon them in the wake of Clockwork Angel's investigation. With a newfound lease on life, Final Boss sets their sights on establishing themselves as legitimate contenders, eager to showcase their potential and stake their claim to a coveted playoff spot.

The journey begins with a promising showing against Omega Whooper, where standout performances from Zetta in the jungle illuminate the team's willingness to embrace unconventional picks and adopt a more aggressive, carry-oriented playstyle. However, challenges persist, particularly in the form of Cinamonroll's need for a reliable warding partner and the imperative for the team to mitigate unnecessary deaths. Despite these hurdles, Faulteh's stellar performance in the ADC role serves as a beacon of hope, consistently delivering high damage output despite limited peel from the team's dive-centric composition.

On the opposing side of the rift, Conduit Jiji stands as a formidable adversary, boasting a stable roster and a commendable 1-1 record. Shifti, their ADC, emerges as the focal point of the team's strategy, with ample opportunities to scale and exert influence in the late game. Their stellar showing in week 1, characterized by impeccable KDA values and kill participation, underscores their potential as a force to be reckoned with. However, a missed opportunity in their week two matchup highlights the importance of closing out games effectively and capitalizing on their strengths.

In assessing the matchup between Final Boss Esports and Conduit Jiji, the latter appears to hold the advantage in terms of stability and strategic discipline. With a propensity for safer, more calculated gameplay and superior objective control, Conduit Jiji poses a formidable challenge to Final Boss's more risk-prone approach. Should Final Boss continue to rely on high-risk plays, they risk falling prey to Conduit Jiji's methodical playstyle, potentially thwarting their quest for redemption and playoff contention.

As the stage is set for a clash of contrasting styles and aspirations, anticipation runs high for a showdown of epic proportions. Will Final Boss Esports seize the opportunity to solidify their status as contenders, or will Conduit Jiji emerge victorious, cementing their place among the league's elite? Only time will tell as the battle unfolds on the rift, with each team vying for glory and supremacy in the Blue Otter Emerald League of Legends.

Monkeys Emerald Vs. Omega Wooper 2-0 For Omega Whooper 

Predictions for this series are not available from Chis and Ishan as the otter talk episode was filmed before the Dorado Gaming Kappa ruling was shown. 

The Blue Otter Emerald League of Legends season is in full swing and everyone should warmly welcome our newest team, Monkeys Emerald. As the only team entering Zaun with a winless record of 0-2, Monkeys Emerald finds themselves facing an uphill battle against one of the league's titans and have a challenging road to achieve a playoff spot. While details regarding Monkeys Emerald's roster remain sparse, early indications suggest a reliance on lane swapping strategies. However, doubts linger regarding the effectiveness of such tactics, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the team's prospects moving forward. As they prepare to face off against Omega Whooper, Monkeys Emerald must summon all their resolve and tactical acumen to stand any chance of upsetting the odds.

Conversely, Omega Whooper emerges as a dominant force within the league, with lofty expectations resting upon their shoulders. Widely regarded as the frontrunners to clinch the Blue Otter Emerald League title, Omega Whooper boasts a star-studded lineup led by the formidable Morstriech. Renowned for their prowess as an ADC, Morstriech stands head and shoulders above the competition, wreaking havoc on the rift with an impressive array of champions. The only question mark this writer has for the Omega Wooper roster is how effective will Ishan be in the mid lane? Ishan has had the least impressive stats on this team and this is where the Emearld Monkeys should focus their attention. 

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