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Blue Otter League Gold Season 7: Week 1 Preview

It’s time to get the BOL Gold Season underway and we have some great opening week matches. We are going to go through division by division and Toxin and myself will be doing a public pick 'em along with some of our matches to watch. Be sure to check out Otter Talk tomorrow before games kick off at! Lastly, I want to thank the people who participated in the Week 1 pick ems. Make sure to keep a lookout for the review article for Week 2 pick ems. Let's get into it!


Week 0 Results

Genetics Record: 0-0, 0%

Toxin Record: 0-0, 0%

Community Record: 0-0, 0%

Cloud Division

Aftermath Esports v Business Time

Genetics Prediction: Business Time 2-0

Toxin Prediction: Business Time 2-1

Community Poll: 50/50 split Clinical v LTMK Fire

Genetics Prediction: Clinical 2-1

Toxin Prediction: LTMK Fire 2-0

Community Poll: 70% for LTMK Fire NWE Jupiter v Revolution Halcyon

Genetics Prediction: NWE Jupiter 2-0

Toxin Prediction: NWE Jupiter

Community Poll: 70% for NWE Jupiter Rivals v TA Day Spa

Genetics Prediction: TA Day Spa 2-0

Toxin Prediction: TA Day Spa 2-0

Community Poll: 90% for TA Day Spa

Genetics Cloud Division Match to Watch: Clinical v LTMK Fire

I think that this will be a close match up but I give the edge to Clinical. Not much is known about this team and I believe that LTMK Fire is much easier to scout. I think they will catch LTMK Fire off guard and cause an early season upset.

Toxin Cloud Division Match to Watch: Aftermath vs Business Time

I think that the Cloud Division games this week are resident sleeper to be honest. Most of these matchups on paper seem like they will be pretty one sided in my opinion, but it’s also pre-season so I could be wrong. I expect Aftermath vs Business Time to be the closest matchup in the division. The key matchup is in the mid lane; if former champion Buckbee can hold his own against the Plat 4 Ssunj, there’s a good chance that Aftermath can win. If he can’t, I expect Ssunj to be able to snowball a lead into bot lane and take over the game. The other storyline worth watching is the love fest that’s going to happen in the top lane. Both Ikazuchi and Feathers and Fur are teammates turned enemies in this matchup, but that probably won’t stop them from flirting with each other. I wanna see the chat logs after the series, that’s all I'm gonna say.

Mountain Division

CB Ibiza v CG Aristocrats

Genetics Prediction: CB Ibiza 2-0

Toxin Prediction: CB Ibiza 2-0

Community Poll: 80% for CB Ibiza

CG Jesters v Glacial Void

Genetics Prediction: CG Jesters 2-1

Toxin Prediction: Glacial Void 2-1

Community Poll: 60% for CG Jesters NWE Mercury v Phantoms

Genetics Prediction: NWE Mercury 2-0

Toxin Prediction: NWE Mercury 2-1

Community Poll: 50/50 split !RAWR v RPG Cubs

Genetics Prediction: RPG Cubs 2-1

Toxin Prediction: !RAWR 2-0

Community Poll: 60% for RPG Cubs

Genetics Mountain Division Match to Watch: CB Ibiza v CG Aristocrats

I think anyone looking at this group is hyped to watch these two teams clash. CB Ibiza is going to get challenged right out of the gate by BOL Kickoff finalist CG Aristocrats and it could be an absolute banger of a series.

Toxin Mountain Division Match to Watch: CG Jesters v Glacial Void

To be honest, as much as I think CB Ibiza vs CG Aristocrats is probably the top two teams in the group going against each other, I also think that Ibiza is too far ahead of everyone else right now for that match to be interesting. In my eyes, CG Jesters v Glacial Void should be much more exciting to watch. On one hand, you have CG Jesters, a team that lost to a glorified IBS roster in EGL on Monday. On the other hand, you have Glacial Void, which plays under Glacial and that org hasn't submitted a strong, stable Gold team in over a year to my knowledge. Is this going to be top-tier league of legends gameplay? Probably not. Are you looking to watch a fiesta on the level of the TSM v GG last weekend? If so, this is the match for you. The true winner of this match are the ones that watch it unfold live, so make sure you turn into to watch it in 1080p!

Ocean Division

AK Jasmine Dragons v CB Rangers

Genetics Prediction: CB Rangers 2-0

Toxin Prediction: AK Jasmine Dragons 2-1

Community Poll: 80% for CB Rangers Conduit Esports v GSG Gamma

Genetics Prediction: Conduit Esports 2-1

Toxin Prediction: Conduit Esports 2-0

Community Poll: 70% for Conduit Esports

Imperial Gaming v Literal Monkeys Water

Genetics Prediction: Imperial Gaming 2-0

Toxin Prediction: LTMK Water 2-1

Community Poll: 60% for Imperial Gaming

Oasis Maelstrom v SON Goku

Genetics Prediction: Oasis Maelstrom 2-0

Toxin Prediction: Oasis Maelstrom 2-1

Community Poll: 80% for Oasis Maelstrom

Genetics Ocean Division Match to Watch: Imperial v LTMK Water

We have BOL Season 6 finalists back for season 7 and I’m hyped to see them matchup versus the new look LTMK. I think this has the possibility to go this distance with the amount of talent on both of these teams!

Toxin Ocean Division Match to Watch: Agni Kai vs CB Rangers

Here we go! Finally some banger matchups! There’s two really important matchups in my mind, that being Imperial vs LTMK and AK (Agni Kai) vs CB Rangers. I’ve heard rumblings that Paradigm Shift might not be able to play for Imperial Gaming, which if that happens I think that LTMK should be able to win that one easily. The match of the week for me is AK Jasmine Dragons vs CB Rangers. I think CB Rangers on paper is one of the best in the league. You have Buhrock and Anderson Cooper returning as the mid/jungle duo. Joining them this time is adc superstar Rivered, which makes a fearsome trio for any team to fear. That being said, on the other side is a bit of a ZGG super team with most of the best parts of last year’s GSG Sigma (Baammm ADC, Dobs mid, and Vandrahl roleswapped to support) and the 2nd place team Agni Kai (Zuzu top lane and Fini in the jungle). On paper, it makes sense to pick CB. That being said, I think CB randomly drops games to teams that play on the same page, and I expect that to happen here.

Community Comments

Since just a few people left notes at the bottom, I thought we could use them all. Good luck everyone!


I like pizza and pumpkin pie - Fini

AK Wins <3 -zuzu

100% correct (unknown)

if Ras loses bot, it's jg diff (unknown)

Sorry I inted. -Recently Swapped to Top Lane Music Group (probably black eyed peas)

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