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Blue Otter League Gold Semifinals Preview

Another round down, another half of the League gone. While there’s little doubt that the circumstances that occurred over the last few days have altered the playoff picture, the fact of the matter remains that one CB team advanced to the semifinals. All series were relatively competitive and none were straight sweeps which, again, demonstrated that all teams deserved to be there. Here’s a brief summary of the four series.

CB Shield versus CB Hydra → Instability on the side of CB Shield cost them early but they get a second chance this week. If the roster is there from the start, would it have been a different series?

TDS Knights versus Piltover Pokes -> How effectively the Piltover Pokes were contained. As per usual, every member of TDS Knights contributes to the end result of a win. Business as usual for them

DZG Arcadia versus TE Genesis -> The team that largely did not alter its strategy was most successful in this series. TE Genesis continues to push forward like a snowball.

Conduit Esports Goblins versus Clown Gaming It -> Series mentioned here as it occurred. Conduit Esports Goblins continues to do exactly what is necessary to win and are one step away from the Finals.

Looking Ahead to Semifinals:

CB Shield versus TDS Knights - It would be unfair to criticize CB Shield as CB Hydra was a good team and this second chance may be exactly what they needed. I think many around CB Shield felt pushed into a situation that was unexpected on Wednesday and then got an additional unexpected result that catapulted them back into the playoffs. On paper, both of these teams match up well with one another - they both take advantages that other teams offer to them and all lanes have carry potential. For TDS Knights, they have always been discussed among the finest teams in their Division but, after every other Noxus team has been eliminated, they are the last ones left. It should be a strong match.

Conduit Esports Goblins versus TE Genesis - TE Genesis has continued to persevere and be successful on a weekly basis for they are five strong players with an excellent read on the meta. Quite simply, they were the unquestioned better team in the quarterfinals except for midlane where Kazuha Nakamura was exposed versus Tsuki. They were able to minimize their mistakes but gvgnumber1 may do a number on them again if resources are not given to TE’s midlane. For me, the focus is on the botlane. Both teams have strong botlanes who sometimes go unrecognized outside of their team. If Trash Panda is against Aquarat this week once more, I would say that whichever team can get their botlane snowballing should be successful. If Conduit Esports Goblins can win Game One, this series will be interesting. I think we may have a full five game series on our hands here.

Six Crucial Players In The Semifinals:

I am only keeping the remaining players here that were not eliminated in Round Two. Yes, there is six here.

  1. 0utrage - CB Shield - 0utrage got mad that he was down at the bottom, even though this isn’t organized, so I moved him to the top as it probably affected his ego. This may give him a boost in the semifinals.

  2. Cyclone - CB Shield - A second chance could bode wonders for this player who did not have the best series last week.

  3. Kazuha Nakamura - TE Genesis - Another week, another strong performance for Kazuha. They have been a driving force for this team.

  4. Beastieric123 - Conduit Esports Ghost - Continues to perform at a high level and will be counted upon heavily this week. An unsung hero on this team.

  5. Right3ous - TE Genesis - There’s little doubt the inclusion of Right3ous has given TE Genesis multiple strategies to be successful. Look for TE Genesis to run a lot of their game through this player.

  6. NotSoDark - TDS Knights - Quietly continuing to do fantastic work and was instrumental in their quarterfinals victory.

An Ode To CB Hydra

I am merely putting a little note here celebrating CB Hydra’s accomplishments this split and recognizing the work that many of those players put in. These players remain some of the strongest in the scene and it was a pleasure writing about you all.

Three Factors to Each Team’s Success Tonight

CB Shield -

  1. Field the usual roster that hasn't dropped a series.

  2. Play their style that had them undefeated before last week.

  3. Feel like you’ve been given a second chance so keep morale high.

TDS Knights -

  1. Take what CB Shield offers you in the draft.

  2. Force CB Shield to play to your tempo.

  3. Maximize your counterpick in the solo lane.

Conduit Esports Goblins -

  1. Don’t give away anything easy in draft without a bonafide answer.

  2. Trust in the process and picks that got you here.

  3. Look to take control in botlane.

TE Genesis -

  1. Rely on Aquarat to cook as they have in the last month.

  2. Trust in your knowledge of the meta and strong picks.

  3. Use your momentum to get ahead early and keep that lead.

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