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BOL Gold Week 2 Preview- By Toxin, Rivered, and Genetics

It’s that time of the week again to preview this weeks matches. Be sure to check out Otter Talk on Wednesday before games kick off at! Lastly, I want to thank the people who participated in the Week 2 pick ems. We had a large increase of votes (46!) this week and lets keep it up throughout the season. Make sure to keep a lookout for the review article for Week 3 pick ems. Let's get into it!


Week 1 Results

Genetics Record: 9-3, 75%

Toxin Record: 9-3, 75%

Rivered Record: 0-0,

Community Record: 10-2, 83%

Cloud Division

Literal Monkeys Fire v Aftermath Esports

Genetics Prediction: Literal Monkeys Fire

Toxin Prediction: Literal Monkeys Fire

Rivered Prediction: Literal Monkeys Fire

Community Poll: Literal Monkeys Fire

Business Time v Revolution Halcyon

Genetics Prediction: Business Time

Toxin Prediction: Business Time

Rivered Prediction: Revolution Halcyon

Community Poll: Business Time

TA Day Spa v Clinical

Genetics Prediction: TA Day Spa

Toxin Prediction: TA Day Spa

Rivered Prediction: TA Day Spa

Community Poll: TA Day Spa

New World Esports Jupiter v Rivals

Genetics Prediction: New World Esports Jupiter

Toxin Prediction: New World Esports Jupiter

Rivered Prediction: New World Esports Jupiter

Community Poll: New World Esports Jupiter

Genetics Cloud Division Match to Watch: LTMK Fire v Aftermath Esports

Literal Monkeys Fire proved me wrong week 1 as they mopped up Clinical. Aftermath Esports had a harder go of things as they took 1 game off of Business Time and weren't able to take the series, losing 1-2. These are the series that are most important early in the season to setup less pressure going into the later week of the season. I'm most interested in the match up to me is in the mid lane between NoName and Buckbee. Both players week 1 had pretty average performances and I expect this matchup to be a real factor in the outcome of the series.

Mountain Division

Glacial Void v CB Ibiza

Genetics Prediction: CB Ibiza

Toxin Prediction: CB Ibiza

Rivered Prediction: CB Ibiza

Community Poll: CB Ibiza

Clown Gaming Aristocrats v Phantoms

Genetics Prediction: Clown Gaming Aristocrats

Toxin Prediction: Clown Gaming Aristocrats

Rivered Prediction: Clown Gaming Aristocrats

Community Poll: Clown Gaming Aristocrats

RPG Cubs v Clown Gaming Jesters

Genetics Prediction: RPG Cubs

Toxin Prediction: RPG Cubs

Rivered Prediction: RPG Cubs

Community Poll: Clown Gaming Jesters

New World Esports Mercury v !RAWR

Genetics Prediction: New World Esports Mercury

Toxin Prediction: New World Esports Mercury

Rivered Prediction: New World Esports Mercury

Community Poll: New World Esports Mercury

Rivered Mountain Division Match to Watch: NWE Mercury v !RAWR

While others might look to the Glacial Void and CB Ibiza this week, this is my personal favorite to watch. !Rawr is going to be looking to bounce back from an 0-2 week, while NWE Mercury wants to show that their week one showing was no joke. There are two main reasons why this is where my attention is drawn: !Rawr’s roster, and Mercury’s performance. With a game time a full two and a half minutes and change faster than any other winning team, Mercury established themselves as a team to watch with their takedown of Phantoms. Time will prove whether that was a one-off stomp or something to expect from them, though. !Rawr, however, boasts a hoard of substitute players and showed up with several role swaps off of their registered roles last week. I'm interested in seeing who they'll be fielding this week, and hopefully they manage to find the right combination of players and roles in order to make this an exciting match— and more importantly, their first win of the season.

Ocean Division

GSG Gamma v AK Jasmine Dragons

Genetics Prediction: GSG Gamma

Toxin Prediction: AK Jasmine Dragons

Rivered Prediction: GSG Gamma

Community Poll: 50/50 split

CB Rangers v Literal Monkeys Water

Genetics Prediction: CB Rangers

Toxin Prediction: CB Rangers

Rivered Prediction: CB Rangers

Community Poll: CB Rangers

SON Goku v Conduit Esports

Genetics Prediction: Conduit Esports

Toxin Prediction: Conduit Esports

Rivered Prediction: Conduit Esports

Community Poll: Conduit Esports

Imperial Gaming v Oasis Maelstrom

Genetics Prediction: Imperial Gaming

Toxin Prediction: Imperial Gaming

Rivered Prediction: Imperial Gaming

Community Poll: Imperial Gaming

Toxin Ocean Division Match to Watch: GSG Gamma v AK Jasmine Dragons

This is 100% the best match to watch in the entire league for me. Both completely flipped their expectations due to their last week's performance: AK looked a little lost in their Week One matchup despite them coming in as a contender to win the Championship, eventually falling 0-2 against the CB Rangers. This week could end up being a make or break match for their season; if they lose, the team quite honestly could implode off of the mental boom of the ex-GSG players losing to their former org. Im really looking forward to see how these players do when playing against their old org. Will they have a fire lit under them, or will they crash and burn? For GSG Gamma, they came into the league with very low expectations and overperformed greatly. With the ceiling of this team higher than ever, this week will be a good chance to really cement how good they are as a team. Was the Pentakill from Sole a fluke or is he really that cracked? Will ThatDeckerGuy have the last laugh after seeing his entire GSG Sigma squad leave to play for another org? I can't wait to find out.

Community Comments

Since just a few people left notes at the bottom, I thought we could use them all. Good luck everyone!

I can't lose this time right? - Fini

Heck Billy - CB Wakka

Business time gonna mid gap

My top laner is a better jungler than I am - Kappa

Watch out for stranger danger in bot lane on Glacial Void

Pick Zeri - Arlant

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