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BOL Plat Power Rankings Playoff Edition

Hey everyone it is I CTRL ULT ELITE. With the playoffs officially locked in, every team having played the regular season and 22 players have submitted their own pickems I thought why not revisit my power rankings? So this is more of a traditional power ranking. S tier is the best, D tier is the worst. If you want a chance to make your own

I will have an explanation for why I have every team ranked in certain positions and why.

Here is the updated playoff bracket in case you forgot the path of every team.

And here is my tier list if want a TLDR

S Tier

Dorado Gaming Sigma

So Dorado Gaming Sigma are the clear favorites to win BOL Plat. There were 22 pickems created and Sigma was predicted to be the team in the finals in 65% of the pickems and 10 people picked Sigma to win. Sigma are coming into the playoffs having the best record of every team in BOL as well as the best team stats. As far as individual players go Sigma has 4 of their players in the top 25 list on the stats.

So what are the strengths of sigma? What's the weakness of this team? Well strengths are pretty easy to see and more or less too numerous to list. The stat tracking of our league Sigma is more or less at the top for every category. The most impressive to me is that they are making the most gold a minute out of every team and have a near 5.0 team wide KDA. The Weakness of Sigma if there is one is that they are very confident. Sigma are going to go for the skill matchup in draft and are going to look for the individual outplays. You as a team can orchestrate that to your advantage by baiting plays or outplaying Sigma yourself.

I do not have the time to talk about all the indivudal amazing players on this team. Everyone on this team is elite simply put. I would put every player on this team in thier position in the all star vote simply put.

A Tier

XG Lightning

I think that XG Lightning probably has the best shot at making it to the finals out of every team on the left hand side of the bracket. They have by no means an easy road making it to the finals having to play TE Abyss in round 1 and the winner of Oblivion Esports Ruby and Ely in round 2. XGL as a team is clutch simply put. XGL has had some major high points this season being the only team to beat Sigma. They have however lost an incredible number of games. XGL played the most games out of almost every team in BOL only having 1 series be a 2-0. So they are quite used to high pressure games as this team has played a lot of game 3s. But they win the series and that is the important part.

As far as the individual players to watch on this team I would look mostly at the bot lane of Juiiceboxx their ADC and Improvise at support. Both are in the top 25 of players and have had some serious carry games. Juiiceboxx is top 10 in damage per minute in our league and has gotten 2 quadra kills showing that they can clutch up a series when needed. XG Karthnath in top lane might be the point of weakness for XG they are often on weak side tank duty and have had some games where they have not performed.

As a team the best thing that XGl does is play for dragons. It is their best team stat, they do not have the elite KDA level of many other teams having a 3.73 team KDA(there are several teams above 4.0) their gold a game is average. XGL has good herald, baron and gold stats but not outstanding. The only stat I think that is a concern for XGL is the fact that they only get 5.9 towers a game. Again this team wins a lot by grouping up; split push is not their style.

TE Abyss

TE Abyss are another team on the upswing coming into playoffs riding a 5 series winning streak. I think they are the best team coming out of Shurmia. TEA struggled at the beginning of the year but after swapping Hi Im Jerkie in at week 3 the team has started to mesh. The core of this team is TheEloDemon in mid paired with Yuupi in jungle. K7 Showoff in toplane is going to play Ksante unless you ban it. This team has some weird picks up their sleeves so I expect them to do well in the b05 format having multiple picks that they can bring out.

As far as team stats go TEA have all the things a great team needs. They often stomp their games having the only sub 30 min game time other than Sigma. TEA gets 6.5 towers a game a decent number. They are a little lower on the baron and dragon counts then many other teams. TEA has a team wide 4.0 KDA which puts you in the elite category and this is why they are in A tier.

So as a team TE Abyss have 3 players doing the heavy lifting. Hi Im Jerkie at ADC is averaging less the 2 deaths a game over his 9 games, is in the top 10 of CS a minue and every other gold stat. He is stomping taking the least damage a minute of every ADC and coming out of most lanes with a 1.2k gold lead. Yuppi in the jungle looks really good at league. Their has them with a disgusting 64% winrate in diamond 3 with tons of games played on their offrole where they are carrying games just as hard as when they are jungle. Yuupi in BOL has shown that they are not a Sylas 1 trick but can smash just as many games on things like Yi, Hecarim Vi and Graves. TheEloDemon is the other hard carry in mid lane for TEA. Playing almost none of the traditional control mages that we see in comp play TheEloDemon instead plays for assassins and swain. It is working for the as they are number 3 in the league as kills a game and have the highest KP of any mid laner.

Dorado Gaming Nu

The sister team of Dorado gaming Sigma Dorado gaming Nu have remained a firm contender in BOL. Nu lost only 2 series this regular season. They lost their very first match vs their sister team and had a fairly strong showing. They also lost in the last week in a close 3 game series to XGL. Nu as a team can play through every lane. Some games its MoonShot in top lane playing Fiora and looking for split push victories. In other games it's Eqq in the jungle taking graves and out farming his opposing jungler. SWBF and Zend in the bot lane have been a rock for this team playing mostly Hyper Carries and enchanters. With Jinx so high priority for a lot of teams expect Nu to 1st pick this if they can.

The individual I would pay the closest attention to on this team would be their ADC SWBF. Swbf has the most multikills out of every play in BOL plat and is going to be playing the champions that can 1v9 a game. As a team Dorado Gamin Nu have some elite stats. They get the 2nd most towers a game out of every team in BOL, are third in inhibs taken a game. They have nothing standing out as a concern either they get a fair amount of neutral objectives and farm efficiently.

First Class

FC had a rough start to the season being 1-2 in week 3 when I did the first power rankings. But FC stepped it up after that point considerably. FC won the next 4 weeks straight and finished the season just 1 point under OER as the 2nd seed of Shurmia. FC had a solid season they did not go crazy and upset many teams but they won the games that mattered. They beat both TEA and OER in the regular season and lost to SHZ and NWE when they were surging.

First Class has the elite stats that you want to see coming out of a team. They are fractionally behind Nu when it comes to towers taken a game at 7.1, they have a 4.0 team KDA, they take the most inhibs a game of every team. First Class also plays a bit of a longer game time. FC biggest weakness to me is that they have found a team comp that works and they play it every game they can. In a b05 I feel teams are going to have to catch onto this and we are going to see how they can adapt. If someone were to ban the 3 champions that this team takes every time they are up what is going to happen?

When we look at this teams main roster FC does not have a singular stand out star performer. They have a bunch of really good players. FC Truest their jungler is the teams highest rated player and the number 3 jungler in the league. But the “worst” player on this team, their top laner FC Bruiser is still in the top 4 of their roles out of the remaining playoff teams.

B Tier

Oblivion Esports Ruby

Shurmia’s number 1 seed is Oblivion Esports Ruby. Shurmia in many ways Shurmia was way closer of a division. The top 4 were all separated by just 2 points(a single game win not a series a game). OER came out on top. Ruby in the regular season played well most games they dropped series to TE Abyss and First Class but were able to win the rest of their series.

As a team OER play a slower game and prioritize the bot side of the map where their star player Ravensman is(the number 4 player in the league). OER closes games out with Baron every time they take the most Barons out of every team. The team drafts and plays the same way most games and I wonder how they will adapt as a series continues. OER does the same 3 things in draft and game they take a hyper scaling or on hit bot laner, a jungle tank that provides their initiation, a top lane side threat(sometimes a 2nd tank). The rest of the team flexes a bit more. Their mid laner can play hard scaling some games with Asol and Azir or look to the teamfight tools of Annie and Orianna. Support is probably the most flexible spot on this team. Some games its secondary engage with Nautilus and Rakan other games its poke tools. OER has some major red flag stats; they die the most of every playoff team(19 deaths a game on average). OER has the worst rift herald stats out of every team in BOL, not just the playoffs as well. If a team wants to play Bel Veth and get some free void stacks just saying it would probably work here. OER also dies the most out of every playoff team they have no standout dominant stats in the positive direction either. If we look at gold a game they are 1st as they play 3 minutes longer than most other teams. If we filter this by gold a minute they are 4th. It's the same story with their CS a minute.

So for individual players Ravensman is the obvious standout for OER. They are OER to put it simply. Ravensman is in the top 10 of every single stat you want your ADC to be in. CS a minute, Kills, Damage, Gold, gold difference. If ELY can shut Ravensman down the ship is sinking. I talked about this back in week 7 but this team is literally all your eggs in 1 basket. OER has won just 1 game in this entire season where Ravensman was not 3000 gold over his opposing ADC. The rest of this team does not inspire confidence. Their next best player is their mid JSchatoic. JSchatoic is ranked firmly in the middle of all mids. If we narrow this to playoff teams you are ranked at number 6 of 8(or 25th of all 40 players) having the lowest KP a game, the only mid laner down in gold on average at 15 minutes. Thankfully JSchatoic is 4th in DPM but then again OER has the longest game times. Longer games are going to pad this stat. And this is your second best player. I'm not going to continue to beat down this team but it's time to unlock demon mode and pop off. Give Ravensman a break and carry a game he needs it and your team needs it if you want a deep run.

Ely Blaze

ELY Blaze are a team who had to play last week in the ⅘ qualifiers to truly make playoffs. They were able to easily 3-0 SHZ plat and prove that they firmly belong in the top 8. That being said I do not think Ely Blaze are going to win the league. In the regular season ELY played in Targon and were able to remain competitive. They only dropped series to the 2 Dorado teams narrowly beating XGL and came into playoffs as the 4th seed. ELY are a bit more of a traditional team playing a 2 threat comp most games relying on their mid and AD to carry them putting tanks and utility in the other roles.

Team stat wise ELY have a few worrying trends. Number 1 is they have the least kills a game out of every playoff team. They are also really low in the gold a minute department as a team. They are not dominant in any other category, they are simply good. 6.4 towers puts them in 4th they are tied for 5th in dragons taken.

As far as the standout performances Idrees and OpKillSwitch need to carry this team and carry they do. Both of these players are top 5 in the league at damage a minute which is insane. Idress is a farming machine taking tons of spots among the other elite ADCS. OPKillswtich is doing the most damage a minute out of every mid laner in the league as well. The rest of this team are however trending in the wrong direction. Both BeanChillin and Nicklolz are the 2 worst performing players left in the league when we look at the stats.

C Tier

NWE Orion

So NWE Orion are the team I have the least faith in advancing in playoffs. After DEGEN were stupid enough to leak the fact they were account sharing and tried to kick someone from their roster to cover it NWE was awarded the series win last night. NWEO has been doing the exact opposite of every other team in playoffs. They are sliding downwards hard. They lost series to OER and TEA without getting game wins and started to struggle with teams much lower rated than them like TAC.

Team stat wise the last couple of weeks has not diminished from the excellent start that NWEO had. This team still has the best dragon stats in the league a fairly impressive 3.8 KDA and have good Rift Hearld stats. Where they have started to falter is some of the late game neutral stats like Baron and towers taken a game.

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