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BOL Plat Power Rankings Week 5 by Greedee

I am !Rawr’s Jungle. I rank teams. Don’t give hate, or bully me pls. Don’t take anything I say personally. Also don’t be intimidated by word count, I tried to not leave any team out of love of my holy words.

16. $tonk Squad (0-6) (0-2) -

Stonk Squad has had a really rough start so far, especially being a part of one of the lower-tier divisions in terms of point totals. They have yet to net a single win and it’s looking really rough for their playoff chances. Who knows though, maybe they can have a miracle comeback.

15. The Epidemic (1-5) (1-2) 2

A couple tough losses this week for The Epidemic sink them even lower in the rankings. Their only win comes from $tonk, and, even though they had a quality series against !Rawr, it’s hard to justify placing them any higher. Their best bet is to win the division but that is again tough since they lost to the top contender already. The whole team needs to step up their game if they want to have a chance.

14. Literal Monkeys (1-5) (2-1) 2

Literal Monkeys is another team with a couple tough losses last week. The highlight of their season so far is beating Imperial in their best of 3, which is a promising step towards playoffs. However, they are too reliant on their ADC and the rest of the team needs to win their lanes for them to have a comeback this split. Their schedule isn’t looking any easier either, with Serenity and EQ up next.

13. Equilibrium Storm (3-3) (0-2) 5

EQ Storm sees a massive fall in the rankings compared to last week. They needed a momentum swing to keep on pace, but just the opposite happened. They lost to Crosspoint and beat $tonk, an overall bad week. Their roster needs to be sorted out before I put this team any higher. If they can get it together and pull out a couple wins against !Rawr and Literal Monkeys, they can still turn it around and play for a wildcard spot.

12. Crosspoint Southpaw (2-4) (0-2) 3

Southpaw may have lost to Serenity, but took an important win to EQ Storm. Next week, Glacial and Oasis are going to be hard for them, but if they can net a best of three win against Cinco Tacos in week 6 they can definitely make a push for the division lead. They’ve had success in the mid and bot lanes and if their other lanes can elevate their performances, they can be a force to be reckoned with.

11. Cinco Tacos (2-4) (2-0) 2

Currently tied for first place in division B, this team had a rough past week, losing to Hypnotic and Flash the Disrespect. If they want to keep winning they need to find success on their Jarvan, Varus, and Lissandra like they have in past weeks. Right now, their 2-0 win versus $tonk is keeping them ahead of the curve, but they need to sustain that lead to try and secure their division.

10. Imperial Gaming (3-3) (1-2) 4

Imperial Gaming had a great week 4, losing to Booyah, but upsetting Chubby Babies. If they can keep beating top teams they can push for a wildcard spot or even the division lead, since their only shortcoming is their best of 3 loss to Literal Monkeys. However, next week is their toughest week yet, with scheduled games against Hypnotic and Serenity. If they can pull out a win, and ride that momentum into their bo3 with !Rawr, they will be in great shape.

9. Rising Dawn Obsidian (2-4) (2-0) 2

Rising Dawn is on the up and up after beating Serenity and not doing half bad against another one of the best teams in the league, Hypnotic. The name of their game is the bot lane remaining consistent and playing for late game, scaling comps. If Avocados Suck can have more outstanding performances on the Graves and Wukong, he can put the team on his back, and they can easily win their group and even try for a title run.

8. Chubby Babies (4-2) (2-1) 4

Week 4 was an overall rough week for the Babies, as they beat Literal Monkeys and lost to Imperial eSports. They needed to carry their momentum from beating Booyah but they failed to do so. However, week 5 is looking promising for them with games against $tonk Squad and Cinco Tacos, and they should pull a couple wins off. The player to watch on their team is their ADC, punchypanic, who’s good start to the season could be deterred by a new support, since Lazerbite left the team.

7. Flash the Disrespect (4-2) (0-2) 4

Flash the Disrespect is an underrated team that has shown some very good performances so far in the league. Their biggest issue is consistency, with losses coming from Imperial and Glacial, but wins coming from Cinco Tacos and Chubby Babies. Their entire team is filled with noteworthy players, from their support HolyFelipe to their top laner Manatsu, and they have potential for carry from every role. Netting a couple of wins against !Rawr and The Epidemic this week would be a promising step towards a wildcard spot and/or a division lead.

6. Glacial Phoenix Rising (4-2) (1-2) 1

After a rough couple of weeks losing to Oasis Nemesis and then !Rawr Lethal, this team looks to bounce back with a couple of potential wins in $tonk Squad and Crosspoint Southpaw. A key to doing so is playing around their mid/jg carries, Endless and Skizz. If those two can get ahead, there’s no telling how far this team can go. I also think Endless isn’t utilized enough, he’s a carry jungle that plays more of a support role, and I believe it should be the other way around.

5. Booyah Exiles Blue (6-0) (1-2) 2

After swapping out their mid and jungles, Booyah Exiles Blue have had two wins against Imperial eSports and The Epidemic, but still leave questions to be answered. We still have yet to decide whether their roster change was a step in the right direction, and perhaps their week 5 games against Rising Dawn and Cinco Tacos can answer that question. Their new Jungler, FallN, plays more of a carry role with champs like Evelynn and Kayn while their new mid also fits that role with Akali and Irelia. We’ll see if Booyah can string together a consistent roster and keep winning games.

4. Serenity (3-3) (2-0) 1

Serenity had a tough week last week, losing to Rising Dawn Obsidian in a 40+ minute match. They lost to an underrated team, however, preventing those losses in the future is a big step to consistency from the team. Their mid laner, polaroids, is one of their only players that can provide dependable results, so I think the team should play off of him getting fed. Shewasnice, their ADC, is another one of their carry players, but I’d prefer to see him on the Ezreal or Aphelios rather than the Kalista. So far, their 3-3 record is supported by their 2-0 division win against EQ Storm, but once they face Hypnotic and Flash the Disrespect we’ll see where things shake out.

3. !Rawr Lethal (3-3) (2-1) 3

After a decisive win against Glacial Rising Phoenix and a crushing from Oasis Nemesis, this team is in a decent spot for their division. Imperial is the only team near to them, and their schedules comparatively haven’t been close. Their standout performers so far have been their jungler, LatexMonkeyNuts, and their mid laner, BladeGod. With their top laner on tank duty and a really clean support in Iwagakure, this team is hard to break down. Their only losses have been from other top 4 teams, so we’ll have to see how consistent they can be against teams that are lower in the rankings.

2. EQ Light (5-1) (2-0) -

After another 2-0 week for EQ Light, beating Cinco Tacos and Rising Dawn, they look to capitalize on their momentum heading into week 5. They look to gain a couple wins from The Epidemic and Imperial eSports as they roll into week 6 with a match against a struggling EQ. Look for them to be on top of the division for a couple more weeks barring a monumental upset. Their carry players continue to outperform, with Scruff and Jace winning their solo lanes and shot-calling from MinuteMilitia out-macroing their opponents.

1. Oasis Nemesis (5-1) (2-1) -

Oasis Nemesis looks unbeatable at the moment, with top performers in every role. They have a superstar top in Peach, mid in Arch, sup in bangbusdriver, and adc in Yoshiko. Yoshiko’s ezreal, Arch’s corki, and bang’s braum are especially standout for each. This team can carry from every role and beat you down from multiple angles. They are capable from a micro and macro point of view and have many ways to win games. If they can remain consistently good they will be a title favorite in playoffs, with their only challenges being their division games against Babies and Booyah.

Biggest Movers Up: Down:

  1. Imperial Esports 1. Equilibrium Storm

  2. Booyah Exiles Blue 2. Chubby Babies

  3. Flash the Disrespect 3. Literal Monkeys

Eazy's Player Rankings

Top Lane

  1. Jace from EQ Light

  2. Peachbuzz Fizzle from Oasis Nemesis

  3. FlamingThunder from Cinco Tacos

  4. Manatsu from Flash the Disrespect

  5. Blam1ng from Serenity

Honorable Mentions - Dannyphantòm from Rising Dawn Obsidian, Greedee from !Rawr,


  1. Minutemilitia from EQ Light

  2. LatexMonkeyNuts from Rawr!

  3. Èndless from Glacial Rising Phoenix

  4. Clorox is Nummy from The Epidemic

  5. Šùmmòner 1 from Serenity

Honorable Mentions - Avocadossuck from Rising Dawn Obsidian, Pat Fussÿ from Oasis Nemesis

Mid Lane

  1. Årch from Oasis Nemesis

  2. GreatScruff from EQ Light

  3. Skìzz from Glacial Rising Pheonix

  4. MrSquidicus from Flash the Disrespect

  5. BladeGod from !Rawr Lethal

Honorable Mentions - Polaroids from Serenity, Bmie Rising Dawn Obsidian


  1. Shewasnice from Serenity

  2. Mhtruz14 from Booyah Exiles Blue

  3. Punchypanic from Chubby Babies

  4. Mkrty from Glacial Rising Pheonix

  5. Yoshıko from Oasis Nemesis

Honorable Mentions - Muhang from Flash the Disrespect, HoodieChris from Literal Monkeys


  1. GreatHomie from EQ Light

  2. Bangbusdriver from Oasis Nemesis

  3. Iwagakure from !Rawr Lethal

  4. HolyFelipe from Flash the Disrespect

  5. Yauma from Glacial Rising Phoenix

Honorable Mentions - Lazerbite from Chubby Babies, Tmori90 from Serenity

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