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BOL Plat Power Rankings Week 7 by Greedee

I am !Rawr’s Jungle. I rank teams. Don’t give hate, or bully me pls. Don’t take anything I say personally. Also don’t be intimidated by word count, I tried to not leave any team out of love of my holy words. For this week, I’ve decided to weigh the playoff picture heavily in mind when considering these rankings, but it shouldn’t change too much.

16. $tonk Squad (0-8) (0-2) (0-2) -

Continuously maintaining the worst record in the league grants them this spot, I just don’t see them winning or even having a chance against the other bottom teams. It’s not possible for them to make playoffs so we’ll see what their plan is for the remainder of the season. Go hard and see if they can get a win? Try out new outrageous comps and champs? All I know is that I’d like to see them have at least one win at the end of the season.

15. The Epidemic (1-7) (1-2) (1-2) 1

Between roster struggles in the midlane and this team being overall inconsistent, they have shown they can go toe-to-toe with good teams. Their bo3 with rawr was very close and they showed they can rival even the best. However, there are a lot of questions to be answered since they lost to a debatably struggling Literal Monkeys and they have a long way to go for playoffs.

14. Cinco Tacos (2-6) (0-2) (0-2) 1

Cinco Tacos now haven’t won a single game in 3 weeks, so their momentum is crushed. Their win against Oasis was impressive, but their best of three against Crosspoint was almost a must-win and they failed to do so. They need to beat a very strong Rising Dawn to have a chance at playoffs in the final week. We’ll see if they can pull it back in the last stretch of the regular season!

13. Literal Monkeys (1-7) (2-1) (2-1) 2

Literal Monkeys have jumped to second in their division in terms of point totals after a hard-fought best of three win against The Epidemic. Their season is probably going to come down to their best of three against Rawr, with a wildcard on the line. They need to obtain more points than Flash the Disrespect and EQ Storm in the coming weeks to try and snag that wildcard spot in a close race.

12. Imperial Gaming (3-5) (1-2) (0-2) 1

Imperial Gaming had a rough 0-2 loss to !Rawr Lethal last week that puts them 3rd in the division. However, they are only 1 point off of Literal Monkeys and EQ Storm and 3 points off of Flash the Disrespect. They can also look forward to a week 9 showdown with The Epidemic that could hopefully push them that extra mile into a wildcard spot.

11. Crosspoint Southpaw (2-6) (2-0) (2-0) 1

Crosspoint Southpaw is one of the more underrated teams in the league, last week having a very key win over Cinco Tacos. They are quite a few points from the wildcard spot, however, so their playoff condition is going to be hoping Rising Dawn loses and trying to obtain a division leader’s spot. Their last best of three is against Stonk Squad who shouldn’t prove too much of a problem for them, so there’s still a chance they can make it far.

10. Equilibrium Storm (4-4) (0-2) (0-2) -

Coming off of a very tough 0-2 loss to the other EQ team, EQ Storm looks to bounce back and take a crack at a wildcard spot. Their playoff condition is beating Flash the Disrespect week 9 which should be a very interesting game because it will more than likely determine a playoff spot either way. In the meantime, they should look to defeat either Glacial or Oasis this week and most likely both Cinco Tacos and Rising Dawn the next. If their roster can keep it together they still have a chance.

9. Flash the Disrespect (5-3) (0-2) (0-2) 2

Flash the Disrespect is in a very similar spot to EQ Storm. Rely on the points from the best of threes in the last week and look to ride the season out with their current wildcard spot. Their roster is overall very solid, with good players in all positions. I would like to see this team play more synergistically and close out games with their lanes always getting ahead. My prediction is that they make the playoffs as a 4th seed from division 2.

8. Rising Dawn Obsidian (3-5) (2-0) (2-0) 1

Rising Dawn Obsidian has continued to impress me over the past few weeks. With highlight wins to Booyah Exiles and Serenity they are in my opinion going to take group B by storm. It will be close, but I don’t see them losing to Cinco Tacos in the last week of the regular season. However, they still have some challenging games left in the season with Flash the Disrespect and EQ Storm remaining to be faced.

7. Glacial Phoenix Rising (6-2) (1-2) (1-2) 1

Glacial is one of the 4 teams in the “Group of Death” in group A. The bottom line is one of the teams can’t make it even though they are playoff material, and this team seems most likely to do so. However, it will all come down to their best of three against Chubby Babies and finishing out the regular season with a bang. They certainly have the capacity to do so and with a stacked roster it’s very possible.

6. Booyah Exiles Blue (7-1) (1-2) (2-1) 3

Booyah has shown that their roster changes aren’t invalid with a close 2-1 win over Glacial Phoenix. They have the points to secure playoffs they just need to win a couple more games and not completely flop the last three weeks. They might not be as good as they were before the roster changes but I still think this team packs a punch and can make a deep playoff run with their new jungler and mid laner.

5. Chubby Babies (6-2) (2-1) (1-2) 1

Chubby Babies gained my respect after a very close series with Oasis Nemesis, and it was especially punchypanic’s performance that stood out. Their best of 1s are sometimes questionable but they have proven they can outperform even the best of teams in their best of threes. This means that they have the caliber to make a late playoff run and secure their bo3 win in the last week of regular season against Glacial.

4. !Rawr Lethal (5-3) (2-1) (2-0) -

!Rawr is probably the most consistent team overall. They haven’t improved a ton from the beginning of the year but they have shown they can beat good teams and play at a high level. Their midlaner, BladeGod, is the star of the show with his last 2 weeks probably being among the best in the league so far. Their players are all good and this team has shown that they have high potential. In addition, their playoff spot is secured with a win against Stonk Squad and that security is important to try out new things and experiment.

3. Serenity (5-3) (2-0) (2-0) -

Serenity is in a good spot for playoffs because they have two best of three wins and they are a significant point margin ahead of the other wildcard contenders. Their main predicament is catching EQ Light (4 points ahead) which is very possible since they have two whole weeks and then a best of three against them in week 9. If they can keep their momentum rolling with the return of Summoner and their new support Lazerbite they can definitely be a title contender.

2. EQ Light (7-1) (2-0) (2-0) -

EQ Light is in my opinion the best team in the league in terms of caliber of player. They have top 5 players in every role, with (in my opinion) the best jungle and top laner in the league in Jace and MinuteMilitia. They don’t lose that often and when they do they make it close. Their playoff picture is only hindered by Serenity, who could still overtake them in week 9. However, if they can beat Serenity week 9, they can beat any team in the league and could easily make finals.

1. Oasis Nemesis (7-1) (2-1) (2-1) -

Oasis Nemesis looks unstoppable, and are topping the best group in the team in terms of points. They have shown they can beat other title contenders in EQ Light, Chubby Babies, and Rawr. They have star players in every role and their teamplay is insane. Yoshiko and bangbusdriver make an insane botlane duo while their solo laners in Peach and Arch are some of the best in the league. Overall, this team is in my opinion the best team in the league even if they sometimes looked shaky in their best of 3s against Glacial and Chubby.

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