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BOL Plat Quarterfinal Analysis

BOL Plat Quarterfinal Analysis by Greedee

I am !Rawr’s Jungle. I rank teams. Don’t give hate, or bully me pls. Don’t take anything I say personally. Also don’t be intimidated by word count, I tried to not leave any team out of love of my holy words. For this week, I decided to take a look at each match individually and how each team will win it and my predictions for the matches.


Oasis Nemesis vs Flash the Disrespect

Oasis Nemesis is a team that can play through whatever lane is needed to win, with a jungler and top that play literally anything, a mid laner who’s Corki is unrivaled, and a bot lane that also plays consistently well. Flash the Disrespect is a good team, with all of their players having the potential to each be top 5 in their roles. However, they lack consistency and sometimes don’t play as well as they could. I think Oasis Nemesis is going to take over the series through their usual strategy of having Arch on a scaling carry, putting Yoshiko on Ezreal or Aphelios, and playing with comps that allow them to take over the game early and late. The best possible way Flash the Disrespect can win is through being able to shut down Arch as long as possible and getting early priority over dragons and rifts.

My Prediction: Oasis Nemesis 3 - 1 Flash the Disrespect

!Rawr Lethal vs Glacial Rising Phoenix

!Rawr Lethal is back in business with BladeGod back on the scene and their team finding rhythm again. Glacial Rising Phoenix is coming off of a close bo3 loss to Chubby Babies and will look to improve upon their loss to !Rawr earlier in the season. !Rawr will try to use their strategy of putting BladeGod and LatexMonkeyNuts on hyper carries and looking to play through mid/jg, with the rest of the team having supportive roles. Glacial’s team doesn’t have many specifically standout players, they just play well as a unit, but have trouble designating a carry each game. Therefore, I think !Rawr will win based on their ability to play to their carries and outdraft Glacial.

My Prediction: !Rawr Lethal 3 - 1 Glacial Rising Phoenix

Serenity vs Rising Dawn Obsidian

Serenity is stronger than ever, and even with their forfeit loss to Hypnotic, they want to avenge their earlier loss to Rising Dawn Obsidian. Rising Dawn certainly looks the part, with strong laners in all roles. They have shown they can beat good teams, but their consistency is lacking, and they should take this series a long way. Serenity is definitely the favorite, but an upset isn’t entirely unlikely. Serenity’s roster does, however, look overall to be in better shape with more experience with each other and more confidence as a whole.

My Prediction: Serenity 3 - 1 Rising Dawn Obsidian

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