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BOL Platinum Content Delivery! Playoffs Week 1

BEEP BEEP Here comes the BOL Platinum Content Delivery! I'm your driver, Trux. MAJOR UPSET in the first week of playoffs! Let's discuss the highlights and then analyze our teams' anticipated next matches!

Week Nine Results:

  • Agni Kai 3 - 1 Goon Squad Gaming - Predicted Game one was a long, drawn-out battle with Wock Warlock single-handedly keeping Agni Kai in the game, boasting an impressive score of 18/2/4. His performance was pivotal in Agni Kai's eventual victory. Game two was another tightly contested 42-minute match, which ended in favor of Goon Squad Gaming. Agni Kai responded with two more victories, securing the series win and advancing to face Dynasty in the playoffs.

  • Big Duck Entourage 3-0 Subatomic Gaming Proton - Unexpected Big Duck Entourage pulled off a surprising underdog victory, with standout performances from 0utrage, BIG NEWS, and TDKPBT. BDE is proving they have the potential to become this season's BOL champions with their newly formed roster. It will be interesting to see if Gremlins will be ready for them on game day. Unfortunately, it was a tough series for SGP, and we wish them better luck in future leagues.

Standout Players of the Week:

  • Top:  Wock Warlock (Agni Kai) - Standout player for his team this series, serving as a crucial lynchpin for their success.

  • Jungle: Neck Romancer XD (Goon Squad Gaming) - Played his heart out despite the L's

  • Mid: 0utrage (Big Duck Entourage) - Showed that he can be a mid lane threat

  • ADC: TDKPBT (Big Duck Entourage) - Ban this guys Zeri

  • Support: xTitanx (Big Duck Entourage) - Showing hes a beast support when everyone counted him out this season

Playoff Prediction: Updated (Im not calling finals yet)

Big Duck Entourage vs Conduit Gremlins:

I anticipate much of this series will be focused on the top lane, as both teams have strong top laners. BIG NEWS excels when he can get ahead, so BDE will likely aim to control the top side of the map. On the other hand, Gremlins will prioritize stacking dragons and putting their star player, NotSoDark, in the lead. If they can execute this strategy, a 3-0 sweep for Gremlins is likely.

Both teams have mid laners who have had inconsistent performances, sometimes struggling, sometimes enabling, and occasionally carrying games. The outcome of the mid lane will likely depend heavily on jungler interactions.

Overall, I expect Gremlins to come better prepared with a solid game plan, while BDE will play more reactively, relying on their seasoned veterans to outplay and outskill their opponents. An exciting series lies ahead!

Agni Kai vs Dynasty Celestials:

I believe Agni Kai has a more well-rounded roster than Dynasty. They have the potential to carry from any player on their team. In contrast, Dynasty seems overly reliant on their bot lane to perform well, and if the bot lane falters, they struggle to close out games. However, shutting down Dynasty's bot lane has proven challenging for most teams, as both FoxStepBro and Grim Dafyre are very capable of carrying their team.

If Agni Kai can starve or completely shut down Dynasty's bot lane, the rest of the game should fall into place for them. Additionally, Agni Kai's top and jungle players are much more comfortable taking on the carry role, which is something Dynasty's players are not as accustomed to. It will be interesting to see if Agni Kai capitalizes on this advantage.

Overall, I think this is Agni Kai's series to lose. They should be able to secure a solid victory if they execute their strategy effectively.

Players to Watch

  • Top:  BIG NEWS - Will run away with the game if not put on a leash.

  • Jungle: SOL Reaver - Looking to prove hes the best, if not one of the best junglers in the league

  • Mid: Sock to Thighs - This is his chance to hard carry his team into BOL finals, and he has the mechanics and knowledge to do it.

  • ADC: NotSoDark - A smart player that knows how to get ahead and hard carry his team.

  • Support: xTitanx - Slept on all year, now easily the best support in the league.

Fan Opinion

  • Which team is winning BOL and why?

    • Agni Kai - Just a strong balanced team that has grown over the course of the split and drew the best possible opponent for semifinals.

    • AGK - because it would cause Alf the most pain

  • What team(s) are overrated or going to get knocked out this week?

    • Dynasty Celestials

    • BDE

Stay tuned for another exciting week of Platinum action!

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