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BOL Platinum Content Delivery! Playoffs Week 2

BEEP BEEP Here comes the BOL Platinum Content Delivery! I'm your driver, Trux. everything went according to plan in semi-finals! Let's discuss the highlights and then analyze our teams' anticipated next matches!

Week 2 Playoff Results:

  • Agni Kai 3 - 1 Dynasty Celestials - Predicted Game one was the longest of the series, with Tortuga and Socks to Thighs delivering a masterclass performance against Dynasty. Despite Dynasty's strong response with a decisive win in game two, Agni Kai found their stride in games three and four, ultimately securing the series victory. Notably, Agni Kai played the series with a substitute top laner, which is particularly impressive given that Wock Warlock is a crucial part of their team. Congratulations to Agni Kai for overcoming this disadvantage and securing the win. As for Dynasty, it was an unfortunate end to a season that began with such promise. Despite their struggles and loss of identity towards the end, they should be proud of their overall impressive performance throughout the regular season. Better luck next time to Dynasty, and kudos to all the players for a commendable season.

  • Conduit Gremlins 3-0 Big Duck Entourage - Predicted Game one was a prolonged 46-minute battle, with both teams struggling to close it out. Despite securing the Mountain Dragon Soul, BDE couldn't prevent the Gremlins from executing a game-winning push, taking down the only inhibitor of the match and securing the victory. GVG writes... "They defeated our Kennen in the bot sidelane while the rest of us were at Baron. I reset, caught the wave, and teleported to Baron before he could. Then I executed a game-winning AOE ult on Hwei, enabling Dark to secure a pentakill before Bignews could match my teleport." In games two and three, the Gremlins identified BDE's weaknesses and swept them cleanly, advancing to the finals without much trouble. It was a well-deserved advancement for the Gremlins and an unfortunate end to the season for BDE. Despite being a late-season assembly of mercenary players, BDE made a significant impact on the league. One wonders how they might have performed had they started the season together. Regardless, the Gremlins demonstrated that preparation, teamwork, and experience are crucial for battling for championships.

Standout Players of the Week:

  • Top:  Jieun - Gawd damn! This dude laid the smack down on BDE/BigNews

  • Jungle: Pinei foi mal - Proving he's still the number 1 jungler in the league!

  • Mid: Socks to Thighs - The numbers this guy puts up for his team is insane!

  • ADC: NotSoDark - Yeet this guy to Emerald leagues already!

  • Support: Vidyarthi - Proving he's still the number 1 support in the league!

Thoughts on Finals Match-ups

  • Top: This matchup features arguably the two best top laners. Wock has more competitive experience, but skill-wise, it's too close to call. However, I'll give the edge to Agni Kai in the top lane.

  • Jungle: Sol Reaver has really come into his own since leaving SGP and joining Agni Kai. On the other hand, Pinei foi mal has consistently demonstrated that he's the strongest jungler in the league. In this matchup, I think the Gremlins will have the upper hand.

  • Mid: This is Socks to Thighs' chance to prove what I've thought most of the season—that he's the best mid laner in the league. While GVG has a much deeper champion pool and better overall game knowledge, if Socks can play his preferred champions and dictate the pace, I believe he'll dominate mid lane every time.

  • Botlane: Tortuga is a solid ADC, but NotSoDark has been an unstoppable powerhouse all season, consistently boasting impressive KDAs. Paired with the talented Vidyarthi against the inexperienced Fini, the bot lane should consistently favor the Gremlins.

Finals Prediction:

It's undeniable that the Gremlins are one of the most skilled, best-prepared, and talented teams competing in BOL Platinum this season. It's hard to doubt that they can take this all the way to a victory. For Agni Kai to beat them—and they definitely have a solid chance—they will need to identify the Gremlins' weaknesses and exploit them effectively. If any team deserves to face the Gremlins in the finals, it's Agni Kai. While I'm hoping for an Agni Kai upset (everyone loves rooting for the underdog), I expect the Gremlins to take the series 3-1.

Final thoughts...

It has been an absolute pleasure writing for you all. This was my first experience doing anything like this, and while it was riddled with errors and mistakes, I hope it was a decent read every week and that you enjoyed it. I know some people haven't agreed with my takes on the league and the players, but I appreciate everyone's feedback and the support for the content I've tried to create throughout the season. I wish you all the best and look forward to talking to you, playing against you, and playing with you in the future. Best of luck, and Trux out!

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