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BOL Platinum: Week 4


  1. Dorado Gaming Iota (3-0)

  2. Master McNasty (2-1)

  3. CB Heist (2-1)

  4. Khan Esports C (1-1)

  5. Elysium Shield (0-2)

  6. TD Unknown (1-1)

  7. Glacial Frost (0-3)

TD Unknown vs Khan Esports C TD Unknown are coming off a bye actually getting their first win during the bye due to comp ruling. They take on Khan Esports C, who picked up a solid win last week over Master McNasty. The season hasn't gone TDs way to this point but they have the potential to win this match up and cause an upset. This match should really come down to if TD Unknown can slow down the bot lane of JÊD and Vîva for Khan Esports C. If they can, they have a real shot of taking the victory, but I don't have high hopes. I predict Khan Esports C wins, 2-0 Master McNasty vs CB Heist CB Heist end up getting the uno reseverse win from last week, which spells good for their playoff chances. They take on a Master McNasty team who had a bit of a slip up last week and will be looking to get back on track. My players to watch this series will be, the mid jungle duo of Bongo Bong and pQ Papa Cooks, for Master McNasty. Last week, in the game they won, those two seemed to be the ones getting the team on track and they will need to replicate that performance to take this series. I predict Master McNasty will win 2-0, but games will be close. Dorado Gaming Iota vs Elysium Shield Prior to the comp ruling this would of been the game of the week in this division. Unfortunately, for shield, their season has gotten turned upside down a bit and now they have to rebound into the top seed in the group. I think if they had another week with the replacement player, they would of had a chance, but you can't roll out of bed and just beat Iota. I predict Iota will win this series convincingly, 2-0.



  1. Bloom Gaming Lotus 3-0

  2. Dorado Gaming Mu 2-0

  3. Average Joes 1-1

  4. Team Cosmic Genesis 2-1

  5. ET Half Moon 1-2

  6. Going Ghost 0-2

  7. Mystic Cats White 0-3

Dorado Gaming Mu vs Bloom Gaming Lotus The heavyweights of Ixtal meet up in week 5 to play for the top of the division. Dorado enter this week coming off a bit of a tune up match, as they dismantled Mystic Cats White last week, through stong lane play from all three lanes. They go from playing the worst to the first this week, and I would be shocked if Bloom Gaming Lotus doesn't put up a much more compelling fight. Bloom Gaming are coming off a clean 2-0 over ET Half Moon, as Jakobry and sk00bs popped off in their respective games. I think this match will come down to jungle play. Both Splitbreed and Loveless had great weeks and are primed to face off. I personally think that if Bloom can limit the impact of splitbreed early, they should be able to walk away victorious this week. My prediction is 2-1 Bloom, but its close! ET Half Moon vs Going Ghost Neither ET Half Moon nor Going Ghost have had the starts they wanted in this division to this point. In fact, for Going Ghost, this is one of the games that is a must win to start the come back for your season, having already dropped matches to Bloom and Cosmic Genesis. For ET Half Moon, they have had a bit of a shakey start, dropping to both Dorado and Bloom, but beating Mystic Cats White. I think they have the fire power and the repetitions in vs better teams, to be able to topple GG here. My prediction is ET Half Moon 2-0. Mystic Cats White vs Average Joes Average Joes are coming off a bye week, after getting a huge win in week 2 v Genesis Cosmic to help their standings. Now they take on Mystic Cats White, who have struggled to find any success to this point in the league. Mystic Cats just need someone to step up and take control of the team, and I believe Coach Eggboi is their best bet for this to happen. Unfortunately, my hopes are too high. I predict that Average Joes wins here, 2-0.



  1. Horizon Gaming 3-0

  2. Omega Wooper 2-0

  3. 5 Guys 1 King 1-1

  4. Natural Selection 1-2

  5. Conduit Boilers 1-1

  6. Spite Climbers 0-3

  7. APE Gaming Blue 0-2

APE Gaming Blue vs Spite Climbers Both APE Gaming and Spite Climbers are winless in matches and in games. This is a once in a season chance to turn the season around with a win. APE Gaming is in a better spot in terms of playoff contention because they have one less match played than Spite Climbers. For both teams, knocking down towers have been a big issue as APE has averaged 1.8 towers while Spite has averaged 2.7 towers per game. I believe this series will come down to the jungle matchup as both teams have struggled as a whole, but whoever has the jungle priority in this matchups will most likely be able to dictate the map and take the towers that both teams have struggled to do so far. I believe APE Gaming will take this in 3 games if Burrów plays. Horizon Gaming vs Conduit Boilers This is a massive game for Conduit as they will face the unanimous #1 team in Shurima (in my opinion). This game is going to come down to one factor, the Z0RK factor. Z0RK will be facing FerocityX in the top lane and FerocityX has been an absolute beast. They are averaging 7.2 K/G and 1.5 D/G. The reason why I call this the Z0RK factor is because Z0RK can be a very good player with the right resources and lead. However, he tends to fight and take trades when he is down a lot of XP and gold. The rest of the conduit map will also have to play extremely well because all Horizon players have been performing exceptionally. I believe the bot lane and Noname can go even against the the bot lane and Tear Ao respectively, but that will become an issue if FerocityX is able to gain an advantage. I think Horizon will keep the ball rolling with an clean 2-0 victory. 5 Guys 1 King vs Natural Selection This match will be the most interesting match of Shurima as the winner will most likely solidify themselves as the 3rd best team in the division. Natural Selection Gaming had started off the season strong with a 2-1 win over Conduit Boilers but have lost the last two series. However, they were able to take a game off Omega Wooper in week 2 who I have listed as the 2nd best team in the division. On the flip side, 5 Guys 1 King lost 0-2 to Wooper during week 1 and then beat the winless Spite Climbers team in Week 2. As of right now, the player stats for NSG look solid across the board even after losing against Horizon Gaming. The big question is if LAS KTL will play the entire series tonight. They had a monstrous series against Spite Climbers and look to be the shining star of the team. Regardless, I think NSG will take the series 2-1 with more consistent gameplay.

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