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BOL Run It Down Showdown Tournament

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to the BOL off season tournament overview, written by Singularbread. Here you will find my completely biased views and opinions of teams to the best of my knowledge. Of note, the format for the rosters is as following: Role – Summoner name – Rank – notable champion. You will also notice that I've sorted the teams in the order as they appear on the bracket. Also for the purposes of this I will be assuming the starting roster is the one who will be playing, and won't be looking into the sub players

If you don’t like what I have to say, or disagree with anything, well, sorry. Prove me wrong on the rift.

Tier 1 Bracket

The Epidemic


Top – Tower Shot – P3 – Mordekaiser\yorick\kled

Jungle – Clorox is nummy – P1 – Nunu\sejuani

Mid – Hi im Eazy – p3 - Ryze

ADC – Shifti – P4 – Xayah/Kaisa

Support – XMB – P4 – Thresh

Summary – Starting out we have The Epidemic, a team whose name must be referring to cancer if the players and their champions are anything to go by. Overall the team looks to be a solid contender for the tournament, with veterans of BOL all around. In the top there’s split push legend, Tower Shot AKA Teelos who is once again found with his forever duo Clorox is nummy aka Denali. These two have plenty of experience playing together and you can expect that to carry over to team play. In the bot lane, there’s Shifti and XMB. Shifti is another BOL vet, and although he did not make playoffs on atlas, narrowly losing out to FZ, he was without a doubt the strongest member of that roster last season, and he will look to scale into late game on a rift near you. Rounding out the roster you have “Free” Eazy in the mid lane, who is returning to the league now that his ban from play has been lifted. All together this roster seems to be filled with respectable players in each of their roles, should put up a solid run in the tournament if they have it their way.

3-0 Esports


Top – Greatjace – P2 - Renekton

Jungle – Formælandi Hagr – G2 - Reksai

Mid – mrscruffninja –P4 - Akali

ADC – TheLoveHitman - P4 - Cassiopeia

Support – Royal Moon – P2 - ?

Sub – MrSchmeeee

Summary – Next up is 3-0 ESports, a team built to represent, who would've guessed? The 3-0 gaming community. They look to take on the epidemic in their first round matchup. Some familiar faces in Greatjace and TheLoveHitman, former Tempest players pop out on this roster. Jace has traditionally been a strong laning top laner, who tends to play oppressive champions in the role, while hitman is a more balanced play style, able to play to win lane or scale to late if needed. With scruff ninja in the mid lane, and royal moon in the support role, this team is solidly built with strong laners, and good team fighting payers, which is good as the higher ranked players will need to support the much lower ranked Formælandi Hagr against the oppressive gank heavy bleach drinker in their first matchup.

Team Boba Boys


Top – BreakingDarkness – p4 - Gangplank

Jungle – Ok Boom3r - ? - ?

Mid – j kıng – p4 - Ekko

ADC – loukaloco – p2 - Caitlin

Support – Ashys Rock – G1 – Pyke\thresh

Sub 1 – Åd Ćurry

Summary – A team name that isn’t new to the league, made up of players ive never seen. This roster at first appearance seems to have a strong setup for the dragon focused meta we are currently in, with an ADC that favors strong laning champions, and a support that likes playmakers like Pyke thresh and the cow, the biggest question for me is the jungler, who I was unable to find a record of outside of a level 3 account for some reason (spell your Summoner names right people!). j king in the mid lane on champions with strong outplay potential, and a top laner who looks to play the island game with gangplank, and you have a team that on paper and with everyone at their best could get off the ground from the start of the game.

Weebs and Waifu’s


Top – Carcino – P1 -Shen

Jungle – Ç9 Sneaky – G2 - Ekko

Mid – CrossaintBandit – P4 - Irelia

ADC – Brother Greed – P4 - Caitlin

Support – AusarXIII – P4 – Leona/Swain

Sub 1 – phillycc

Sub 2 – Randomain

Sub 3 – lajwheels

Summary - A roster full of players that I don’t personally know or ever recall interacting with, with more weebs than waifu’s. So, any assumptions I make will obviously be correct, factual statements and in no way things I made up based off of spending 20 minutes reading their moving on, this roster shares the name and two of the players (sneaky and ausar) from the team that finished 3rd in the regular season on BOL open league. These two players are joined by Carcino, a Chronic Shen addict in the top lane, CrossaintBandit, a player who seems to be spending more time in the top lane than anywhere else lately, but is proficient on irelia, and brother greed, who upon reviewing his recent games just screams “B_N C__TL_N” if only because that champion is too annoying at the moment, and anyone who I think will consider playing her will draw a ban from me. To summarize first impressions, this roster seems to be lacking in some places at first glance, however if they are able to play to their strengths, or prove they are less one dimensional than they seem, I could see them proving more challenging than they appear to the boba boys in their saturday matchup

Scarlet Foxes


Top – im the savior – G2 – Darius/Kled

Jungle – real Athena – P4 - Sejuani

Mid – subhuman garbage – S1 - Kassadin\Lissandra

ADC – shewasnice – D4 (p1 before cutoff) – Kaisa\Caitlin

Support – woo am I – P4 – Thresh\Braum

Sub 1 – ParadigmŠhift

Sub 2 – billyisme

Summary – Scarlet Foxes, or as I will call them “I can’t believe it’s not Scum Gang”is another roster made of mostly current or former BOL masters players. First, ill address the new to me names, im the savior and shewasnice. Savior in the top lane appears to be a strong laning player, who will choose picks like Darius, Kled, and other strong Bruiser champions to look to dominate other top laners into submission. And shewasnice will likely be on paper the strongest ADC in the tournament, a player who was p1 at the rank cutoff, but has since pushed to D4 (pre-season don’t count baby, pre-season don’t count) and although for my write-up kaisa and caitlin stuck out to me as the obvious choices, teams facing this lineup shouldn’t sleep on the jhin pick. Moving on, we see the scummier parts of the roster, with Athena in the jungle, Bliss (subhuman garbage) in mid lane, and Woo am I moving to support. The malzahar one trick is split between traditional support like thresh and braum, but also has more annoying carry oriented supports in his pool like Vel, and brand. And combined with shewasnice, should make a solid bot duo. athena, who has traditionally been more of a support player, will likely take a similar role in the jungle with champions like sejuani and skarner, while bliss in the mid late will likely continue his streak as a countflip player on champions like kassadin or LeBlanc if he isn’t relegated to lissandra duty. Expect their game vs hypnotic gaming to be one of the closer matchups in the found round of the tournament.

Hypnotic Gaming


Top – Reeces Pìeces – G2 - none

Jungle – Hypnotic Apolo – P4 – J4?

Mid – Rosin – P4 - ?

ADC – Hypnotic Viper – P1 - ezreal

Support – Hypnotic Homie – P2 - Braum

Sub 1 – Slash1andy

Sub 2 – Spoderjuan

Summary – Hypnotic gaming, though if I had to name them it would be “fill role gamin”. Made up of names well known in the amateur for fun league community. Starting out we have the Fill main himself, Reeces in the top lane, with no notable champions that I could find or think of given he rarely plays the same role two games in a row. This could either be a benefit or a detractor, given his practitioner of many, master of none status, though he has been on many rosters, and is without a doubt used to playing in a 5 v 5 environment. Next up is Apolo, a player that seems to favor the early game champions of the game, with picks such as J4, olaf, and elise popping up. The less flakey members of the team would be the bot lane, with Viper and homie, two players that played quite a bit in BOL masters. Viper, a solid ADC who in my opinion will either win you the game or lose it depending on which side the coin lands, which is more often than not in his favor. Homie is the opposite in that he won’t lose you games, but you don’t tend to see him putting up carry performances on his own, and tend to focus more on the “support” aspects of being a support, taking a follow up role to engages and team fights. this team has the pedigree of past league champions, and will look to continue this trend by knocking down scarlet foxes

Y2E Dragon


Top – gorillajones – p3 - Darius/kled/morde

Jungle – klaudius riften – p4 – sejuani\amumu\warwick

Mid – big daddy colton – p4 – ahri/ryze

ADC – dr1v9 – p4 - Draven

Support – locospoon – p4 – Lux\Vel\mage supports

Sub 1 – Diamond Edgz

Sub 2 – Mr Otter

Sub 3 – Insomnia

Summary – Y2E dragon. Another new name to the BOL scene (at least as far as I can tell), filled with players that are new to me. However, that’s not to say that they don’t impress when looking at the numbers. Gorillajones has more ranked games played on his #2 champion (Kled) than I do in the entirety of Season 9, and looks strong in bruisers and lane bullies. Klaudius shows proficiency on the tanky engage champions of the game, with warwick in particular being in a strong spot right now, but comp play having spots for sejuani no matter the meta when it comes to low elo (he who engages first tends to win the fight). At first glance colton appears to be a ahri one trick, however he also shows skill on Ori and ryze, strong team fighting and meta champions (though with the conq nerf, ryze could be less of a priority). Looking towards the bot lane, we see two things that could be a benefit or a detriment to this team. A support that favors mage carry supports’, and an ADC who is a draven one trick. Expect this team to either dominate Imperial Esports or to hard int.

Imperial Esports


Top – Th3run3mag3 - G2 - Yasuo

Jungle – Zmagz - P2 - Olaf/Vi

Mid – Zweilous - P4 - Donger

ADC – Imperial Archer - P3 - Lucian/Kaisa/Caitlin

Support – Azurexfire - G2 - Lux/Brand/Zyra/Vel

Sub 1 – ILL PhoenixFire

Sub 2 – Bunnyoflove

Sub 3 – Swággy P

Summary - Boasting the most platinum players of any team in the tier 2 tournament, on paper the team appears to be favorites. With a powerful laning duo in the bot lane, expect to see jungler Zmagz, the highest ranked player, abuse this and look to snowball leads with dragon control and early game skirmishing in and around the bot lane. With his given champion pool, leaving an open drake unwarded is just asking for it to disappear. In the mid lane, the donger is the obvious champion to watch for, given the priority and team fighting he brings to the team, and while the top laner of the team appears to be off rolling, I expect yasuo to be a power pick if given the opportunity. This team will look to make a splash in the tournament, and could very well be the team to take it all if they are able to translate their solo queue success onto the rift. (This was made when Imperial Esports were still in the Tier 2 bracket)

Tier 2 Bracket

Chubby Babies


Top – ShadowBalls000 – G2 – Renekton/Urgot

Jungle – VFluids – G2 – Kayne

Mid – BuhRockObama – G3 – ADC in the mid lane

ADC – CANMaple – G1 - Kaisa

Support – Lazerbite – P4 -Thresh

Sub 1 – HowIMetYourTable

Summary – finally, back to players and teams I recognize. The chubby babies have cemented themselves as a stable of BOL masters. If I had to summarize this team in a few words it would be “slow starting” as they tend to be hard int the first half of the season, then dominate anyone who isn’t named tempest in the second half. The chubby babies bring their roster in for this tournament, with the notable difference of CANMaple stepping in at ADC, and lazer moving to support. Maple didn’t have a very solid time in BOL season 2, on a azteks roster that struggled throughout the season, however on champions like kaisa and xayah he as been known to shine. VFluids steps into the jungle, with skirmishing picks like kayne, and Obama setting up shop once again in the mid lane, and has been known to shine on picks that are able to kite effectively in team fights. This roster shouldn’t be underestimated due to the team's history of showing up when it matters, and I expect them to take down shliddy 5s, regardless of if the teams namesake shows up to play or not.

Shliddy 5s


Top – Tauty2k – G2 – Fiora/ Gangplank/Morde

Jungle – badmonfvr – G3 – Olaf/Lee/Ekko

Mid – Pixis – G2 – Assassins + Ahri

Adc – Shlidd – G3 – Sivir/Kaisa

Support – A Cute Awoo – G1 – Thresh

Summary – I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the chubby babies on their win by Forfeit.

jokes aside, this is a new team built from players that have made their way around BOL masters throughout the last year. Starting us off we have mr. Plat 5 fiora himself, Tauty2k in the top lane, who tends to play champions that can either 1 v 9 (fiora, morde, renekton,jax) or the island top laner style of gangplank (get ready for IBG gangplank). In the jungle, badmonfvr is set up well for the current meta with power picks of lee sin, olaf, and the now prominent ekko, assuming he doesn't decide to channel his inner CL Reject and run it down when it matters. With a feast of famine player in the mid lane, its good that the roster has a powerful duo in the bot lane (assuming shlidd’s internet doesn’t break), former FZ players Shlidd and Awoo. Shlidd was one of the most dominant ADC’s in masters last season despite being on a bottom ranked team, with picks such as sivir and kaisa allowing him to have one of the highest KDA in the league. He is paired with awoo, who is returning to the support role after leaving FZ to int top lane on illumination, and is known for his lane phase and playmaking support, with thresh being a must ban. All together this team is a strong force to be reckoned with on the tier 2 bracket, and will go as far as their fragile mental holds out, and no one picks malzahar.

KRG Royals


Top – Bállz –g3 – kayle?

Jungle – Greasy Keyboards – G4 – ?

Mid – FNC Clutch – G3 – Veigar/Malzahar

ADC – Tvrtle – g3 – Jhin/Caitlin

Support – Nisage – G1 – nami/zyra

Sub 1 – Sharpotter6

Summary – just as we returned to teams I know, we draw one I don’t know. The KRG royals will be taking on infamous swagger. At first glance, this team will look to play a rather AP heavy style, with top mid and support all favoring AP champions. This combined with what seems to be a jungler without a main, and an ADC who mainly plays Jhin and Caitlin, and you have a roster that seems like it will have a pretty linear style. Which can be good or bad in low elo competitive environment, where sometimes teams and players aren’t capable of countering or capitalizing on the high CC style their champions seem to imply. Unfortunately, the t2 bracket games likely won't be streamed by BOL in the first round on the tournament, unless a T1 match is canceled, but it will be interesting to see the result of their match, and how it will shape up for either teams run in the tournament.

Infamous Swaggers


Top – Kuvou - G3 - Jax/Irelia

Jungle – Vemira - G4 - Qiyana/Kayne

Mid – 3picGamer - G4 - Cassio?

ADC – AIphaADC - P4 - Vayne/Kog

Support – Manarager G3 - Nautilus/Taric

Sub 1 – Exccelerate2021

Sub 2 – Rottnsox

Summary - Infamous Swagger. Despite having a hopefully ironic name, are an interesting team to scout. Featuring a jungler thats a mid lane main and a mid laner who prefers to be a jungler, either the roster sheet is wrong, or vemira is looking to take a break from his life as a talon one trick. This team seems to have a number of options available to them, between a top laner who likes strong tower pushing champions like jax and irelia, and a bot lane that will likely be focused around a hyper carry, they have plenty of options to attack from. Expect to see a side lane focused play style from this roster, in their match vs KRG

Friend Zoned


Top – Feathers and fur - S1 - Urgot/illaoi

Jungle – SingularBread - P4 - Hecarem\zac

Mid – Acme1235 g2 - malzahar/veigar

ADC – Dalals - p4 - adc?

Support – Guardian wakka - g2 - leona

Sub 1 – Hitzig

Summary - if you want it short here's my feelings about myself :

And now I get to do my favorite thing, flame my own friends. This is my completely biased but not misleading opinion on Friend Zoned, who despite hovering around the bottom, has been a staple in BOL masters since it was known as abyssal league. Led by SingularBread, who will be leaving the roster next season due to hitting plat before playoffs, this team on paper doesn't have any particular crazy strengths and lacks someone who will pop off every game. With feathers, you get to pick your poison in who he will beat you in lane as illaoi or beat you in lane as urgot. With bread in the jungle, he will either pull ahead early, with objective control and ganking, or int a couple deaths before leveling out, depending on the champion and how wild he is feeling that day. Acme will be a coinflip average control mage player in the mid lane. The bot lane is a bit of a question mark, with wakka performing well during the regular season after he joined for the last couple weeks of play, and with a role swapping Dalals playing in the tournament as ADC, it's unknown how this duo will fare. Expect Friend Zoned to either lose 0/2 or win 2-1

Elyon Gaming Xp Academy


Top – ELG Moonlight - G3 - Darius

Jungle – Elg Wolf - G1 - Ekko/Zac

Mid – Drakana - G2 - Veigar/Zilean/Neeko

ADC – ftftfftftftf - G3 - Caitlin

Support – Alyssathesiren - G4 - Nami/casters

Sub 1 – Verbal Toxicity

Sub 2 – ELG Gopa

Summary - Looking as Elyon Gaming Xp Academy, the first thing you will notice is that the name is a mouth full. Which is funny, because that's how you will likely feel trying to dodge the copious amounts of poke that this team seems to favor. Mixing things up, we will start with the bot lane. The adc is a caitlin player, like many a bot laners in this tournament, and will be paired up with legendary nami one trick Alyssathesiren. In the mid lane, drakana will look to “control” the situation, with high CC and utility champions such as veigar and zilean, while play maker jungler ELG wolf, and who I assume is their bestest friendd in the whole work ELD moonlight appear to want to be aggressive with their picks. This team could easily take down friend zoned, and frankly have my bet to win the matchup

Natural Selection Gaming (Gold)


Top – Th0r22 - G4 - Olaf/Morde

Jungle – Dukee11 -G4 - J4/Sejuani

Mid – Karma Divine -G3 -Karma/Anivia

ADC – Jayyster -G3 -Ashe/Kaisa

Support – Arctic Night - G1 - Janna Morgana

Sub 1 – TheRunicBlade

Summary - NSG Gold is a team from BOL open gold league who finished 6th in the regular season last split. Although the only returning member is mid lane two trick Karma Divine, this team isn't without threats of its own. Expect to see Olaf flexed by this team between top and jungle, and early game fighters in both roles (unless they decide to go the tank jungler route. My condolences if they force their jg on sej). You can expect to see karma or anivia picked up if they are available, and specifically karma would be a decent choice with her utility, and early game wave clear to provide priority to the jungler. Rounding things out in the bot lane is Jayyster and Artic Night, and although jayyster is auto filled or role swapping, don't let that cause you to underestimate him. He is a proven player in BOL, and has performed well when given the opportunity in the past.

And that's it. Good luck to all the teams involved. If you received flame, it's because i love you or have no clue who you are, and took first impressions based off of match history and previous ranks and want you to prove me wrong. I leave you all with this final message:

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