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Captain's Chat: Ball Slap (Literal Monkeys)

Ahead of their match vs POD, we chatted with Ball Slap, the Literal Monkeys captain. Here at BOL we wish both teams the best of luck tonight and the rest of the season.

ayngenetics: I'm joined with Ball Slap, captain of Literal Monkeys; How are you doing today Ball Slap?

Ball Slap: Im doing good!

ayngenetics: Great. Your team, Literal Monkeys has been around since last BOL split, can you give us a brief history of your team?

Ball Slap: Literal Monkeys as an org has been around for a while but this roster has only been around for two splits. we put this roster together on a whim kinda after our last one fell apart, for certain reasons...

ayngenetics: Understandable, and your team finds itself in Division 1, any initial thoughts of the Division?

Ball Slap: from looking at the teams initially, i think we personally stack up well to these teams. I think we have a real shot for number one, with Oasis being our biggest competition in my eyes

ayngenetics: I agree, lets talk about your week one match up, against Pod of Dolphins, what are your thoughts of their team?

Ball Slap: So the only name that pops out to me is RazzMuhTazz, because I've talked to him before and such. The rest of the team is kind of an unknown to me. Which isn't a bad thing for them, they could be really good, but I dont expect much.

ayngenetics: So, is it safe to say your team is confident going into week 1?

Ball Slap: Im confident that they are confident yes.

ayngenetics: Awesome. As one of the favorite teams to qualify for playoffs, is there any advice you would offer your opponents in the group?

Ball Slap: Don't ban my Lillia ;), but in all seriousness I feel like league is 90% mental, so to any team, I suggest you just try and play your game against anyone. Turn name plates off and play what you do best

ayngenetics: Good advice. Shifting to the other division quickly, is there any other team or division you are interested in watching this season?

Ball Slap: I am friends with many of the people on Arcanists, so group 3 is gonna be a fun one to watch for me, especially to see how the Arcanists stack up against a Chubby Babies, Oasis, and an NSG team

ayngenetics: As a member of Division 3, I agree with this. Finally, is there anything you would want to say to the BOL community?

Ball Slap: I just wanna say that Im looking for some spicy league of legends, so I hope you guys are ready to bring it on!

ayngenetics: Great. Well thank you for taking the time today and best of luck to your team this season.

Ball Slap: Thank you!

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