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Captain's Chat: Anderson Cooper (Primal Gaming)

Ahead of the game of the week, we chatted with Anderson Cooper, the Primal Gaming captain. Here at BOL we wish both teams the best of luck tonight and the rest of the season.

ayngenetics: We are joined with Anderson Cooper, Captain of Primal Gaming. How are you doing today Anderson?

Anderson Cooper: Doing really well, genetics, haha. Always a pleasure talking with you.

ayngenetics: Absolutely. Being just days away from the beginning of BOL are you excited to get things underway?

Anderson Cooper: Not excited, as much as ready. We have already been playing together for a bit with regular scrims and league matches so this doesn’t feel like the start of a season for us, were in whatever "midseason form" looks like, i guess. We are looking forward to getting into things, but definitely have more under our feet than we did when we first linked up as a team

ayngenetics: That is great to hear, now due to primal being a new team to the community, they seemed to have gotten a favorable group in most people eyes, what is your opinion on Division 3?

Anderson Cooper: No clue, I leave scouting to my teammates XD. Im confident that we can place top 3 though. That may be a lofty goal but were practicing more than any team i have been on before. I cant accurately evaluate any of the other teams at this point in time, just track our performance and growth internally

ayngenetics: Understandable, speaking of your division, you find yourself against Oasis Octane in the first week, a heavy favorite in the group, do you think your team has put in the work to potentially cause a upset in week 1?

Anderson Cooper

From the trash my team has been talking, were definitely going to give them a scrap. Its exciting to be the match streamed in week 1, but it is also a lot of pressure

ayngenetics: There should be absolute fireworks. Is there any advise you can give to Oasis or any of the other teams unfamiliar with Primal Gaming?

Anderson Cooper: I have no advice to offer teams playing against us. I hope they lose, haha. That being said I really hope were able to introduce ourselves as a group of players who clearly have no intention of playing by the rules and who fight hard. We have individually skilled players in every lane, except maybe jungle lol. Its also hard to try to describe or introduce ourselves because in every way possible, i view a lot of the things we do as fluid and flexible. By the time everyone knows who we are, we'll be someone else, and then they'll have to figure out who that is that they are chasing, yet again.

ayngenetics: That is a very methodical way of building a team. Let's talk about Primal Gaming for a moment, can you tell us a little bit about the team short history together?

Anderson Cooper

We have been competing in scarlet league for a bit, but before that none of us knew each other. Jayyster, our owner, sent out feelers. At that point in time, i applied to be the teams mid laner, but ended up with the starting jungle spot. You, squiib, and mo were already involved when i showed up. I brought in a few players i respected to round out the lineup, being matty and cale. After that we just hit the ground running. Matches and scrims have been going well for us so far, and i dont expect that will change soon

ayngenetics: That is great. So, looking outside of your division, is there any other divisions or teams you have your eye on?

Anderson Cooper

Not yet. As I said earlier I do not really have a good grasp on which teams are going to be good, or even which orgs turn out good teams. Any team in scarlet that is not in our division though, we will all be rooting hard for over here at primal.

ayngenetics: Understandable. Rounding back to your match vs Oasis, if you had to have one player on your team to look out for, who would it be?

Anderson Cooper: Ayngenetics has promised to finish the game with a kda of at least 30, so that will be exciting to see him accomplish In all seriousness it is probably mohawk for us. He has been meshing with the team more now than he was at the start, but we still have a few things to really get down before he takes over the league. If he can be mindful and reserved with his signature aggression, he will carry us. It’s his week to step up and show us that he really is the complete competitive top laner.

ayngenetics: Awesome, welp hope I can deliver on that. That will conclude our interview, any final thoughts for the community?

Anderson Cooper:

ayngenetics: Thank you for your time and good luck to you and primal as well.

Anderson Cooper: Thanks genetics, good luck to you on primal

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