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Competitive Ruling - DZG DERREK


On September 29th and September 30th, BOL staff received multiple reports about "DZG DERREK" and the possibility that they were smurfing in BOL Gold. The report did not have any evidence to back up the claim but possible accounts were included in the report. The provided accounts included an account named "Rollalalala" which had a a very similar champion pool and friend group as DZG DERREK while they never played in the same game together. This information was enough to initiate an investigation.


The investigation started with checking the past ranked history of DZG DERREK (now known as ASOL ENJOYER). This included looking into the banned accounts that were provided in the player registration form. The two accounts were "DZG Viktory" and "Chrein24". Upon reviewing the accounts, they both had a very similar characteristic where they had a ton of mediocre pantheon games and other support champions on the accounts but also a high win rate on Annie (Evidence 1 & 2). This was a red flag for possible account sharing and after looking into the match history of the DZG Viktory, it was found that the account had very inconsistent gameplay of who was playing Annie and who was playing support or Pantheon. This included inconsistent summoner actives and overall skill level. It was concluded that the DZG Viktory account was a shared account and can be assumed that the Chrein24 was shared as well. Additionally, the name history of DZG Viktory was also looked into (Evidence 4) which included past names like EHZ Dory and KS Dory which will come into play in a few minutes. The investigation continued as staff looked into the similarities and consistency of gameplay between DZG DERREK and Rollalalala. The first step was looking into the groups of players that each player plays with. Not shockingly at all, both players would play with the same players and mostly with a player named "RaniaT". Furthermore, if players share the exact same friend group, most people would think that they would have at least one or two games together, but they did not have one game together between Rollalalala and DZG DERREK. Staff (not just BOL) conducted additional test to see if maybe it was a coincidence that they never played with each other. It was found that not only did they not play together, both accounts have never been in a game at the same time for as long as the League of Legends API can go back. To put this into perspective, If I played a game and my game ended 30 seconds after little BillyWillard got into a game, the data would show that we have been in a game at the same time. Coincidences can happen but this was above and beyond. While looking for more hard evidence that could not be disputed, BOL staff found a myanimelist account named "Rolla18" that belonged to a person in a relationship with RaniaT, who we know was the most played with player for both DZG DERREK and Rollalalala. With the current evidence found, BOL staff, with the help of IVAR from Aegis and DZG staff, decided that it was time to have a small chat with DZG DERREK. In a mix between before, during, and after the conversation, a couple things were revealed. DZG DERREK revealed that Rollalalala was DZG DERREK's "brother". Additionally, it as stated that RaniaT was their girlfriend and also claimed the Rolla18 myanimelist account. While we can confirm that DZG DERREK does have an actual brother, it would be extremely odd not to play with their own brother for the last year while the brother was also playing with DZG DERREK's girlfriend. The reasoning behind it was that apparently Rollalalala was currently deployed in Japan and they only play bots, customs, and norms together because of ping issues. It was stated that Rollalalala went to Japan in 2022. That could be an excuse, but not in this case. By DZG DERREK's reasoning, Rollalalala should not have been in the best position to play ranked on the NA server. However, they did so and actually hit Masters in Season 13-1 with a high win rate. Additionally, since Rollalalala was in Japan, you would think they would usually play during times where it did not affect their military duties. However, they would start playing games around 13-14 UTC (Evidence 5) which would be around 10:00 PM in Japan, and would finish playing around 1-2 UTC which would be around 10:00 AM in Japan. This would mean Rollalalala either never slept, neglected their duties while deployed, or they weren't actually in Japan. At this point, there was enough evidence that BOL staff decided to revoke DZG DERREK's eligibility and remove him from BOL Gold. However, we still wanted to find that smoking gun in order to leave no room for doubt. Another TO contacted a player who played with both DZG DERREK and Rollalalala. The player will not be named but that player reached out to the person who claimed to be Rollalalala or the brother of DZG Derrek. This player was conveniently named Doryski or Dory for short. After the player contacted Doryski, Doryski stated that Derrek's main account got banned so Dory gave Derrek the DZG Viktory account "like a year ago" (Evidence 6). If we go back to the name change history of DZG Viktory, we can see that EHZ Dory and KS Dory were previous names with the latter one being less than 4 months ago. After a small trek through the Event Horizon (EHZ) discord server, it was found that Derrek, using the .Rip Derek#2992 discord, posted a video of him playing on EHZ Dory (Evidence 7 and 8). This would mean Derrek had ownership of the account while playing in EHZ and conveniently decided to name the account after his brother and then also changed it to KS Dory later on. The name "Dory" has a strong personal tie to Doryski but I will not get into it because it would be borderline doxxing. After the anonymous player leaked Dory's discord, BOL staff decided to conduct a reverse smurf hunt by looking into the history of Doryski. Doryski really didn't have a big history of playing League of Legends but he did have a history of playing RSPS and Rust. This was found after a youtube video was found of Doryski playing rust in a community server (Evidence 9). In that video, a person named RollaRSPS made a comment that confirmed that they were Doryski (Evidence 10). BOL staff found that all of the videos on the RollaRSPS account was deleted but one live stream video was left on it from 2 months ago (Evidence). The video was of Doryski and friends playing RSPS. With a now confirmed voice of Doryski, BOL staff asked TOs from other leagues and DZG staff to compare a sample of Derrek's voice and Doryski's voice to see if they were the same person. Everyone unanimously said they were extremely similar and are the same person. While this was probably enough to put the nail in the coffin, BOL staff sought out a person from Doryski's past to get their input if the voice sample we had of Derrek, was actually Doryski. With the knowledge that Doryski played a lot of Rust in the past, BOL staff sought out discord servers that catered to Rust players. After running through a few hoops, BOL staff entered a discord server named "Wugti's Lounge". The discord was a community discord for a twitch streamer that mainly played Rust. Doryski was in that discord from November 2017 and left May 2020. Not only did Doryski watch and interacted with the community, he was actually one of the Twitch streamer's mod/admins and would play a lot of Rust together. During the time, Doryski had donated thousands of dollars in bits and subs (Evidence 13 and 14). BOL staff decided to contact the streamer, named "Wugti" on October 11th and received a response on October 12th. BOL provided a clip of Derrek's voice and asked Wugti, who played with Dory for years, if the clip was in fact Dory. Wugti confirmed that the clip of Derrek was Dory and also stated they had a falling out because Dory was caught cheating in Rust and received a VAC ban for it. As an added bonus, Doryski recently posted in the League of Legends discord acting like a Silver 2 player (Evidence 17). We have gathered evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to show that DZG DERREK is in fact Rollalalala. DZG DERREK is guity of smurfing in a league they are ineligible for and will be banned from the server. The DZG team and staff members did not have knowledge of the smurfing and will not be punished. During the investigation, a lot of personal information which can bind the evidence even more than what it is now. That information will be left off this competitive ruling in the best interest of everyone. We would like to thank TOs from other leagues, DZG staff, and the BOL community for their help for this competitive ruling.

EVIDENCE 1. Chrein24 Champion History - 2. DZG Viktory Champion History - 3. Doryski claiming he gave Derrek one of his alts- 4. DZG Viktory name history - 5. Hourly Pattern of Rollalala - 6. Doryski's message about Derrek - 7. Derrek's clip with EHZ - 8. Close up for Evidence 7 - 9. Youtube video about Doryski - v=VMjgQSMjD70&ab_channel=hehexd 10. Screenshot of Doryski's comments - 11. Doryski live stream (This will probably get deleted) - 12. Doryski following Wugti's stream - 13. Doryski's bit donation to Wugti - 14. Doryski's sub gifts - 15. Wugti confirming Dory's voice (Note: There is a break in the messages because I first added a mkv file and then deleted it because the person didn't feel safe downloading it. It had a question of "Is this Dory?") - 16. Doryski's steam account - 17. Doryski posting as a Silver 2 player -


.Rip Derek#2992 (ASOL ENJOYER formerly DZG DERREK) -

doryski (Rollalalala) -


Disciplinary Actions 4. Smurfing - Banned from the league.


- DZG Derrek (707803971204677653) will be banned from Blue Otter League - Doryski (242113996344393729) will be banned from Blue Otter League - DZG Elysium's week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4 wins will all be overturned to 0-2 losses. - DZG will be allowed to continue in Blue Otter Gold in Season 10

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