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Competitive Ruling - Wupong | CB Hydra

CONTEXT After Titan Esports received an anonymous tip about a player named Wupong, TOs from Titan Esports contacted any other leagues that could be impacted from a potential ruling which included Blue Otter League and Aegis Esports. The evidence provided to Titan Esports was pretty damning, but with a joint effort, the collective TOs were able to piece together irrefutable evidence that proved Wupong was indeed smurfing. Wupong was originally a starting player on the CB Hydra roster. Even though they are no longer participating as a starting player, any game that they participated in during the regular season would be considered forfeits. With these forfeits, CB Hydra would not have made playoffs. Therefore, the match between CB Hydra and CB Shield will be considered a forfeit win for CB Shield. CB Shield will move on play against TDS Knights in BOL Gold Semifinals. Because of sensitive personal information, we will not be able to provide evidence on how Wupong was caught or who Wupong is. However, Wupong has confessed to smurfing when Blue Otter confronted them. They will not dispute this ruling in any shape or form.

RELEVANT RULES Disciplinary Actions 4. Smurfing RULING

  • Wupong will be banned from Blue Otter League

  • Any game that Wupong participated in will be counted as 0-2 FFs for CB Hydra

  • CB Hydra's victory over CB Shield will be reversed and CB Shield will play against TDS Knights in BOL Gold Semifinals

  • The CB Organization will be put on thin ice

  • Until further notice, CB will need to to pay triple the deposit for any future teams that attempt to enter Blue Otter League. Furthermore, any player that is added to a CB roster will be heavily scrutinized going forward.

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