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Eazy's Week 6 Player Rankings

All Eazy’s BOL 1st Team

This section is 100% solely based on stats from the previous week

Also let me know if I missed any popoffs. My discord is Eazy #1423

First week doing something like this so I might have made a few mistakes. Let me know if you have any suggestions (pretty much players who popped off in games.I’ll try to not have the same players/teams on the 1st team every week).

Top - Joey Desu from Glacial Rising Phoenix

(Renekton 4/1/15 & Gangplank 14/3/5)

Jungle - Èndless from Glacial Rising Phoenix

(Jarvan IV 4/1/13 & Trundle 4/0/15)

Mid - Bladegod from !Rawr

(Fizz 16/0/1)

ADC - Punchypanic from Chubby Babies

(Ezreal 9/0/4 & Vanye 2/0/8)

Support - Bangbusdriver from Oasis Nemesis

(Jarvan IV 1/1/13 & Braum 1/1/14)

All Eazy’s BOL 2nd Team

Top - Shadowballs000 from Chubby Babies

(Kled 8/0/3)

Jungle - Šùmmòner 1 from Serenity

(Lee Sin 14/3/7)

Mid - Årch from Oasis Nemesis

(Viktor 3/0/14 & Azir 11/2/11)

ADC - Shewasnice from Serenity

(Caitlyn 4/0/4 & Xayah 8/2/17)

Support - LeBramJames from Chubby Babies

(Braum 0/1/14 & Tahm Kench 1/0/9)

All Eazy’s BOL 3rd Team

Top - Blam1ng from Serenity

(Renekton 7/3/9 & Ornn 5/2/12 )

Jungle - Avocadossuck from RDO

(Olaf 14/4/7)

Mid - GreatScruff from EQ Light

(Diana 6/0/4 & Leblanc 9/1/8)

ADC - Jewels Santana from EQ Storm

(Aphelios 6/2/12)

Support - Lazerbite from Serenity

(Morgana 2/2/22)

Week 6 Player Rankings

Really quickly before we get into it. This week's player rankings were done with more emphasis on week 5 results as I’m planning on making this weekly or bi-weekly. So don't be too upset if you think someone worse than you got ranked higher etc.. As the rest of the weeks are played expect for the ranking to become more accurate because I’ll be adding all games played to my database from now on.

Top Lane

  1. Jace from EQ Light

  2. Peachbuzz Fizzle from Oasis Nemesis

  3. Blam1ng from Serenity

  4. Joey Desu from Glacial Rising Phoenix

  5. Shadowballs000 from Chubby Babies

Honorable Mentions - Manatsu from FTD, Dannyphantòm from RDO


  1. Èndless from Glacial Rising Phoenix

  2. Minutemilitia from EQ Light

  3. LatexMonkeyNuts from Rawr!

  4. Šùmmòner 1 from Serenity

  5. Pat Fussÿ from Oasis Nemesis

Honorable Mentions - SingularBread from CB, Avocadossuck from RDO

Mid Lane

  1. Årch from Oasis Nemesis

  2. GreatScruff from EQ Light

  3. Skìzz from Glacial Rising Phoenix

  4. BladeGod from !Rawr Lethal

  5. Polaroids from Serenity

Honorable Mentions - AWRD from Booyah, Jesus3114 from CB


  1. Shewasnice from Serenity

  2. Punchypanic from Chubby Babies

  3. Yoshıko from Oasis Nemesis

  4. Mkrty from Glacial Rising Phoenix

  5. Hypnotic Viper from EQ

Honorable Mentions - Pooder Butt from RDO, Lighthtruz14 from Booyah


  1. GreatHomie from EQ Light

  2. Bangbusdriver Oasis Nemesis

  3. LeBramJames from Chubby Babies

  4. Lazerbite from Serenity

  5. Iwagakure from !Rawr Lethal

Honorable Mentions - WolfyEx from RDO, Yauma from Glacial Rising Phoenix

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