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Gold League Week 4 Division 1 Power Rankings

1. Oasis Nails and Day Spa

Another week, another 1st place in Division 1. They had a very clean 2-0 over Pod of Dolphins even with the roster change that POD had in the bot lane. Not all that much to say, as they have yet to really face a challenge this season so far, and I’m looking forward to their series vs LTMK coming up.

Player to Watch - TRuX MaNE

Had a great showing this week with his Miss Fortune going 6/1/5 in G1 and 7/4/3 in G2 against one of the stronger bot lanes in their division. He’s a consistent carry for his team

with not just a champion pool, but a champion



2. Literal Monkeys

LTMK have taken up the #2 spot this week after a great showing against Vitamin X in week 2. I’m having a hard time really seeing a weakness that this team has, as they have shown over the past 2 weeks that they are capable of winning through any lane and playing around that win condition.

Player to Watch - Funky

This man held it down in the top lane this week with his Maokai. Looking at the comps they played against this week, we can very easily see that if they didn’t have a person comfortable with front lining and providing

space for their carries they would have been

in big trouble.


3. Dawnbreak Gaming

This will be a short one as this team just had a bye week. They’ll be heading into a fairly interesting series this week as POD has lost their bot lane in another roster implosion. Dawnbreak will be looking to make a statement for themselves being a top 3 team heading into this week.

Player(s) to Watch - JaXimus th3 Pro

This week should be easier than they would have thought a week ago, but JaXimus is really going to have to be more consistent in these games if his team is going to start pulling in wins.


4. Vitamin X

A disappointing week for Vitamin X as they failed to prove themselves in a matchup that I thought was going to be extremely close and go to 3 games. They had a very bad draft in the first game, and when they were able to pull it back and draft a good comp game 2, they went to almost 50min. If they can clean up their draft, I think this team can fight for a spot in the top 3.

Player to Watch - K2 Revival

This was a pretty easy one to give out because I was pretty disappointed in the performance of the other four players.

Revival was their slim chance of winning this

series, and I think that the team needs to start

playing around him more if they want to pull

some series wins.


5. Pod of Dolphins

Pod of Dolphins and roster changes. Name a more iconic duo. Bot and jungle did perform pretty well, but unfortunately weren’t able to really make much of a statement in their series last week against Oasis NADS. Having players on your roster who are going to quit after a bad series probably aren’t also what you want on your team.

Player(s) To Watch - Whoever is recruiting players/Cauli

Lets maybe start looking to recruit players who are willing to stick with the team for the long-run and try to improve rather than

leave after a week that you really weren’t

expected to win anyway. Oh, and Cauli probably

had the best showing this week on his team so keep it up.


6. Quake

Finally, a win on the board for Quake, and it looked pretty good! They took on the only other winless team besides themselves, and were able to show that they are a step above VBU Krypton in this series. It just looked like a massive team diff last week and hopefully a taste of victory is what this team needs to really step it up and look for more wins.

Player to Watch - Hentai Hokage

Was a pretty big bot diff this game and Hentai Hokage had a lot to do with that. With great performances on the Kai’sa and Twitch,

he’s looking like a player you should be

funneling resources into if you want a reliable

late game carry.


7. VBU Krypton

Last week was probably their only chance of getting a win throughout this entire regular season, and they were beat in a very convincing fashion in both games. There really isn’t a player on this team that stands out or is able to create a lead anywhere on the map and I don’t see how they’ll be able to pull out even a single game win throughout the rest of the season unless they make some massive changes.

Player to Watch - Everyone

With playoffs pretty much off the table for this team, I want to see them try and cheese

a win off of a team, or try to figure out a roster

that works for them that they can go forward with

in the following season(s).

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