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Gold League Week 4 Division 3 Power Rankings

1. NSG Black

NSG Black this week stands at the top of the group coming in at first place. The reason they are first is not so much how they played, but the fact that Oasis ended up losing to Arcanists and the fact NSG Black did win. However, they were contested in three games against one of the worst teams in this group which raises flags for me. Maybe NSG Black was just trolling around or are Crimson Dolphins starting to find their mojo?

Player to Watch: Grandfayte

Grandfayte is going to be my player to watch

for NSG Black this week. He seems that this

player heavily favors the likes of Swain and these

supports that you can 1v2 lane with. We’ll see if he

still continues to do well on these and if teams

possibly ban it away from him.


2) Arcanists

Arcanists slot in as the number two team in this division for this week, beating Oasis Octane two to one. I think Arcanists have a huge upside and that they can really be a top contender in this group. The fact that they are 2-0 after having a bye week is huge, it shows that they didn’t start off slow at all. I will want to see Arcanists against NSG Black because honestly that’s going to be the matchup of this group for who takes first in which I think that NSG Black and Arcanists are the top two teams in this group by far.

Player to Watch: Nessahpoo

This week I’m going to give player to watch

to the support, because I think overall supports

don’t get enough love. Nessahpoo played well

this week on tanks, but didn’t fare so well on

casters. I think stick this man on hard engage

tanks and he’s going to look fantastic.


3) Oasis Octane

Oasis Octane will slide down to third this week, still staying in a playoff spot. The reason I put this team so far low is because they did lose to the Arcanists which they should’ve beat them. It seemed like their Game 2 was an absolute stomp and it makes me question how consistent is this team? However, you shouldn’t ring alarm bells yet, because this team is still sitting at third at the moment.

Player to Watch: Sharpotter6

Sticking with the current theme so far, Sharpotter6 is going to be my player to watch

this week. Having played with Sharp for a split,

he has really developed into an amazing support

in the gold leagues, now looking to move onto

platinum. We’ll see how his leadership and

shotcalling can do for his team in the upcoming



4) Chubby Babies Cinder

Chubby Babies Cinder, the 400th Chubby Babies team in the league slot in at fourth place in the group. This team had a bye week so they really don’t have much to talk about. I hope to see how they’re going to do in the upcoming weeks.

Player to Watch: None

Bye week for the team, no player to watch.


5) Primal Gaming

Primal Gaming stay in their spot at the fifth place in this group. Primal Gaming got their first win of the split, which means they are ready for the undefeated run, right?! Eh.. I wouldn’t say that yet. This team barely managed to beat EOU Midnight who I have slotted in at last in the group and they’re going to need to beat all these teams ahead of them to contest for that playoff spot. However, you do have to start somewhere and a win is a win as they look to continue the streak this week.

Player to Watch: The entire Primal Gaming roster

I usually do this for teams lacking an identity

or for teams that are just blowing up, this is

basically what’s happening. This team needs

to find a solid core roster that they can have

every single week, otherwise they’re going to

rely on skill checking every single team in the

group, which won’t work out well for them.


6) Crimson Dolphins

Crimson Dolphins, yes you’re not last, slot in as sixth place in this group. Excuse my language but holy sh-- this team picked up a win. Not only am I super happy for this team to finally win this split, but it came at a great time, against the top team in the group. What better of a statement is there then to take a game off the first place team in your group! Congrats Dolphins, but you’re going to need some more miracles to go your way if you want to contest for a playoff spot, so good luck.

Player to Watch: Fantastic Daisy

Finally a player that I can somewhat praise

on this team! Fantastic Daisy lived up to his

name looking fantastic in the first game of this

series, showing some bright spot. They played

Kayle and the clock was ticking until she hit sixteen

and just took over the game. Hopefully they can

find a way to do this game in and game out and they

could steal some games off of teams.


7) EOU Midnight

EOU Midnight is going to be last in this group for this week's rankings. I don’t actually think this team played that bad, as they did slap Primal Gaming in a game. However, Crimson Dolphins had a miracle and won a game against the first place team so sadly, this team is last. EOU Midnight are at least not winless on the season, but they need to be able to win somewhere else besides the top lane.

Player to Watch: Anyone that’s not named Bananajetski

Seriously, it’s starting to get old. Someone

else besides him really needs to step up

otherwise this team is just going to be the Jetski Show.

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