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Gold Major Power Rankings - Week 3, Imperial Strikes Back

By: Bread and Cassidy

Week 3 is complete and we’re finally being able to see where teams are falling into place in the rankings. We had Chubby Babies decisively taking a victory over Crosspoint Pegasus, and Literal Monkeys got their first win of the season against a struggling Shadowz. Let's take a look at our Power Rankings for Week 3.


1. Chubby Babies (5-1)

The undefeated streak is over, and it didn't come from the source we expected. Week 3 saw both remaining undefeated teams fall, babies losing to imperial eSports, but managing to take down crosspoint Pegasus. We are willing to give the babies the benefit of the doubt, and assume that the loss to imperial was a blip, as we feel the babies have still shown enough consistency and strength to maintain their position at the top of the rankings.if sharkleberry and shadow can keep their play together, and not hard int like they did vs imperial, this team should continue their reign of dominance in week 4 against an inconsistent Epedemic, and a rising NSG gold.

Player to watch: sharkleberry as he settles into his position.

2. Crosspoint Pegasus (5-1)

Crosspoint managed to hold on tight to their tie with babies, unfortunately for them failing to capitalize on the babies off week. They did however manage to take down Wulfpack, running strong scaling picks combined with an early game jungler to knock them down a peg. Unfortunately this recipe for success did not extend to their match vs the babies, where they were soundly defeated. For now crosspoint will remain locked in 2nd place as they take on the rebounding Imperial eSports and a struggling shadowz

Player to watch: Gnario

3. Imperial (4-2)

Imperial struck big this week, rebounding from their disappointing week 2. The team managed to take down chubby babies, and took their free win of the week vs shadowz. It seems adc Uwu has a champion other than varus to pick up wins on, as they ran the xayah rakan both games, showing that neither team took notes from FZ in forcing him onto not varus/xayah as imperial played strong front to back team fighting comps. Imperial will look to take back their second spot this week vs Crosspoint and the coin flip Epidemic

4. NSG Gold (4-2)

We asked for them to turn on and BOY THIS TEAM TURNED ON. Another extremely convincing 2-0 week for these guys really makes me think that the first week for them was a fluke. While they didn’t have the hardest schedule, they definitely didn’t have the easiest and both of their wins looked very clean. Their strength this week seemed to come from a surprising place this week as Th0r22 seemed to wipe the floor with his competition in both games. They’ve got WulfPack and Chubby Babies this week and another 2-0 here would feel really good for them as they cross into the second half of the season.

Player to watch: Th0r22

5. OutKast (WulfPack) Esports (3-3)

Wulfpack continues their stream of mediocrity, taking out teams that have lower floors/ceilings than them and losing to teams that are just better. This week saw the team drop a match vs crosspoint and beating The Epedemic in their second match. This roser has some lights on the squad, with Challan coming up strong in the mid lane and the bot lane bringing out new picks in attempts to keep up. The team will need to rally behind their win condition if they want to get better than a 1-1 week though as they face NSG gold and the rebuilt Literal Monkeys this week.

6. The Epidemic (3-3)

The 1-1 curse continues. They DID pull a win off of Friend Zoned who last week we were anticipating to be a pretty good team. The team looked very solid in the first game, but as the last 2 weeks before went, this team seems to fall short in the second game. They’ve got a very difficult week next week as they play Imperial and Chubby Babies, and I think a 1-1 this week would be a win for them.

Player to watch: EMBJ

7. Friend Zoned (2-4)

Apparently when your drafting/gameplay strategy is leaked by a diamond teemo one trick, it really hurts the team in question. Friend Zoned had a rough week, after we rated them highly, however the 1-1 curse was broken. The team was crushed in the early game by the might of team CoinFli- The Epedemic, and though they almost came back, they were unable to secure the win. Game two saw the team in good position to win with their Swain Ashe bot lane, however the Renekton Anivia duo from NSG managed to carry their team across the finish line. If Friend Zoned want to come back into the conversation for playoffs, they will need to prove that they know how to execute their play style, or show that they are more than a one dimentional team. The roster will look to strike back vs Scarlet Foxes and ShadowZ in what should be a telling week.

Player to watch: the entire team, and if they can play more than one type of champion

8. Scarlet Foxes (2-4)

Coming off of a 1-1 week it seems this team has the same problem. Struggling side lanes and a mid lane win condition that sometimes can’t deliver. This team needs to figure out how to utilize their side lanes and create another win condition that doesn’t involve putting all of your eggs in the Healthy Ego basket. The Foxes seem to struggle when they’re off comfort picks. However, if they DO get these picks they are very formidable opponents.

Player to watch: EviL Gambit

9. Literal Monkeys (1-5)

The 0-18 dream is dead. Literal Monkeys finally got a win and it’s not really one worth celebrating unfortunately. Taking down a struggling Shadowz isn’t going to be enough to make them happy, and I hope the taste of victory is enough to motivate them to keep improving and finally get their roster finalized. It’s been 3 weeks and we’re still seeing some roster shuffles in the bot lane.

Player to watch: Ball Slap

10. Shadowz (1-5)

This team is running out of time to get a decent footing for the season. Losing to the only winless team in the league in a relatively decisive fashion has got to feel bad for them. You have to hope this is a wakeup call for this team to finally make some roster changes and get some wins under their belt and pray that another bottom team or two start losing to have any sort of hope at a playoff run.

Player to watch: Whoever has control of this roster.

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