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Gold Majors Power Rankings - Week 4

By: Bread and Cassidy

Week 4 is complete, and with it, we are approaching the end of the first round robin and the first half of the split. Let's take a look and see where teams stack up as they go into the second half to look for Revenge, or cement dominance.

1. Chubby Babies (6-2)

The Babies may be 6-2, but they still sit soundly at #1 on our list. While NSG Gold did hand the babies a loss, we still feel that the babies have shown enough to be able to sit at the top of our rankings at least for this week. The primary weakness seems to have come from the jungle, and if other teams can look to exploit the babies in a similar fashion, we may see them beging to drop games. However, I believe that obama is still enough of an IT factor in games to keep the babies on time when it counts. The guy is undoubtedly the best mid laner in the league, and the babies will look to continue crushing the competition in the second round robin.

2. Crosspoint Pegasus (7-1)

Crosspoint came into the league a dark horse, however that has not stopped them from beating down everyone in the league save for the babies. Crosspoint seems to recognize that nobody in gold knows how to close out games, and favors a scaling play style that has been working for them. Dropping a game only to the chubby babies so far, the team will look to prove that they are truly #1 as they look to enter the second half of the split with their last match vs team coinfli- the epidemic.

3. Imperial eSports (5-3)

Imperial sits in third this week on our rankings. While they did drop another game this week by FF vs CPP, they turned around and beat The Epidemic like the red headed step child of the league they are. Imperial have stuttered a bit this season, and don't currently sit #1 like everyone predicted after dropping games to FZ and OutKast. However, the team is still dominant when they are on and are not tilted. This team is their own worst enemy, and as long as they can keep their Mental boom in check, should continue to climb the standings

4. NSG Gold (5-3)

This is the team we asked to see. The team has found their stride, and a win over chubby babies has cemented themselves in the top half of the league for now. As long as they can continue this winning streak, and their good form, they will sit in the top half of the rankings. However, a stumble and fall like what happened in the beginning of the season could see them give into stronger teams that sit below them currently.

5. OutKast (4-4)

Living up to their name, the re-branded Wulfpack are the dark horses of the league currently in the fight for playoffs. Managing to take down stronger teams like imperial, but losing to Friend Zoned makes them a bit inconsistent this season, however if they can continue their form from the last few weeks, they should be able to sit strong in the middle of the pack. What they lack in carry potential, they make up for in good team fighting, and playing with a brain can get you far in a gold league.

6. Scarlet Foxes (4-4)

Sitting in the last of the playoffs spots as we cross the mid season threshold, Scarlet foxes are definitely the weakest of the teams in the playoffs picture. Losing to teams better than them, and taking down struggling rivals is a good look, and can possibly keep them in the picture, however this team still has a lot to prove if they want to be counted as contenders for the BOL title. The credit i will give them, is that they are able to capitalize on their enemies fuck ups and run with them. But it will take more than that to break into the top half of the standings. To scarlet foxes all i have to say is, prove us wrong.

7. The Epidemic (3-5)

Sitting in a strong 7th, the epidemic have not been living up to their namesake this season. The team seems to lack a win condition that they can exploit in games, and consistently make mistakes that their opponents are able to exploit. If this roster wants to find success, it will have to be through someone stepping up big in the coming weeks, as they are slowly finding themselves in the bottom of the standings

8. Literal Monkeys (3-5)

A strong resurgence for the rebuilt roster, taking down Friend Zoned and OutKasts. But of those, neither are really strong contenders, so the roster still has a lot to prove. But they are willing to make the changes needed to find success, and with Paca Paul as coach, this roster has plenty of hope to find themselves back in the playoffs picture as we cross the halfway point.

9. Friend Zoned (2-6)

Imaging ranking Friend Zoned 4th lul. This roster has issues a dozen, and is slowly finding themselves phased out of relevancy. They had strong showings with strong win conditions in the first weeks, but seem to be unable to replicate that success against the stronger teams when playing vs weaker competition. This team seems to be struggling without the strong voice of Bread on the roster, as was predicted coming into the season, but there is still hope that this roster can come together and climb back up the standings as has been done in previous seasons. If there's one constant in BOL, its Friend Zoned being in the playoffs picture until week 9 concludes.

10. ShadowZ (0-9)

Doki team lul. Not much to talk about as the roster is entirely different now, and they are having any wins received in the first round robin revoked. This roster will have a lot of ground to cover if they want to make playoffs, and will find it harder than they did in ZGG

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