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Gold Majors Power Rankings Week 6

By: Bread and Cassidy

1. Crosspoint Pegasus (8-2)

After a 1-1 week, it was hard to keep this team at first place, however it seems that every team is a little inconsistent sometimes. They seem to be in a rough spot when their jungler doesn’t have the J4. They had a very decisive victory over The Epidemic, but ended up losing to NSG. I think their mid laner had his worst week of the season last week, and they play Scarlet Foxes this week so I’m curious to see if they’ll be able to bounce back and have another 2-0 week or fall to another 1-1 week.

Player to watch - Penguin SPQR

He’s been a solid rock on this team, and this week he was probably their best performer. He’s a great tank player and I think he is the front line that the rest of the team needs to really succeed.

2. Imperial Esports (6-4)

Started at the top and now they here. . .well, still lower than what was predicted. Imperial have been a roster of high highs, but low lows thus far this season. The team relies heavily on Awoo in order to succeed, and live and die by his tilt. However, all things considered the roster is still one of the top teams in BOL majors so far, and if his teammates can keep him under control, awoo should continue to lead the team to victory.

Player to watch - Awoo

Will he or won't he tilt this week? Let's find out if this losers birthday mood is a good one or a bad one

3. Chubby Babies (7-3)

Someone needs to tell ShadowBalls to get off Valorant because Scarlet Foxes gave him the pipe last week. They got a win over Literal Monkeys which was expected, but they surprisingly got stomped extremely hard in their game against Scarlet Foxes. Whether it’s a fluke or not, they should really be looking to take all of their games seriously from here on out because seeding in the playoffs are going to be huge this season.

Player to Watch - Sharkleberry

Even when they lost against SF, he had a very good showing and was the only player on that team that wasn’t running it down. He also played very well in the Literal Monkeys game.

4. Scarlet Foxes (6-4)

These boys were the only team this week to win both of their games. It seems like the pickup of Zyzzyx and Poobin are working out for them and finally found the key to success with this roster. They took down Chubby Babies and OutKast with ease which would not be a very easy week for any team. They’re one of the only teams in the league that seem to actually be improving week by week.

Player to Watch - Healthy Ego

It’s not a matter of if he’ll shit on your mid laner, it's a matter of how hard. He ended this week with a 32 KDA. Teams should just 5 ban this guy.

5. NSG Gold (6-4)

NSG looked solid for the last several weeks, but managed a neutral week last week with a Loss to Imperial, turning around and beating Crosspoint. So far the team look strong as we go later into the season, and could potentially climb higher in the rankings if the babies continue to struggle. This should be a easy 2-0 week for the roster facing ShadowZ and The Epedemic

6. OutKast (5-5)

Currently ties with TE for playoffs, outkasts lost to the rising Scarlet foxes but turned around and took the win off the floundering Friend Zoned. That win was an important one for the team, as they want to maintain a 1-1 or 2-0 record against their competitors for the 5-6th spot into playoffs. This week sees the roster play vs shadowz and chubby babies, and the question on everyone's mind will be how hard can bot lane carry?

Player to watch: TruX

Lets see if he can abuse MF for the last week that she is an S+ tier ADC

7. The Epidemic (5-5)

It’s crunch time for The Epidemic if they want to get a playoff spot this season. The 1-1 curse isn’t helping them with their cause, and they need a 2-0 this week to create some distance between them and LTMK. While they lost to Crosspoint Pegasus, they were able to come back and take a very decisive victory over the new Shadowz following their loss. They play against NSG and LTMK today and the second game will be very important for their playoff chances later this season.

Player(s) to watch - HowIMetYourTable and I Have No Equai

Both of these players played very well last week and prove that they can both be carry threats for the team if given the resources to.

8. Literal Monkeys (4-6)

Literal monkeys are looking better as time passes. Taking down Imperial following their loss to Chubby babies was a strong showing for the team, and they could potentially make a run for the 6th spot into playoffs. Eyes will be on them this week, as they go into an important match vs The Epedemic, who are one of their direct rivals for the spot. And considering the teams rough loss to them in the first half of the season, the team will want to take the win for hopes of potential tie breakers as we move towards playoffs.

Player to watch: Paca Paul

Can he or cant he coach this team back into the playoffs talk.

9. Friend Zoned (3-7)

How the mediocre have fallen. Friend Zoned have been struggling the last several weeks, and this culminated in them losing handily to the rebranded WulfPack that they beat in the beginning of the season. Taking their free win vs the rebuilt shadowz, the roster can still hope to turn things around. Week 6 sees the return of Feathers and Fur, acme, and lean, so if the roster can come together after their vacation, they might be able to tilt awoo enough to not go 0-2 for another week in a row.

Player to watch? Acme1235

Will he, or won't he bend over for obama like last time?

10. Shadowz (0-10)

New roster, same old Shadowz. Their first game that counted this week was against The Epidemic and unfortunately they showed about as much life as the previous roster. I think playoffs are completely off the table at this point and I hope they still continue to try to win and not just drop out or draft like trolls. Playing towards building synergy for the relegation tournament is their best bet if they plan on staying in Majors.

Player to Watch - MG Bubblelift

Don’t have much to go off of, but he seemed to be the only player who did relatively well. While this team lost the game, he was able to keep a CS lead and proved to show that he belongs in majors.

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