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Gold Midseason Player Rankings: Jungle - By Toxin

Hey everyone, it’s Toxin! One the most requested things people ask for in our community is player rankings. Before I get into the actual rankings, I just want to go over some of the criteria that I used when making these rankings. First, I did not look at the actual stats that you could find in the stats-bot channel of the Discord. Not only is the bot bugged at times, but I personally believe that looking purely at stats does not accurately depict a person’s skill level relative to everyone else in the league. I also will not be using any scrim results to factor in where a player falls in regards to everyone else. Not only do I not have every single team’s scrim records available to me, but I also know that scrims are not always approached with the intent to win. Players use scrims to practice new picks and play more with their teammates, which does not always mean they are 100% trying to win. On top of that, some teams don’t scrim at all. The main things I will be looking at when making the player rankings is your head to head matchups against others in your division, as well as any past knowledge I may have on you as a player. The players themselves are grouped together into a tier list. While I have them listed in my own particular order, I think that players within their tiers can be interchangeable. For example, any player listed in S tier can be argued for the best player in the role. Finally, I will only be looking at active starting players. For some players, this could hurt your ranking due to a) you not currently being on a team, or b) you not being a starter but doing well when you filled in. Only one player will be allowed from each team. Let’s get into the rankings! Jungle

S tier:

  • Kral Sultan (VBU Argon)

  • PacaPaul (Literal Monkeys)

  • Anderson Cooper (CB Rangers)

In my opinion, I think that three junglers standout to me as the cream of the crop of the league, that being Kral Sultan, PacaPaul, and Anderson Cooper. In my eyes, I think that these three players see the game differently than the others in the role. If any team was going to have their jungler be the main carry of their team, they would only be able to do so with one of these three players. While the A tier players are all top tier players, most of them are just facilitators to other win cons on their team. For these three, I believe that their team facilitates them, which allows them to run over the game.

A tier:

  • Myth Jones (CB Obsidian)

  • Warhead852 (Oasis NADS)

  • Flatzoner (Limitless Chaos)

  • KronicN1nja (Collective Cosmos)

  • Bªtman (Final Esports)

  • Glada (VBU Plutonium)

  • Decelerate (CB Royal)

  • Ëmperör (Twin Spirits)

Junglers in the A tier are, in my opinion, some of the best in the league at figuring out their team’s win con and playing towards it. From what I could see, whether it was streamed games or from matchup results, these players have a clear step up on their competition in the B tier. Some of these players, such as Flatzoner and Glada, CAN be a carry for their team but usually struggle with consistency issues. Some of the others, such as Myth Jones and Warhead852, have an insane amount of synergy with one or multiple of their teammates that allows them to get that player fed very easily. These players thrive in environments with another carry on the roster, but I feel would perform worse given a below average team around them

B tier:

  • Creepin (KQC)

  • Swággy P (Imperial Gaming)

  • Dukee11 (Gob Squad)

  • Asianjosh21 (Shrimp Fried Rice)

  • Fantastic Daisy (Crimson Dolphins)

  • Jayyster (NSG Infinity)

  • EternalCr1es (Mythos Purple)

  • CD0000000000 (Silverline)

  • Wiltonix (NSG Gold)

  • Densoft (Classic Esports)

B tier junglers, in my opinion, are players that are kinda just along for the ride. Many of these players are newer to the role and have not really gotten used to the role yet. Whether they do well or not is usually irrelevant to their team’s success; as long as they show up to objectives and smite correctly, they will have done their job. I think a lot of these players have the potential to reach A tier, but ultimately I haven’t seen enough out of them to warrant moving them up there yet.

C tier:

  • Eterna1Darkn3s (Dead Orbit)

  • DueroxBasting (Mad Rawrs)

  • Nightmarehall (NSG Amethyst)

After the first round robin, I see these three players as the only C tier junglers in the league, and all of them happen to be in the South Division. Personally, this is one of the major reasons that I find the South Division so weak. Each player kinda has different reasons why they find themselves in this tier, but the overarching reason is that their play ends up costing their team the game more often than not.

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